Elizabeth Warren takes first potshot at 2024 Massachusetts challenger John Deaton


Election season is officially kicking off in the state of Massachusetts as Senator Elizabeth Warren is now facing competition on the 2024 ballot. John Deaton, who is newly a Swansea, Massachusetts resident has threw his hat in the race and began his campaign running as a republican.

Deaton is most definitely the underdog as Elizabeth Warren is a household name across the country, and of course, Massachusetts is an extremely liberal state.

With that being said, he still has a serious chance of winning this race and Elizabeth Warren knows this. The day John Deaton announced his campagin, Elizabeth Warren was ready to take her first shot on Twitter at her new opponent.

Warren was quick to categorize Deaton as a “MAGA Republican” which will likely be a theme in campaigns across the country. Deaton responded to this claim and listed a few of his talking points he will most likely be campaigning on.

The migrant crisis and housing crisis will likely be major talking points in Massachusetts this election as both are huge areas of concern for residents across the state. Competition in politics is good for citizens and hopefully this race will open up deeper dialogue on the issues that we are currently facing in this state.

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