Dedham Animal Control rescue 5-week old kitten trapped inside wall

“This 5-week-old kitten was trapped inside an opening in the exterior wall of a resident’s house. The resident had heard the kitten crying for a few days, finally realizing from where the sound came.

Once an egress was cleared for the cat to access, Animal Control was able to coax out the kitten with food; however, the kitten was so frightened that she continued to run back up into the wall each time she was approached.

Eventually, after some time (and patience), Animal Control was able to drop a barrier between the egress and a bowl of food-just as the kitten leaned down to eat-and in that same fell swoop, grabbed the kitten!

The kitten, now named ‘Rowenna’, will be quarantined for a bit at the Animal Rescue League (ARL), will receive vaccines, a complete exam, eventually, she’ll be spayed, and then the wonderful ARL staff will find her a perfect home! They’ve already gotten her to warm up with humans a little!

This is a good time to put out a reminder that as winter nears, animals will begin to look for places within which to keep warm. Egresses in walls, garages, the underneath of porches and sheds – all serve as inviting places for animals to hide, and even become trapped. Now is the time to take note of your property and seal up such locations.” -Dedham Police Department.

Dedham Police Department photo.

Dedham Police Department photo.

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