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Faces Of New Bedford #94: Devin Byrnes


Meet Devin Byrnes, 42-year-old cook and owner of Destination Soups.

Devin grew up in Salem, MA and always found himself cooking, from a young age and through high school in restaurants. He located to New Bedford to attend the University of Massachusetts and fell in love. He never felt that Salem was a home to him, and got that sense while in New Bedford right away.

After spending about 7 years in New Bedford, he moved to New York chasing his career as a cook. While there he met his wife and they moved back to New Bedford, with aspirations of opening his own restaurant. Throughout the years, he had specialized in making soups, so it only made sense to open a soup shop.

His goal with Destination Soups is to have a place where the average worker or college student can stop in to have an affordable and healthy lunch. He has been able to successfully do that, although his first few years were a struggle, working open to close with only one part time employee. Devin was able to push through and persevere, even moving to a bigger space and purchasing the building it is located in.

“There is something to be said for sticking around and sticking it out.”


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