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City of New Bedford collects $10,000 in problem property fines for 2018


The City of New Bedford collected approximately $10,000 in problem property fines in 2018. Per a letter sent to New Bedford City Council President Linda Morad, the money is available for fiscal year 2019 and will be used in a revolving fund for police to deal with problem properties.


New Bedford’s problem property ordinance was established in 2015. It takes 8 valid complaints within a 12 month period to be considered a problem property in New Bedford. After the valid complaints, a certified letter is mailed to a property.

The full ordinance can be read here:


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  1. I am a Old woman ,I am 70 years old and a tax payer ,I am a citizen and I am being harassed by the City of New Bedford Department ,I am being ignored by the Jon Mitchell our Mayer , People destroys my property and I make a complained to the city and the Mayer and they are doing nothing but to find fault with me , so they will not have to do there jobs to stop what is happening to me .They send some one to my property to see what is happening then they say they will help me and then I do not hear from them at all again .I have prove of what I am saying ,my neighbors destroys my property and I complain to the city and they come over and see what is happening and then they tell me that they will stop the neighbors from what they are doing and that this is a property violations by the neighbors . Again I do not hear from THE NEW BEDFOD CITY HALL ,Then city Hall they send people from the city to come over and tell me that I have done things wrong so they can give me a violation what I am doing then I prove that they are wrong and they look like fouls then they send me warnings letters that says if I do any of these things that they WROTE IN THE THAT they will fine me and all the things they said in the letters is what my neighbors are doing and violating and the city does nothing to stop them .Ever sense I have ask for help I am being harassed by the City of New Bedford .When we have a snow storm they tell the city plows to push the snow into my side walk and the say that I have to clean the side walk or they will fine me .I clean my side walk and the city makes it hard for me .I call this harassment from the city of New Bedford Mass. and they are violating my civil rights . Is there anyone out there that can help me to fix my problem ?
    Guilhermina Coleman.

    • Hi Guilhermina – sorry that you are going through so much trouble. Yes, there IS someone who can help you. Please contact your ward’s councilor. I have lost count of the times I have seen city council members go above and beyond to help out citizens, sometimes responding instantly and resolving the issue the same day.

      Please contact him or her:


      Let us know how you make out!

      • On January 25-2019 ,I took your advice and I call the New Bedford City Hall and I ask for the name of my Council ,Ward 3, They give me his name, Hugh Dunn telephone # 1-508-817-1808. I CALL HIM AND I GOT HIS ANSER MACHINE , I left a massage and ask him to call me back and I gave him my name address and telephone# and I am still waiting for him to call e back. THIS IS WHAT I GO TRUE . They JUST AGNOR ME
        Guilhermina Coleman

  2. Guilhermina Coleman
    I just got a call from my Council Hugh Dunn at 1:47 P M January 31 -2019 and I told him what is happen to me and he told me he is going to investigate on this matter and he will get back to me . Hope that he really does it. It would mean a lot to know that some one cares what is happing in my life. Thank you Joe Silva for trying to help me .
    Guilhermina Coleman

    • I am glad he called you back. Kudos to you for sticking to your guns and continuing to work for what you wanted/needed. Keep us updated on everything Guilhermina. You can message me at info@newbedfordguide.com.

    • justiceforall2019

      Hi Guilhermina Coleman, I’m so sorry what you have been going through with your neighbors and City Hall. I would like to know the outcome if you don’t mind? I have some issues that I would like City Hall to help resolve but I’ve never heard of them really solving some past issues.

  3. If the city of New Bedford did there jobs I would not have any problems with my new neighbors from destroying my land including the city Department them self’s. I am being ignore my our Mayor, some of our Police Offices and my council Hugh Dunn . SO TELL ME WHO DO I TALK TO THELP ME .
    Please TELL ME ….

  4. Today is February 20-2019 Wednesday and nothing is being done to help me fix these nightmares .I have not heard from my council Hugh Dunn from my ward 3 . This is what they do , they do nothing ,they are not doing there jobs ,they ignore you .Yesterday I had MORE MAIL from people that I do not know using my address as there own .I have told the Chief Joseph Cordeiro and I have send the letters to the chief and the Post Master. I send the letters to return to sender and the very next DAY THE Post Offices SEND IT BACK TO ME . I have told them that This person never live here and is not living at this address but they do not care they keep mailing it to my address anyway ,I HAVE GONE TO THE REGISTRYOF MOTOR VEHICLES DIVISION cause they are sending there mail to my address ,People are getting there I D AND There car licenses and using my address as there’s . No one is helping me stop this . Yesterday Feb.19-2019 I got two more letters from this guy name Abdullah Biender A. , FROM the City of New Bedford, from the Treasure’s Offices @133 William St. for his cars Excise taxes payments, so I call the city hall and told them the same thing that this person are giving them the wrong address and they told me to throw the mail in the garbage .I told them that I was going to send the letters back to them ,I put the letters in the City Mail Post Box. on the same day I got them . On Feb.7-2019 My Next DOOR NEIGHBOR CALL THE Police ON ME .HE MADE SURE THAT HIS FRIEND THE Police Offices Gomes was on duty to harass me ,I call the chief Joseph Cordeiro and told him what that Police Offices said to me trying to scare me so his friend the neighbor can do what he wants . Chief send Offices BLOUIN to my home and I told him the same thing and show him prove that the City had told my neighbor and they send him Certified mail to move his fence to the right place not in my property and he refuses to do it . Offices Blouin said that Police Offices Gomes will never bother me again and he was going to stop him from abusing and harassing me . Well let see if he will . I had to put a notice of no trespass on my next door neighbor CAUSE HE WAS ALWAYS Bulling and threating me and he did put his hands on me ,He hurt me and that is why I had to put papers on him so now he uses hid friends the Police Offices do his dirty work .

  5. On July 24-2019 around 11: o4 PM .A New Bedford Police Offices TRY TO BRAKE INTO MY HOME . He then bang on my back winds so hard that I thought he was going to brake it . I did not talk to him cause I was afraid of him , I call 991 for help and I did not get help .He did this for good 20 minutes he did damage 2 of my windows in the back of the house and he got one of the windows open finely. He said I am coming in open THE DOOR OR I WILL COME IN the way he said it frighten me so much .I went inside my closet and I took the house telephone and I call a friend for help and he call the Police Department they did the same thing to him refused to send help to me at my house . This Offices damage my back door screen door AND came into my hall way . started to kick the door ,I was so scare that he was going to kill me . He was like a vision wild ANIMAL and trying to get into my house . So who do I suppose to call for help when this is going own. I am 70 Years old and a Senior Citizen and I am being bully and scare to dead my a Police Offices and I am not getting any help . The next day , I call the Police Department and I ask to speak to the Chief Joseph Cordeiro. She said he was not in but he will get the massage when he comes in ,I am still waiting for his call back ,I call again today and I was told that he should call me Monday cause he is off for the week in . I hope that they are giving him my massages . I call my Lawyer and I told him what had happen and he said lets give the chief time until Monday .I went to the court house and I spoke with Michael Green from the D.A. Offices and told him what had happen to me . Still nothing is being done . I am so scare that This Police Offices IS GOING TO HURT ME .
    Guilhermina Coleman

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