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Dicky’s Clam Shack – from New Bedford docks in the morning to your plate for lunch and dinner


If you love fried seafood, you also love Dicky’s Clam Shack. If you don’t love Dicky’s, it just means you haven’t been there yet.

Dicky’s is the quintessential fried seafood destination that locals are rabid for. So rabid, in fact, that in addition to the “shack” there is a food truck and ice cream truck which work in tandem. Owner, Richard Medeiros had a humble start – first bringing Dicky’s to the world through the popular food trucks in Dartmouth. However, his love for seafood done right and an ambition to put happy into people’s hearts and stomachs was a sure path to smashing success. Success that grew so big that he opened a brick and mortar “shack” in Rehoboth just a few short months ago.

If you have driven down Route 6 in Dartmouth, you likely first spotted Dicky’s food truck near the driving range his parents Richard and Carol started decades ago, Caddyshack. The bright, colorful, eye-catching wrapping certainly would have grabbed your attention. If not the case, then you went by Dicky’s based on word-of-mouth – someone told you about the mouth-watering, mountains he calls burgers, his “famous” steak & cheese or Italian sausage subs, his made from scratch chowder or clam cakes that actually have clams in them. Yes, if you have someone in the family that simply does not like seafood – the horrors! – or is not in the mood for it, don’t fret you can have a sub, burger, hot dog, onion rings or something else.

Maybe you heard “George’s Seafood Platter” which has become a legend among SouthCoast foodies – you get the heaping mountain of whole belly clams that rests on top of fresh fish fillets, French fries, cole slaw and, of course, a side of tartar sauce. If you are like me and when you want seafood, you can’t choose just one and have to have a variety, then this is the plate for you.

To me the biggest “legend” of all at Dicky’s is the lobster roll. If the lobster roll arrives and you don’t gasp, you don’t have a pulse. Now, I could make a vain attempt at describing the lobster roll, but words will simply fail. Please see the image below. Just stare directly at it! If it doesn’t make you jump in your car and get one, you will an empty void in your life that you won’t be able to fill. You must acquire this. You need and deserve some positivity in your life.

Need to finish the perfect meal with something sweet? Dicky’s pride extends to the 30 flavors of gourmet ice cream he serves made by the Ice Cream Stand out of Cumberland, R.I.

What has, in my opinion, put Dicky’s ahead of his competitors and gave him his reputation is the fresh, picked up from the dock’s of New Bedford, seafood. You know full well that any seafood you order from both Dicky’s locations is as fresh as it can come since it was picked up that morning.

What makes Dicky’s special doesn’t end there though. Talking with Dicky himself, the pride of the freshness of that seafood was evident, but he is just as proud of the fact that he goes the extra mile with the oils used in his fryolators.

You will be as shocked as I was when he told me that he changes the oils that he uses multiple times throughout the day. Yes, this surely costs him money to do, but there is no greater joy for him to hear the happy customers mention how clean and light the batter is. It’s a difference he simply won’t do without and one he feels strongly brings people from miles away.

Well, that along with the generous portions. It’s all about the freshness, the quality of the ingredients, and the size of the portions – based on the rave reviews on social media and the crowds that show up to both locations, I’m not alone in this.

The menu at Dicky’s is modestly sized and shows the confidence that Dicky has: he’s doing what he loves and knows he can do as good as anyone else, instead of trying to please everyone with a menu that offers dozens and dozens of items. Better to be the master of what you know, then a mediocre jack-of-all trades.

While the two food trucks in Dartmouth are conveniently located off of route 6, if you’d rather sit down, relax and enjoy a view, a trip to “Dicky’s Two” on Fall River Rd. Rehoboth, is definitely worth the short trip. It’s a mile from the Seekonk Speedway. You’ll find covered and outdoor seating as you look out on the Palmer River. Besides, you can probably say “Woof!” to Walrus, Dicky’s best friend.

You get the same smiling faces and friendly service at both locations. You get the same portions and quality of freshness. Open 7 days a week and closing in November, you can get your summer favorites fix. Dicky’s fried seafood is the gold standard because of that freshness and the frequent changing of the oil.


Dicky’s Clam Shack & Dicky’s Ice Cream
Food Truck
(508) 938-5125
Monday-Sunday: 11:00am-9:00pm

Dicky’s Two, Clam Shack & Creamery
14 Fall River Ave.
Rehoboth, Massachusetts
(508) 557-1691
Monday-Sunday: 11:00am-9:00pm

Facebook: facebook.com/dickysclamshack/
Facebook: facebook.com/dickystwo/


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