Fairhaven man shares his family’s connection to the Charles W. Morgan during WWII

“My great-grandfather Amedee “KING” Roy was the 4th mate on the Charles W. Morgan cruise to Mystic after working on the 1941 restoration of the Whaling Ship.

This nail was in the ship for 100 years before it was replaced and ended up with my great grandfather โœŒ๐ŸปHe later had it engraved. It’s now a cherished family heirloom. This is the story we have been told if anyone has any more info on this nail it would be greatly appreciated โœŒ๐Ÿป!

Figured this would be a cool story to share and I hope I can fill in the blanks on the history [by anyone who may know more.] You can word it as you wish using my info. Thank you so much.”-Scotty Blanchette.

Scotty Blanchette photo.

Scotty Blanchette photo.

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