Fairhaven Police Department photo.

Fairhaven Police honor New Bedford woman whose courageous actions saved life of woman


“The Fairhaven Police Department honored New Bedford Resident, Sophia Furtado, for her courageous actions that directly resulted in a life saved.

Earlier this year Sophia was door dashing in Fairhaven. She was on West Island when she’d encountered a woman on the ground and alone. Sophia quickly evaluated her and seen that she was unconscious and actively bleeding from her head. Sophia immediately sprung into action. She went inside the home and called for anyone who might of been inside. Sophia found the woman’s husband. While on 911, Sophia implemented what she could.

Fairhaven Police Department photo.

She wrapped a blanket around the woman, and used a pillow to apply light direct pressure to the wound on her head that was still actively bleeding. Sophia held her and kept her stabilized to prevent any possible further spinal injury. She was updating dispatch on the women’s condition, giving officers and medics crucial pre-arrival information.

When Officers arrived, Sophia became a part of our team. She made it clear she wasn’t going anywhere. She helped Officers apply a trauma dressing and streamlined information gathering. She stayed on scene with us until medics arrived and assisted medics until transport.

With the permission of the family. I informed Sophia that she went into emergency surgery at 2AM for severe brain bleeds. The attending doctor was adamant that had there been any delay in her care she would have succumbed to her injuries.

Fairhaven Police Department photo.

Any first responder can tell you, what Sophia did that night was not something anyone would just do. Those that have worked long enough in this field have seen people walk away, run away, drive away, pull out their phone, or simply just watch. Sophia sprung into action, alerted the woman’s husband, activated the emergency response system, implemented materials needed, rendered aid, and helped officers streamline information gathering. She saved a life.

The woman, Karen, spent weeks in the hospital and months rehabbing. A price she doesn’t mind paying for her life, thanks to Sophia.

Door Dash funded the expenses to make the event happen to include Ricardi’s Catering for the families to enjoy. Sophia was presented with a Life Saving Award on behalf of the Fairhaven Police Department.

Door Dash CEO Tony Xu sent her a personalized recording and heartfelt thank you. Door Dash Representative Austin Dinan presented her with $1,000.00 to fund any of her educational aspirations.

Fairhaven Police Department photo.

GMEC-EMT has agreed to offer her a discounted rate into their EMT program if that’s something she’s interested in…. We think she has what it takes! Good Luck on all your future endeavors Sophia. We hope to see you again! ? DoorDash DoorDash Impact #doordash #LifesavingAward #Lifesaver.” -Fairhaven Police Department.

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