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Diamond In The RUFF Grooming, Spa & Daycare doles out love, care and the royal treatment to our best friends!


Owner Kelli Tomlinson’s sheer passion for animals, led her to open Diamond in the RUFF Grooming Spa & Daycare at 111 Middle Rd, Acushnet, Massachusetts 02743. Open Mon – Sat: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.

We all have our days when the world has beaten us down and we could use a little boost. A slice of happiness, a dose of pampering, or some kind and gentle encouragement. OK, perhaps a heaping, mountain sized amount of them! We all understand the benefits of getting “the treatment” – some good old fashioned loving, that lifts the spirit and keeps us walking on cloud nine for days.

Our best friends – nay our family – in the form of our dogs are no different! Our sidekicks, partners in crime, or left-hand pals are susceptible to stress and can be adversely affected by it, just as we are. Whether an introduction of a new pet to the household, a relocation, perhaps an accident that led to injury any something else. There are a whole host of reasons and an animal can be stressed and need a little tender loving care.

And just like us – we simply don’t need a reason for some pampering!

Diamond in the Ruff=happy dogs!!!

Regardless whether you have a reason or not, when we want to take care of our furry friends we won’t trust them with just anyone. After all, our pets are family and we wouldn’t leave a family member in the hands of someone we felt uneasy about. Enter Diamond in the RUFF, a full service dog grooming, spa and doggy daycare in Acushnet, MA and its owner Kelli Tomlinson.

Though born in New Bedford, Tomlinson grew up in Acushnet. Greater New Bedford is where her heart is. She has a bonafide love for animals and was determined to find a way to be around them as much as possible. What better way than to make a career out of it and start your own business?!

Originally begun out of her garage, it grew into a labor of love and a full blown career. A direction she couldn’t be happier with. “A defining moment for me was when I realized while playing with a daycare group and having a good time, I thought to myself ‘WOW! I am really doing what I love. PUPPIES!!!'” began Tomlinson enthusiastically. “I enjoy getting up every day and going to work. They say choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. Well that about sums up my life!”

Both Tomlinson and sister, pet stylist and trainer, Kaitlyn Correia have dreamt about this since they were little gals. From the moment you walk into the salon they are committed to giving you and your dog personalized attention and affection. Spot, Fido or Rover (do these names even exist for dogs any more?) will receive a thorough pampering. Rex will really feel like a king and Prince will really feel like a prince! This is the sort of passion that translates into something special and something special is exactly what Diamond In the Ruff has going on.

Your best friend doesn’t have to be as cute as this guy to be warmly welcomed!

When Diamond In The RUFF says they are a full-service salon, they mean it. What types of services are offered? (Each title is a link to more info!)

  • Doggy Daycare: Indoor agility course, living room themed lounge area for relaxation and socialization, exercise walks outdoors, one on one attention, and play activities. New features and activities are added and changed all the time, to keep your best friend mentally stimulated.
  • Spa Services: Nail trim, soft claws application, plaque removal, teeth brushing, a shampoo and condition, dry skin/full oatmeal treatment, de-shedding shampoo & condition, Blueberry or Oatmeal facial, de-matting, trim to face, feet or fanny, and paw treatment.
  • Salon: Diamond in the Ruff utilizes the HydroSurge® bathing system. If you are unfamiliar with it, it is a specialized pet bathing systems that professional groomers and veterinarians use. Originally invented to be forceful enough to get medicated shampoos deep into a dog’s fur, or to the skin. What was discovered was that the dog’s felt like they were getting a massage and absolutely loved it!

In addition to these world-class services there is a salon boutique stocked with high quality leads, leashes, collars, harnesses, vitamins, fragrances, natural flea and tick treatments, Advantix (single doses), hot spot and skin disorder treatments.

Kelli’s nephew Jack washing his dog Kato.

As you can tell, just about everything that your dog could possibly need or want outside of surgery is covered. Most importantly, at an affordable – not outrageous – price. If you are a pet owner like myself, and have shopped around I’m pretty sure that you will be shocked at how affordable.

Diamond in the Ruff is conveniently located, has plenty of street parking and a parking lot and open Monday through Saturday from 9:00am-6:00pm. Every time I’ve gone, I’ve been warmly greeted within seconds. If you are looking for a professional, safe, secure place for doggy daycare or grooming you would be pleasantly surprised that there is a superlative facility right in your own backyard! If you’re still not convinced you can check out their reviews which is currently a perfect 5 stars, or their puptorials which are pictures of happy customers.

To celebrate their grand opening there will be a huge celebration on Sunday, October 12th, from 11:00am-4:00pm. There will be a visit from Minnie and Mickey Mouse, face painting, a dog Halloween costume contest, Wicked Kickin’ Savory Cheesecakes, bouncy house, raffles and more!

Diamond in the RUFF Grand Opening Celebration!

Diamond in the RUFF Grooming, Spa & Daycare

111 Middle Rd
Acushnet, Massachusetts 02743
Phone: (508)763.5351
Mon – Sat: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Email: Diamondintheruffgroomingandspa@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Diamondintheruffspa
Website: diamondintheruffspa.com/

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