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Faces Of New Bedford #143: John Mosher


Meet John Mosher, 51-year-old Math Teacher, and Coach at New Bedford High School.

John has always been involved in sports and knew from an early age that he wanted to eventually coach and teach. John spent a little time in college after high school but still uncertain on what he wanted to do, he began working in the Dartmouth House of Corrections. After his time there, he went on to get his bachelors degree at Bridgwater State University and began to pursue his dream of teaching.

He began his career at New Bedford High School, teaching freshman algebra. John was quickly recruited to help out with the basketball team and after some time helping with the team, was asked to coach boys football. He did that for a short period of time but eventually took over the position of coaching the freshman basketball team. A few years ago, with the school being in desperate need of a Girls Lacrosse coach, he took the position, even though he didn’t have a background in the sport at all.

He quickly fell in love with the sport and did as much work as he could to be able to build a successful team for the school. Since his time with the team, they have made it to the state tournament, facing off against school systems that have youth feeder programs, training girls from the age 5 up, where New Bedford doesn’t. He loves his job and is honored to have the impact he does on the incoming freshman every year.

John hopes to be able to help them set the foundation for their academic and professional careers early on so that they have the tools and knowledge to be successful in life. Aside from his positions at the school, John is also the director of St. Julies CYO program, where he coordinates the teams and coaches, while also coaching one of their boy’s basketball teams.


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