Deceased Infant found at Fort Taber in New Bedford

On Saturday, December 9, 2023, New Bedford Police responded to Fort Taber at approximately 12:40 pm. An adult walking along a path by the water at Fort Taber had made observations of a blanket in an area adjacent to the walking path and detected an odor of decay.

Upon arrival, police located the body of a decomposing infant in the blanket first discovered by the adult walker. The body of the infant was transported to the Massachusetts Medical Examiner’s Office.

This is an active investigation by the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office, the Massachusetts State Police Detective Unit assigned to the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office and the New Bedford Police.

New Bedford’s “Healthy Bites” thanks customers for support, loyalty as they decide to close their doors

In May of 2018 we were happy to share Crystal and Jeff Lister’s Healthy Bites Meal Prep business with greater New Bedford. The inspiration for the entire enterprise came from Crystal’s own weight loss story: she was sick and tired of being overweight and decided to do something about it.

Her change was dramatic enough that all her friends and family took note and began to ask questions. When she began to describe the meals that she was eating and started to show pictures of these meals, people became very interested and wanted to know if she could share the recipes or even make some for them to try.

Here was a way that she could help others achieve the same physical transformation and well-being, particularly those who didn’t know where to start.

Sadly, the Healthy Bites Meal Prep will be closing their door due to the hit they took during COVID and recent hyperinflation. In a messaged posted to their website and social media accounts, they said,

Dear Valued Customers & Friends, we wanted to start off by saying thank you for the support and loyalty you have shown us for the past 8 years.

It has been an honor to be your go-to for everything healthy and delicious. With that being said, we have made the difficult decision to close our doors by the end of the year. Our last day will be December 22nd, 2023.

Since Covid, it has been such a struggle for the restaurant industry, and unfortunately, it has only gotten worse with inflation. We have learned so much from each and every one of you and value all the lessons we will take away.

Again, we would like to say thank you to everyone who has ever passed through our doors. It has truly been the best journey, and we look forward to our future endeavors. Crystal & Jeff.

Healthy Bites Meal Prep photo.

Eversource begins prep for storm with high winds, heavy rain expected to impact Massachusetts

“With high winds and heavy rain expected to impact all of Massachusetts Sunday night into Monday, Eversource is closely monitoring several weather forecasts and planning accordingly. The energy company is bringing in outside crews to assist with power restoration. Crews are preparing equipment and vehicles and will be strategically pre-positioned in advance of the storm so they can respond when and where needed as quickly as safely possible.

“The combination of soaking rain and strong winds can more easily bring down trees and tree limbs onto power lines and equipment causing outages, so we’re taking all necessary actions now to ensure our team is ready to respond,” said Eversource President of Regional Electric Operations Craig Hallstrom. “We’ll have crews prepositioned at our work centers throughout the state before the storm hits so they can immediately get to any damage locations and restore power as quickly as possible.”

While the forecast will become more precise over the next 48-hours, current models show the greatest potential for damaging winds in the Berkshires and along Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. As part of its early preparations, Eversource will bring additional line and tree crews onto the island before the storm arrives.

Customers are encouraged to also prepare for the storm by assembling or restocking a storm kit which should include essentials like flashlights, batteries, water, non-perishable foods, pet food and essentials and any needed medications. In addition, make sure cell phones and devices are fully charged, create an emergency plan with family members and prepare to check on elderly neighbors and friends.

Eversource reminds customers to always stay clear of downed wires and to report them immediately to 9-1-1. Be sure to report any outage online here, or by calling 800-592-2000 in Eastern MA and 877-659-6326 in Western MA. Customers who signed up for the company’s two-way texting feature can send a text to report an outage and receive outage updates as they happen.

Additional preparedness tips can be found at the Storm Preparedness section on our website.”-Eversource.

Cape Verdean Assoc. in New Bedford announces start of Island Park construction

“The Cape Verdean Association in New Bedford (CVANB) is thrilled to announce the commencement of construction on Island Park.

This exciting project promises to bring a new dimension of community vibrancy to our beloved city.

Acquired as an extension of CVANB’s commitment to fostering community engagement, Island Park is poised to undergo a remarkable transformation into a dynamic and inclusive community space. The Board of Directors at CVANB has played a pivotal role in steering this initiative, demonstrating its dedication to enhancing the quality of life for residents in New Bedford.

Cape Verdean Association in New Bedford photo.

Leading the charge in the realization of this ambitious project is our Vice President, Jan Baptist, whose exemplary leadership and tireless efforts have been instrumental in bringing the vision for Island Park to life. Jan Baptista’s strategic vision and project management skills have guided the process, ensuring that every step is taken with precision and a deep understanding of the community’s needs.

We sincerely thank the entire Board for their unwavering support, commitment, and guidance throughout this transformative journey. Their collective efforts have laid the foundation for a project that will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy in the hearts of New Bedford residents.

In addition to the internal team at CVANB, we would like to express our gratitude to our valued local partners who have played a crucial role in making Island Park a reality. We thank the Waterfront Historic Area League (WHALE) and Studio2Sustain for their collaboration and shared commitment to community development. Their expertise and collaboration have enriched the project, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with the cultural and environmental fabric of the area.

Cape Verdean Association in New Bedford photo.

Furthermore, CVANB would like to recognize and extend heartfelt thanks to Tony Cabral, and Senator Mark C. Montigny. Both are local politician and staunch supporter of the Cape Verdean Association. Rep. Cabral’s advocacy and unwavering support have been instrumental in advancing the interests of CVANB and ensuring that Island Park receives the attention and resources it deserves.

As construction commences, CVANB is optimistic about completing the park phase by the summer of 2024. The community can look forward to a space that reflects Cape Verde’s rich cultural heritage and serves as a hub for social interaction, recreation, and the celebration of diversity.

I’d like you to please stay tuned for updates on Island Park’s progress as we work towards creating a space that will become a source of pride and joy for New Bedford residents.”-Cape Verdean Association in New Bedford.

Cape Verdean Association in New Bedford photo.

Cape Verdean Association in New Bedford photo.

New Bedford cancels Clasky Common Park lighting, downtown holiday events still a go


Hi New Bedford! We’re expecting some rough weather Sunday night with strong wind and rain, so after discussing it with other stakeholders, we’re all in agreement that, for everyone’s safety, Sunday’s holiday lighting ceremony at Clasky Common is cancelled.

We will be turning the display on this weekend so residents and visitors can enjoy it through the season, but there will be no ceremony Sunday evening. The weather looks good on Saturday evening, so please join us downtown at 5 p.m. for the annual Downtown Tree Lighting.

Saturday’s celebration will have the annual parade up William Street, hot chocolate, a sing-along with New Bedford Festival Theatre, the tree-lighting, and a visit from Santa himself. We hope to see you there.”-City of New Bedford.

New Bedford’s KRAVE Restaurant To Close Permanently

In a Facebook post earlier today it was announced that Krave Restaurant and Bar was closing its doors. The site of the former Chuck’s China Inn had been remade over the past couple of years with mixed results. Here is the entirety of the post:

“Dear Valued Patrons,
It is with a mix of emotions that we share this heartfelt message with our cherished Krave community. After careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to permanently close Krave Restaurant and Bar.

This journey has been incredibly rewarding, thanks in no small part to the unwavering support and loyalty of customers like you. Your patronage has been the heartbeat of Krave, and for that, we extend our deepest gratitude.

We want to express our appreciation for the memories shared, the laughter echoing through our walls, and the joyous moments celebrated. Your support has been the cornerstone of our establishment, and we are profoundly grateful for the relationships formed within these walls.
To our staff that stood with us throughout our journey we appreciate your dedication and loyalty even through our struggles. It didn’t go unnoticed.
As we say goodbye, please know that your presence and support have left an indelible mark on our hearts. We are immensely thankful for the privilege of serving you and being a part of your lives.

This chapter may be closing, but the memories and connections forged will forever remain a cherished part of Krave’s legacy. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey.”

With heartfelt appreciation,
The Ownership and Staff of Krave Restaurant and Bar

Fort Taber Flag To Honor WWII New Bedford Veteran PFC Irving C. Kaplan

During the month of December, the 51st Lights for Peace flag to fly at the Fort Taber – Fort Rodman Military Museum honors the memory of PFC Irving Chandler Kaplan, of New Bedford, a WWII veteran who was killed in Germany in 1945.

Kaplan, who lived at 26th Eight St., New Bedford, was born on July 6, 1915. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Kaplan. According to the archives at the University of Massachusetts Library, Kaplan attended Boston University and Harvard University Law School and went on to practice law in New Bedford, with offices in the National Bank Building.

He was inducted into the U.S. Army on Dec. 14, 1942 and served with the U.S. Army Signal Corps. PFC Kaplan was killed on August 25, 1945, at the age of 30, as the result of an accident while serving in Kassel Germany during WWII.

According to army.mil, throughout WWII, the Signal Corps served a variety of functions and had the responsibility for one of the most important systems used during World War II – radar. Success in combat depended on good communications and that was the Signal Corps’ main mission. At its peak strength in the fall of 1944, the Signal Corps was comprised of over 350,000 officers and men, over six times more than had served in WWI.

According to army.mil, “In addition to sending messages, the Signal Corps retained responsibility for the Army’s signal security and intelligence activity. The 2nd Signal Service Company performed intelligence-gathering duties.”

Another specialized field that fell under the Signal Corps function was photography. “Its value and versatility reached new levels, especially during the second half of the war, partially due to improvements in training and organization. The Signal Corps created orientation and training films, using the talents of notables such as Frank Capra, who was commissioned as a major in the Signal Corps in 1942, and Theodor Seuss Geisel, who served as a member of Capra’s documentary film crew. The Signal Corps also created an unprecedented pictorial record of World War II.”

Members of the Jewish War Veterans New Bedford Post 154 erected a monument in Irving Kaplan’s honor. On June 19, 1949, a parade and memorial service were held, and Kaplan Square was dedicated in his honor. Kaplan Square is located at the intersection of Fair and Bolton Streets in the South End of New Bedford.

“If you take County Street south to Fair St. and turn right, you will drive straight to this monument in the middle of the Portuguese community which was then populated by many Jewish,” according to an article at the UMASS Library archives.

“In 1997 the 6th grade class of Mrs. Susan Baroody of the Congdon School took it on as a local beautification project to refurbish and replant the Kaplan memorial. It was rededicated on June 18, 1997, by the Jewish War Veterans in conjunction with the city of New Bedford.”

New Bedford memorial for service members killed post 9/11; Ceremony honoring GNB Marine KIA

“A traveling memorial honoring American servicemen and women lost in the Global War on Terror will be on display at the New Bedford Regional Airport Sunday through Tuesday.

Remembering Our Fallen is an emotional exhibit featuring 34 tribute towers with military and personal photos of more than 5,000 fallen soldiers lost since 9/11. It includes those killed in training accidents, combat, as well as suicides stemming from post-traumatic stress disorder.

One of those pictures is of LCpl. Matthew Rodriguez, a Marine from Fairhaven who was killed in action in the Helmand Province, Afghanistan, on Dec. 11, 2013. The foundation created to remember LCpl. Rodriguez worked with the City to organize the memorial’s arrival.

“LCpl. Rodriguez made the ultimate sacrifice,” Mayor Jon Mitchell said. “He was a local kid who served his country with courage and distinction, and his example of selflessness will long endure.”

“I’m really proud this memorial is coming to New Bedford,” said Mike Knabbe of the LCpl. Matthew Rodriguez Memorial Foundation. “It travels the country over the course of the year, and we thought there would be no better place to showcase these heroes and their sacrifice than here in New Bedford.”

Mayor Mitchell and others will speak at a memorial ceremony for LCpl. Rodriguez and other fallen soldiers at the exhibit on Monday, Dec. 11, at 3 p.m., which is the 10th anniversary of LCpl. Rodriguez’ death. The exhibit and ceremony will be located inside the hangar at 1447 Airport Road. It is free to attend during the three-day stop in New Bedford.

The City is moving forward with plans to build a permanent monument in the South End to Greater New Bedford residents who served in the Global War on Terror. Mayor Mitchell recently announced the city has selected Martha Schwartz Partners to design and construct the monument. MSP is a world-renowned architecture and design firm with offices in New York, London and Shanghai that has won numerous awards for projects in Europe, Asia and the U.S.

Remembering Our Fallen Exhibit Comes to New Bedford

WHEN: Sunday, Dec. 10 (12-6 p.m.), Monday, Dec. 11 (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.) and Tuesday, Dec. 12 (9 a.m. to noon)
MEMORIAL CEREMONY: Monday, Dec. 11 at 3 p.m.
WHERE: Hangar at 1447 Airport Road in New Bedford on the grounds of the New Bedford Regional Airport.”

Early morning crash in Lakeville sends one to the hospital

“The accident occurred at 8:27 am this morning at the intersection of Bedford Street and Taunton Street.

At the time of the crash, all on-duty Lakeville Firefighters were committed to a medical emergency on Lakeside Avenue. Chief O’Brien and Deputy Garant responded out to the crash in the second ambulance.

A recall was transmitted bringing in staffing that enabled Engine 1 to respond to the scene. Our chief officers were then relieved of EMS duties by additional incoming call-back firefighters.

Firefighters removed one crash victim from their vehicle and provided ALS treatment during transport to the hospital.

The driver of a second vehicle reported that he was not injured and did not need medical assistance. Ambulance 2 was back in town and available by 9:30 am.”-Lakeville, MA Fire Department.

Lakeville, MA Fire Department photo.

Mattapoisett Police, Fire/EMS respond to 81-year old man lost in area of Haskell Swamp while hunting

“On Thursday, 12/7/23 the Mattapoisett Police received a 911 call from an 81-year-old male who stated that he had been hunting in the area of Haskell Swamp and had become lost and could not find his way out. Mattapoisett dispatch remained on the line with the caller as Police units were dispatched and responded to the area.

Officers located the party’s vehicle on I195 West. Lt. Justin King and Officer Osetkowski set off on foot from this location in an attempt to locate the party. 911 call data received at the Mattapoisett Pd. and also by officers on scene via LIVE911, Officers were able to determine an approximate location of the calling party.

Officers on scene were also able to hear the caller live through the LIVE911 in their cruisers. Officer Perez launched a Mattapoisett Police Drone. The temperature was 28 degrees and dropping and darkness was quickly setting in. MSP airwing was notified and responded to the area. MSP airwing quickly located the elderly male and guided officers through the darkness and thick brush towards him. Lt. King and Officer Osetkowski located the party at 17:00hrs. Officers determined the party could not walk out of the wooded area without assistance.

Marion Fire/EMS was notified and responded into the wooded area with their Fire/EMS UTV. MSP airwing guided the Marion Fire / EMS UTV towards the officers and the elderly male party. The party was loaded on/to the UTV and transported to I195 where the Mattapoisett Police EMS was awaiting. The male party was evaluated by Mattapoisett Police EMS and released. AT 18:36 hrs. all units cleared the scene.

This successful search was a coordinated effort by the Mattapoisett Police, Massachsetts State Police, Rochester Police, Marion Police and Marion Fire/EMS.”-Mattapoisett Police Department.

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