Dartmouth Police seek public’s help in identifying man connected with alleged house break-in

“Calling all cAHs…Calling all cAHs

At approximately 4:45 a.m. on Wednesday, April 15th, this currently unidentified male decided to break into a house in Dartmouth, without first scanning the area for security cameras.

As you all know, we love doing community outreach here at DPD. In light of this, the DPD COVID-19 Face Mask Unit (CFMU) is looking for some help identifying him so that we can educate him on the current health benefits associated with wearing a mask.

So he can still pursue his dream of being accepted into Mensa International, after he is caught (and he will be) the members of the CFMU will patiently review Chapter 1 of the Dummies Guide to Burglary: The Benefits of Covering Your Face When You Do a B&E, with him.

If you can help us identify this genius, you can either send us a private message or call Detective Kyle Costa at 508-910-1755.

Thank you! PLEASE SHARE.” -Dartmouth Police Department.

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