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Ensemble Events: The South Coast’s premier one-stop entertainment company!

Ensemble Events, the brainchild of Chuck and Casey Vieira: guaranteed fun!

Are you planning a wedding, sweet sixteen birthday, or corporate gathering? Have the family together for a special occasion and want to memorialize it for future enjoyment? Going to a half dozen or more companies to find the right photographer, DJ, lighting specialist, Master of Ceremonies, etc. can be a time consuming and often frustrating task.

Ensemble Events is a Southcoast entertainment company that prides itself on providing all of your entertainment needs under one roof (and then some) in a worry-free, FUN, and friendly atmosphere. One call – done. The DJ or MC can often determine the entire vibe of life of your special day – so you want to have the ultimate confidence in your choice. Spend one minute with co-owner (his wife Casey is the other owner) and New Bedford born Charles Vieira and you’ll know pretty darn fast that you have the right person. That’s exactly what I did one Wednesday afternoon to gain insight into a company I’ve been hearing a heck of a lot of word-of-mouth about.

I thoroughly enjoy being in the presence of creative, motivated, inspired and enthusiastic people and I had my hands full with Charles! Charles or “Chuck,” and I quickly dove into conversation about his passion: being relied on to bring his special brand of fun to your very special event.

Chuck Vieira hard at work unleashing his brand of entertainment on some lucky folks!

I choose these words with certainty, because Chuck knows with supreme confidence that he will smack it out of the proverbial ballpark. So when he is relied on to be an integral part in the success of your all-important day, he welcomes it with gusto. As far as he is concerned it’s a done deal!

Chuck and his wife and Casey take their role seriously and fully understand that this is likely one of, if not the most important day of a person’s life up to that point. A lot of worry and concern goes into planning these events and they feel that it often detracts the planners from other important elements. After seeing friends and family go through frustrations of multiple phone calls, lackadaisical responses, and poor quality service, they saw a genuine need that had to be filled. Thus the inspiration for Ensemble Events.

Ensemble Events, will not only “MC” or DJ your event and set the tone for the entire day, but he will also provide an elegant photo booth and paparazzi wall to capture the fun, and ALL of your lighting needs: personalized monogram light, uplighting, dance floor, and more. One phone call; half a dozen worries dissolved. The paparazzi wall is great for proms, charity events, Black Tie affairs, or anyone who wants to feel like a celebrity if only for a few minutes! When it comes to his photo booth – this isn’t your chintzy “mall” version – but the fancy, superior version.

Chuck and Casey have the experience and expertise to help make one’s event something they will remember forever. Through the years, they have worked tirelessly to improve their products, services, and overall philosophies. They focus on the overall experience, and come up with plans and contingencies to keep guests informed, involved, and entertained.

One of Ensemble Event’s most popular services: the fun photo booth!

They meet with all of the clients several times before the event and through those visits it’s not uncommon for Chuck to become friends with his clients!

Chuck is so passionate about Ensemble Events that all his spare time is spent with his family – wife Casey, and sons Carter (age 6) and Alden (age 7)…or with Ensemble Events. He is always trying to learn new ways to improve what he does, look for creative and innovate ways to ramp up your event, and the overall quality of his business and relationship with customers.

In just over a year Ensemble Events have established themselves as the premier photo booth rental company in the New Bedford area, provided services to hundreds of events and weddings, and donated over $5,000 in service and monetary donations to local charities and community organizations. Chuck and Casey’s burning desire is to reach their goal: for Ensemble Events to be the premier event entertainment company anywhere! They have thousands of happy clients from the Cape to Boston and growing, so they are certainly on their way!

As always, I would never expect one to take my word for it. You can read some fantastic testimonials, or check out the website or Facebook and see for yourself! Here are some fine, recent examples of his solid work:

Where Ensemble Events really shines is when Chuck brings all his wedding experience to bear. He understands that the moments that happen during the reception are going to the most memorable. So with that in Chuck places great emphasis on setting the tone for the entire evening.

Giving that special someone a peck on the cheek is as good a photo “opp” as any!

Tone, atmosphere, environment are crucial elements to a successful wedding reception. It’s a responsibility he is thrilled to undertake and one he does in a superior fashion and with more enthusiasm than anyone else. He will not only communicate with you the customer on a regular basis, but he’ll make your life much easier by pro-actively carrying that communication process to other vendors and coordinators – saving you even more time and frustration. How’s that for customer service!?

So if you are having a special event and like the idea of making one phone call, then focusing on other aspects or even relaxing before the event day, then Chuck Vieira and Ensemble Events are your go-to entertainment company in the South Coast!

Chuck has one eye on the future and is working on adding a video booth and even live music – even more services under one roof.

Ensemble Events

Charles Vieira
Phone: 508-287-0146
Website: ensemble-events.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/ensembleevents
Online Contact: ensemble-events.com/#!contact-us/cj3d

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