Fairhaven’s Carousel Family Fun Center closing after 27 years of operation

The Carousel Family Fun Center at 4 David Drown Blvd. is closing after nearly 3 decades of putting smiles on people’s faces and countless memories. On Nov. 11, the center invites the public to participate in a farewell skate session, its last “hurrah.”

The property has been on the market for a year and owner Charlene Conway finally got an offer. She stated she does not know what plans the new owners have for the site.

The other location in Whitman will continue to stay open and the Fairhaven location is still open for business, including booking fundraisers, parties and field trips through Nov.11.


Carousel Family Fun Center

4 David Drown Blvd.
Fairhaven, MA 02719

Phone: 508-996-4828
Email: fairhaven@carouselskate.com

Facebook: facebook.com/CarouselFFC/
Website: carouselskate.com/

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