Couple charged with armed robbery at Stop & Save Gas in New Bedford

At around 11:00 pm on Thursday, New Bedford police arrested a New Bedford couple for armed robbery with a baseball bat at the Stop & Save Gas at 129 Ashley BLVD in New Bedford.

According to New Bedford police, 21-year old Natasha Sebastiao was speaking to the male victim/witness when her boyfriend, 29-year old Tiago Melo, approached the two and started yelling at the man, asking why he was speaking to her. Tiago Melo allegedly chased the male victim with a baseball bat. The victim alleges Natasha Sebastiao assisted Tiago Melo.

Police report that the victim dropped his cell phone and charger which was allegedly taken by Tiago Melo.

Both Natasha Sebastiao and Tiago Melo are being charged with armed robbery.

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