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City of New Bedford Employee Charged with Theft and Drug Charges


New Bedford police have charged a City of New Bedford employee with the theft of city-owned items as well as narcotics-related charges.

On March 8th, detectives concluded an investigation into the possible theft of city property by STEPHEN GREANY, 54, of 108 Francis St. Greany was employed by the city’s DFFM (Department of Fleet & Facilities Management).

During a search of the Francis St. residence, detectives discovered a variety of stolen city- owned items including a gaming console, fire alarms, copper items, fire boxes, light switches, and a bullet-resistant vest. They also discovered over 2 pounds of marijuana, 30 strips of suboxone, over 129 tablets of Alprazolam, 10 vials of testosterone (steroids), and 49 rounds of .22 caliber ammunition. Greany was also found to have $6,400 in cash that was seized as a result of the nature of his charges.

GREANY is being charged with larceny-related offenses pertaining to his theft of city property. He is also being charged with possession of class “B” and “D” substances with intent to distribute and possession of ammunition without license. GREANY is a former police officer who served time in federal prison for corruption-related charges stemming from an investigation in the late 90’s.

Greany’s employment with the city has been terminated. The investigating detective was Timothy Soares.

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