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Deceased Newborn Baby Found in New Bedford


New Bedford Police, Massachusetts State Police Detectives assigned to this office and prosecutors are currently investigating the discovery of a deceased newborn baby in The City of New Bedford.

New Bedford Police received a 911 call around 6:30 p.m. this evening from a resident who discovered the remains of the deceased infant outside of a three-story home at 1065 County Street. Police and rescue personnel rushed to the scene, and upon discovery of the deceased infant, contacted this office and state police detectives assigned to this office.

The investigation into this unattended death remains in its early stages at this juncture in time. A representative from the State Medical Examiner’s Office is currently en route to New Bedford to take custody of the baby and will perform an autopsy this weekend.

Investigators are seeking the public’s assistance in locating the mother of the infant, who could possibly be in need of medical attention. If anyone has any information regarding the infant’s identity, the mother’s identity or her whereabouts, they are urged to contact New Bedford Police at 508-991-6300 or leave an anonymous tip at 508-961-4584.

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  1. I pray for this baby. The only part that relieves me about this whole thing is that this baby is pain free in heavin with god; trying out his/her new wings.. fly high baby. As for whoever did this? .. devil’s waiting for you hunny…

    • Speaking of heaven, judge not… This is indeed a sad story to hear about however after reading this article, wonder, is this town’s crime rate going up or are the reporters getting better at keeping themselves busy?

      • Your comment in and of itself is a judgment. Maybe you should follow your own advice. And judge not. As for me, I will make my own judgments and leave others to make theirs.

  2. It sure is unbelievable,because we have so many places you can drop off the baby if you don’t want it.I think she is very young and scared.She didn’t know what to do.This is no excuse she should have told her best friend,there has to be someone she could have talked to.It sure is crazy, who knows you can’t judge someone,maybe a stepfather,an uncle and she didn’t know what to do.

  3. This broke my heart. That poor innocent baby. Whoever is involved in this needs to step forward. No one deserves to be left outside on the street to die especially a newborn baby who can’t do anything to help his or herself survive. If you know anything about this tragedy please call the police. Leave an anonymous tip but please speak up to someone who can help. If this happened on County St someone had to see something. Please do the right thing. God bless that baby.

  4. Such a sad story. The mother could have gone to the hospital or something this isn’t the dark ages where it was a huge secret to be pregnant and not.married like it was years ago, there is no excuse for what happened to this innocent baby. Hope they find the person who did this and gets the full extent of the law on them. R.I.P little one.

  5. lets think a minute the news said remains of a child was this child a full term baby or perhaps she had a miscarriage being young she got scared at the looks of the baby and left the scene no one knows yet the whole truth.nowadays young girls get pregnant as young as 12. may this child be in heaven with jesus and his angels and may this mother be found to help her through this uncontrollable time. My heart and prayers go out to both of u

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