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Community Nurse Invites you to bring holiday cheer to hospice families


Hospice and advanced illness management is a team care approach. It offers support, comfort and care to the patient and their family. Our teams here at Community Nurse care deeply for their patients. These nurses, home health aides, social workers, volunteers, therapists and chaplains are welcomed into these homes during the most intimate of times.

And during the holidays what is a joyous time for many can be difficult for some.
We see it firsthand.

We see the big adjustment a husband faces when his wife is transferred to long term care around the holidays and how a very different holiday season lies ahead.
We sympathize with a retired healthcare professional who experiences a loss of independence when faced with their own care.

We help to comfort grandchildren who may not understand what is happening to their grandfather. Or small children who see the toll grief and caregiving is taking on their mother.

We reminisce with patients and families about fun filled times in their lives, holidays spent with loved ones, and their personal hobbies and missed activities: days filled with golfing, music, cooking, dining out, football games, reading, bingo, sailing, photography, arts & crafts, dancing, knitting, trips to the beach, movies, theater, concerts, travel or something as simple as being able to shop for loved ones at Christmas.

We mourn with caregivers when a patient passes just weeks before Christmas.

We offer emotional support and respite when normal day to day functions seem overwhelming.

We see family members take time off from work to be with their loved ones during the last days, even though it makes their finances tight.

We see caregivers who put themselves on hold to care for their loved one.

We see sacrifices being made during the holidays.

We see hospice families who could use a little cheer this holiday season.

And so we invite you to contribute an item – be it practical, celebratory, personal, indulgent or comforting – or a card to the personalized holiday cheer packages for some deserving hospice or patient coping with a serious illness families.

On behalf of our patients and their families, thank you in advance.

For more information, please contact Clare

(508) 717-0758 or info@communitynurse.com

Unwrapped items and cards can be dropped off at either Community Nurse location:

62 Center Street | Fairhaven or 41 State Road | Dartmouth

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