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Defend Dartmouth Ballot Question Committee statement on the Dartmouth Indian Symbol question


“Yesterday, the people of Dartmouth made history turning out in historic numbers. They overwhelmingly voted for the Dartmouth Indians name and logo sending a clear, loud, and direct message to the school committee and beyond: Re-affirm our name and logo on April 25th at the next school committee meeting! It is long past time for the school committee to re-affirm the name and logo and honor the will of the people of Dartmouth.

It is now time to bring a conclusion to this issue as we work on an enhanced educational curriculum in partnership with local tribes while honoring the Indian symbol. If the school committee fails to act, we will. We will not hesitate to initiate recall proceedings on school committee members who fail to affirm the will of the people.

The Dartmouth Indian symbol has united generations of Dartmouth residents, students, athletes, and alumni. The Dartmouth Indians has united us once again. The heritage and tradition represented by this symbol will pass to future Dartmouth generations with pride! We look forward to the next chapter of the Dartmouth Indian being elevated to the prominence and recognition it so deserves. Thank you to the residents of Dartmouth for your support, dedication, and love. You defended Dartmouth today and we are eternally grateful. Our movement encompasses and welcomes all and we are just getting started!”

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