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Looking for a Clean Office? Here are a few things to consider:


When it comes to keeping your professional space clean — it’s not a one size fits all approach. For Clean Right, they suggest you start with the Who, What, Where, When:

Who – What kind of business do you operate? How many employees and/or customers do you host on a daily business? This will help you determine just how often — the frequency — you’ll need service.
What – What kind of service do you provide? As you know, some jobs are dirtier than others.
Where – Where is you business located? If you’re in New England, seasonal cleaning should be part of your routine maintenance. Clean Right removes salt from floors during the winter, and HEPA vacuums to reduce allergens during spring/summer months.
When – Many clients choose a modest schedule when starting out with a cleaner, but often realize they need to increase service to get the desired result. If you’re high-traffic, you may need to consider high-frequency.

Be sure to Prioritize, Budget and Communicate

Prioritize – Horizontal surfaces (dust is a bust), restrooms and floor care are key areas to maintain. These specific areas can easily influence a customers’ opinion of your business in big way. Do you have a staff spending 40+ hours during the work week? If so, you’ll want to consider their health and comfort level. Clean Right recommends starting with the areas mentioned above, and targeting “germ hot spots” — especially during cold and flu season. Also ask your cleaner if they use a HEPA vacuum which can help eliminate seasonal allergies.

Budget – If budget is an issue, identify your pain points and let your cleaner know your priorities. Clean Right says that most cleaners are willing to work within a budget. Keep in mind that many cleaners do have a minimum visit rate.

Communicate – Let your cleaner know what they are doing right and where they could improve. With some simple feedback, your cleaning company should be able to achieve the level of clean you’re looking for.

2 services to schedule with your cleaner now:

Germ Hots Spots — When it comes to germs in the workplace, it’s easy to think bathrooms are the biggest concern. Truth is, your desktop wins — hands down (“we find four hundred times more bacteria on a desktop that we do on most toilet seats” – Dr. Charles Gerba, ABC News, 2015). Most employees prefer a “no touching” policy when it comes to their personal workspace, but Clean Right recommends taking the time to clear your things, so that the cleaner can do their thing. Door knobs, food prep areas, windows blinds, and high-touch countertops should all get a seasonal deep clean.

Floor Care – Through the year, Clean Right spends a good amount of time stripping and waxing floors. Not only will a strip and wax make a visual improvement, but it will also extend the life of your floors. Be sure to schedule routine maintenance with you current cleaner.

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Clean Right Cleaning Solutions is a locally owned commercial cleaning company servicing MA and RI. Read New Bedford Guide’s Spotlight on Clean Right Cleaning Solutions here.


Clean Right Cleaning Solutions
268 Mill Road
Fairhaven, Massachusetts
Monday-Friday: 8:00am-5:30pm

Phone: (508) 994-2412
Email: info@cleanrightsouthcoast.com
Website: cleanrightsouthcoast.com/
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