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Eversource warns greater New Bedford about current scam about your electricity; Don’t become a victim!


Scammers are always looking for new ways to deceive our customers. You may be the target of a scammer if you receive suspicious phone calls or text messages using any of the following tactics:

• Threatening to disconnect your power without immediate payment
• Demanding immediate payment using a pre-paid debit card, bitcoin or other unusual form of payment
• Offering you discounted power
• Asking for information or a copy of your energy bill

Even if a phone recording sounds convincing or the phone number appears to belong to Eversource, it’s NOT. Please remember that Eversource representatives never ask for on-the-spot payment in person or over the phone, and always carry company-issued photo identification.

If you’re not sure the person contacting you is an Eversource employee, call us at 800-592-2000. You can also always find our phone number on your bill or at Eversource.com.

See more ways to protect yourself, and hear a recording of a real call from a scammer.

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  1. About time someone was said about this. I have been annoyed for summers by these scammers. And a few years back my husband even fell for it. They stole hundreds of dollars from us back then. Until I read in the local paper that no one can give you a discount on your utility bill. I showed my husband the article and it took awhile to cancel and sometimes the scammer can hit you with a 200 dollar cancellation fee. But that is not the worst part of the cancellation the workers for this scam company come back through out the summer time and won’t take no for a answer. And they can run this scam legally according to our electric company. So just remember no one can give you lower rates it’s a scam

  2. These assholes call MULTIPLE times daily on both my cell and landline! The one time I did call back and told the guy to stop, he started swearing at me! I hung and up and he kept calling and swearing till I blocked the number!
    Eversource should be accountable somehow since they’re using their name. ?

    • I agree with you. We get the “Eversource” calls 4 or 5 times a day and always spoofing a local or close by phone number. The government was supposed to issue heavy fines to these scammers but how do you find them when they spoof numbers. I suggest that a law be passed that the number displayed has to be the number originating the call or it will not be allowed to connect. Then you can block that number. Blocking a spoofed phone number is a waste of time.

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