Dartmouth Police seek public’s help in identifying “Romeo” who allegedly “stole our hearts and a bunch of merchandise”

This was recently posted on the Dartmouth Police Department’s Facebook page:

“Calling all cAHs…Calling all cAHs

In an effort to express our love to him for not only stealing our hearts on Valentine’s Day, but also a whole bunch of merchandise from Macy’s, we are hoping that you can help us identify this Romeo, so that we can give him the pair of silver bracelets that he so desperately deserves.

Because I’m also a romantic, I wrote this catchy little poem for him, so that he can see just how much I love catching a bad guy ❤?

You are my little shoplifter; catching you brings me so much pleasure.

The amount of love I have for all of those who are going to help me get you, no one could ever measure.

So on this day I shall always treasure, making certain that you will think twice about messing with DPD and our followers for ever and ever.

If you have information that can help us identify him, you are encouraged to either send us a little love note, or call Detective Kyle Costa at 508-910-1755.

Thank you!”

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