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HELP WANTED: Community Nurse Home Care seeks to fill Private Home Care Aide position


Work for the home care professionals that are routinely voted on as one of the best employers in the state!

Summary: A Private Home Care Aide is recognized as a mature, responsible individual who has the experience to provide personal care and those supportive services which are necessary to maintain a disabled or dependent person safely and comfortably within the home setting.

1. 1-2 years related experience providing personal care to clients.
2. Evidence of health status.
3. Integrity and maturity to handle confidential aspects of the work.
4. Is flexible, sensitive to the needs of others, reliable and able to cope with emergencies.
5. Is physically and emotionally capable of performing the job with good interpersonal skills.
6. Directly responsible to the Director of Private Care and Wellness

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Supports the philosophy of the agency and complies with agency policies.
2. Accepts only assignments for which qualified.
3. Communicates with the agency about problems in the home and concerns of client abuse or neglect.
4. Completes required documentation accurately on a timely basis.
5. Maintains a personal code of ethics and respects the confidentiality of the client and the family.
6. Maintains a therapeutic relationship with client while not engaging in
discussions of personal problems and opinions with client.
7. Observes, reports and records to the Director of Private Care and Wellness:
a. Changes in client’s physical or mental condition
b. Any changes in family or living situation that may affect the client
c. Any emergency situations
d. Requests from the client or family for changes in the plan of care or schedule
8. Home/Social Management: As determined by the Director of Private Care and Wellness.
a. Caring for client’s environment; light personal laundry; light cleaning: dusting, vacuuming, floor mopping, washing dishes, bathroom and kitchen cleaning
b. Limited shopping and errands for the client.
c. Cleaning and changing of linens
d. Promotes a safe environment.
e. Meal preparation and promotion of optimal nutrition.
f. Accompanies client outside of the home when permitted and arranged in advance with client and/or family and the Director of Private Care and Wellness
9. Personal Care: As determined by the Director of Private Care and Wellness.
a. Assists client with bath (sponge or shower), ordinary care of skin (including shaving with an electric razor) hair, mouth and nails.
b. Assists with ambulation, transfers, and use of wheelchair.
c. Assists client to bathroom, commode, and use of bedpan.
d. Provides or assists in oral hygiene and hair care.
e. Reminds client to take prescribed medications.
f. Assists with positioning in and out of bed, ROM exercises and other prescribed therapeutic activities.
g. Practices essential principles of universal precautions and infection control.
h. Provides emotional stimulation and support within diagnostic limitations, promotes client independence.

A Private Home Care Aide may not:
a. Administer, instill or apply prescription medications, creams or lotions
b. Administer enemas or perform disimpactions.
c. Irrigate colostomies or catheters, administer tube feedings, apply heat
d. Care for or insert contact lenses
e. Perform any duties or procedures that require the skill or education of a licensed clinician or make judgement or give advice on medical or nursing problems.
f. Give out personal addresses/phone numbers to clients or families
g. Visit with clients other than scheduled times.
h. Witness legal documents or be identified as the client’s health care proxy, power of attorney or legal guardian..
i. Perform any banking or checking services for clients.
j. Purchase alcohol, cigarettes or lottery tickets for clients
k. Cut toe or finger nails or hair.
l. Shave a client unless utilizing an electric razor.
m. Accept gifts including money.
n. Lower a patient into a sitting position in a bath tub, hot tub, sauna or whirlpool tub
o. Care for any other family members other than those specifically assigned to having been evaluated by a nurse and approved for service by the Director of Private Care and Wellness
p. Provide service to a client privately during their assignment and for 3 months after a client is discharged from service.

To apply, please send resume with cover letter to: hr@communitynurse.com.

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  1. My friend is a CNA, she has been doing it for years.
    I don’t think she has a resume.
    Is there a phone number that she can call? Or an address that she can go there and apply?
    Thank you!!!

    • the best way to apply is via email. I’d suggest she put together a Resume or maybe you could help her with that? Its a great company to work for, they have a stellar reputation and treat their people well. To apply, please send resume with cover letter to: hr@communitynurse.com

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