Councillor Gomes calls for security review of city hall after break in

As a response to the recent break-in into the elections office at city hall, New Bedford City Councilor Gomes is calling for a review of city hall surveillance cameras. The following motion is scheduled for discussion at this Thursday’s City Council meeting:

MOTION: Councillor Gomes, requesting, that the Committee on Public Safety and Neighborhoods meet with a Representative of Avigilon Surveillance Camera Company, a Representative of America Security the company responsible for the installation and monitoring of City Hall surveillance cameras, Police Chief Cordeiro, Department of Facilities and Fleet Management Director Champagne, and a Representative of the Mayor’s Office for the purpose of discussing the break-in that occurred at City Hall, and whether all security and camera systems were in working order; further, requesting that outside cameras be installed at the north west, north east, south east and south west corners of City Hall; and further, that a surveillance monitor system be placed in City Hall in an assigned office of the Police Officer for the day, along with a recording system that records all movements of the interior and exterior of City Hall 24 hours of day, seven days a week, and all cameras be hooked up to the Police Department’s surveillance system. (To Referred to the Committee on Public Safety and Neighborhoods.)

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