Faces Of New Bedford #188: Henry Bousquet

Meet Henry Bousquet, 42-year-old Lead Instructor of the Culinary Arts Program at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech. Growing up, Henry’s mother suffered from Multiple Sclerosis, which put him in a position to help her around the kitchen, learning to cook from a very young age. When his mother passed away at the age of 10, Henry began to cook for his entire family, helping his father before he would get home before work.

It was only natural that Henry went to Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech School, where he studied in the Culinary Arts program. By his sophomore year, he was working at least 30 hours in local restaurants and worked full-time in kitchens upon graduation. Along with his work in various restaurants, he also attended BCC where he got his associates in communication. He was then enrolled in Bridgewater State, where he became a student in the Disney program and moved to Orlando where he cooked for a year.

After a year at Disney, he moved back home to take care of his sick grandparents. Moving back, he spoke with the late Chef Amaral, who pushed him to start substitute teaching in the culinary department. This turned into a full-time position for him once he was able to obtain his teaching certifications. He would eventually apply for and receive the job of Lead Instructor.

Alongside his work at New Bedford Voc-Tech, Henry has also worked tremendously in the Community. He was elected as a city councilman in 2011 for Ward 3 and held that position for 5 years. Due to an obscure state law, Henry wasn’t compensated for his work the last two and half years he was a councilman but continued to serve the people of New Bedford.


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