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Dear Massachusetts politicians, focus on local issues, not President Trump


In Massachusetts we have real issues to deal with: a heroin epidemic, increasing homelessness, high property taxes, legislators getting 50% pay raises and a host of other issues. If you live in New Bedford, heroin, panhandlers, high crime areas, high property taxes, low wages and a decaying fishing industry are real concerns. So why are are local, state and federal politicians spending 90% of their time on Trump?

While President Trump may drive some people crazy on social media, he really doesn’t effect your your daily life. New Bedford saw a 75% increase in heroin overdoses in 2016, yet Trump seems to be the only thing Massachusetts politicians are focusing on.

Last month, New Bedford saw 10 overdoses over a 3 day period5 on Sunday alone, yet the only thing people were talking about was how two UMass Dartmouth professors had a 3-hour delay at Logan Airport because of Trump’s temporary ban on immigration from seven countries.

From the local, state and federal level, Massachusetts Democrats seem to have one mission: to take down President Trump. If we had that same energy focused on the heroin epidemic, just maybe we could make a dent in the overdoses. Does it take 10 overdoses a day in our cities for our politicians to wake up?

Most recently, a report revealed that Massachusetts was #1 for opioid-related emergency room visits. I didn’t hear any leading Democrat politicians address this in a press conference or even on their social media accounts – yet I did hear MA Senator Elizabeth Warren go on a rant about President Trump dropping a large bomb on ISIS soldiers. 

Drive around any city in Massachusetts and every major intersection will be occupied by a panhandler. Homelessness is on the rises in Massachusetts. What are our politicians doing to solve this? Yes, they provide band aids like shelters and pantries, but what are they doing to solve and prevent homelessness? 

There is a saying, all politics is is local. In New Bedford and Massachusetts, it seems all politics is Trump. Until that changes expect more of the same problems. 

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