Fairhaven’s 2021 91st “Our Lady of Angels” Portuguese Feast WILL happen

“Members, family and friends, it is with great joy that I announce that after a long delay due to COVID 19, we will be having the 91st Our Lady Of Angels feast this year!

Last year would have been the 90th celebration, but unfortunately, we had to cancel. Wish we could celebrate the 90th this year but you can’t cheat time so the 91st it is.

Every penny of proceeds goes to charities that have had a tough time over the past year and a half. We hope everyone comes join us for great food, live entertainment, and a fantastic crowd. Please remember that safety is our number one priority. We the members, hope to see everyone there and enjoying themselves.

Thank you so much for your continued support. God bless Our Lady of Angels!!!”-Club President John Barbosa.

Our Lady of Angels Facebook photo.

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