Concerned New Bedford mom seeks public’s help finding missing teenage daughter

“My daughter 14-year old daughter Aaliyah Alexander is missing. PLEASE, PLEASE, IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING, PLEASE I WILL GIVE YOU MONEY, anything. I need to know where my daughter is I’m living a nightmare right now. I hear sirens. How is someone supposed to be ok?

Not knowing where she is, who she is with, if she is safe, if she is cold. Does she know she can ALWAYS COME HOME?! What was she thinking? How is a mom supposed to sleep? My head hurts, my eyes hurt from crying, my heart hurts. I don’t know what to do. I’ve been driving everywhere to find her.

I know one of you know something and the first friend to give her location up I will Venmo or cash app you $100. You will stay anonymous. You have my word.

She is 5’3, around 200lbs and was going for a walk to the park. She was wearing a white hoodie that says ‘Playboy’ on it black pants, and black Crocs. She’s a good student and it’s out of character for her to be gone for so long without checking in. We tried tracking her through her phone and couldn’t. Messages go straight to her voicemail.

A police report has been filed with the NBPD. Please call me at (774) 330-6823 or the New Bedford Police Department at (508) 991-6300.” -Tiff Shannon.


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