Dartmouth Police “Scambag” Alert: “fictitious snobby bad guy in a B-movie about a conflicted teen”


I received the attached phishing email this morning from a scambag posing as “Jeremiah Wimbush” from McAfee.

This scambag is attempting to reel people in by having them call the BS Customer Service number listed on the bottom of the email.

Once someone calls in, either ‘Wimbush,’ or one of the other idiots manning the phone, will then ask the person to provide them with the bogus Customer ID, and Receipt Number listed on the email, after which time, they will ask for additional personal information, such as their name, credit card number, date of birth, etc.

Some key things to look for:

• Wimbush used a Gmail address. A real McAfee representative will most likely use, oh, I don’t know, a McAfee email address 🤦🏻‍♂️
• The English in this portion is so bad, that it speaks for itself; “If you are unaware of this subscription. Requesting to contact our customer support Kind regards.”
• The name “Jeremiah Wimbush” itself, sounds like the fictitious snobby bad guy in a B-rate movie about a conflicted teen who gets sent to a boarding school instead of juvenile detention. Once there, the conflicted teen eventually finds his way, while also falling madly in love with the wealthy girl who, ironically enough, used to date Jeremiah Winbush!

If you receive one of these emails, mark it as SPAM, and move on!” -Dartmouth Police Department.

Dartmouth Police Department photo.

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