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Customer at Local Restaurant Reminds Us that it Costs Nothing to be Kind


The following was posted on a popular local foodie group: Hockomock Swamp Supper Club and was shared with the original posters permission after we reached out.

“I went out to breakfast this morning at a local restaurant and as I was sitting there contemplating the world, enjoying my coffee, I became aware of the conversations around me. The table behind me was watching a Tom and Jerry cartoon on their phone…the one featuring the crows and is you is or is you ain’t my baby sung by Louis Armstrong…I smiled remembering the cartoon from childhood.”

“Then I slowly became aware of the table in front of me. The woman came back from the bathroom and immediately started complaining about cold coffee, having to wait for cream, and because the waitress didn’t bring it to her immediately she got up to get it herself, the waitress is lazy, the service sucks, the food is not good, etc., etc. The man with her told her she was a brat and not that special…they were very loud and the woman very cruel. The woman insisted the waitress send over the manager and when she went to their table, the woman said, oh never mind, I was just told I was being unreasonable…then proceeded through her litany of complaints. The manager was gracious and offered to take her meal off the bill and the woman declined the offer. Just continued to complain.”

“They came in after me and were served their meals before me. We had the same waitress. I didn’t feel the wait was anything that warranted her reaction, especially such a public display, but i understand everyone has different expectations and I appreciate that. My meal was good, not as great as always, but good. Must have a different cook because crispy hash browns came out REALLY crispy and I got the wrong toast, but nothing that was life ending. They were doing their best with the staff they had on hand.”

“The point of my post is not to bash the restaurant or to say the woman was right or wrong in her opinion, because everyone feels the way they feel and has different experiences and perceptions and that’s perfectly okay!! I would never say anyone was wrong or invalidate their experience.”

“I just wanted to remind everyone that no matter what, it costs nothing to be kind. To belittle other people and call them stupid and lazy so the whole restaurant can hear is a little uncouth. You can handle things like this in a much more kind way. There’s no excuse for nastiness. We’re all human. We all have off days. No one is immune to that. In a world where criticism quite often reigns supreme, choose kindness!!”
Have a great Saturday!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Donna H.

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