Don’t miss the extremely rare “Blue Supermoon” over the South Coast on Wednesday night!

You will quite literally only get to see this “once in a blue moon” so make sure you keep an eye out Wednesday night for a rare “Blue Supermoon” hovering over the south coast. This will be the biggest and brightest of 2023 because the moon will be “exceptionally close” to Earth, nearly 17,000 miles closer than average!

According to NASA, a blue moon only occurs once every two or three years on average, and a blue moon that is also a supermoon is even rarer. On average it happens once a decade, but it could be 20 years before the phenomenon repeats.

The moon-rise will start at 7:33pm and hopefully the clouds will break up in the evening to give us a view! Are you a photographer? We would love to see your photos of the moon! Send us your best shot of the blue supermoon on Facebook!

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