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Coastal Career Academy offers greater New Bedford and Fall River residents a bright future in the health care field


Are you at a crossroads in choosing a career path? Not sure if you want to take up a trade, attend a technical school, or university? Not necessarily keen on commuting or relocating to somewhere in central or western Massachusetts? Can’t find something that interests you at local universities?

Consider a career in a perpetually growing field: healthcare. Perhaps you’ve already considered that, but unsure where to start. Are there professional facilities close by that offer study in healthcare and in a number of fields?

At Coastal Career Academy you learn from those with decades of experience in various health care fields.

The answer is a resounding “yes!” Coastal Career Academy, a private occupational school located in both New Bedford and Fall River (soon to be administering courses for the Cape & Islands) offers certification and programs in a large variety of healthcare fields. Something they have been doing since they received Professional Licensure in 1999!

Started in a single classroom in New Bedford to meet the demands of individuals pursuing a career in healthcare, word spread quickly and the facility and program offerings expanded. Now RN and CEO Deb Gomes is continuing to offer the opportunity for locals to obtain a quality education that is affordable.

Inspiration for Deb came from a career as a nurse which began in 1986. While serving in hospitals along the South Coast, she realized that there was a genuine need for skilled front line workers, whether it was in a reception role, triage or laboratory. In Deb’s words “The first person we all meet when we enter a doctor’s office or health clinic can make a significant difference in our experience. Typically, patients do not choose to visit a doctor. They are sick, injured, or have a particular concern in their health. With that in mind, I wanted to make a difference in the patient experience in our area, even if it was a small one.”

Since nurses are being replaced by Medical Assistants because of the cost savings to medical practices, it is extremely important that these assistants are knowledgeable about the practice that they work in. And this is where Coastal Career Academy comes into the picture.

Deb, who has been teaching since 1993, started Coastal Career Academy in 1997 before becoming licensed by the Department of Education in 1999. They are now licensed by DPL and their Nursing Assistant program is Department of Public Health approved.

Always a warm welcome when you arrive at Coast Career Academy!

Deb and the staff at Coastal Career Academy bring decades of experience as healthcare providers and teaching to bear. There are several nurses on staff, as well as experienced Phlebotomists, Paramedics, and lab technicians. All want you to flourish in the classroom – that means you will also flourish in your new job. They are dedicated to provide you with all the tools and skills that you need to excel and prosper in the healthcare field. When that happens you tell people where you were certified – what better word of mouth is there?!

Want to attend Coastal Career Academy but concerned about the financial aspect? Administrative costs are low, so tuition reflects that. In addition, the staff help you with financing. Best of all, when you complete your program, Coastal Career Academy will help you with job placement – something that they have a 98% success rate with.

So, what specific courses does the academy offer? Certification as a Nurse Assistant, Medical Assistant, Medical Billing and Coding, Office Administration, E.K.G. Technician, Home Health Aid, C.P.R., Cardio-Phlebotomy, and even English for Speakers of Other Languages, Adult Basic Education.

Are you a single parent who is concerned about daycare for your child or children? There is On-Site Daycare available.

Sound exciting to you?, but want to know even more You can contact the academy using the phone number or links below or read/print out the Coastal Career Academy brochure. If you are really gung-ho, you can even enroll online.


Coastal Career Academy
26 South Water Street
New Bedford, MA

288 Plymouth Ave., Suite 2
Fall River, MA 02721

Phone: (508) 536-5366
Fax: 508-762-1470
Email: coastalcareer@comcast.net
Website: coastalcareeracademy.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/coastalcareer/


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