Mayor Mitchell discusses proposed legislation to hold dangerous criminals

Governor Baker is proposing legislation to make it more difficult for courts in Massachusetts to release dangerous defendants. We asked Mayor Mitchell, who was a former US prosecutor, if it will have an impact and if he supports the move.

Downtown New Bedford historical walking tour

Have you had a chance to take a downtown walking tour with the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park? Here’s a highlight with some great New Bedford history …

Live with New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell

New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell discussed tougher laws on criminals, NOAA’s recent decision and how it will impact fishing, Comcast and more.

Mayor Mitchell discusses New Bedford water rate increases over the past three years

Mayor Mitchell was asked about the combined water-sewer rate going up 10% a year for the past three years and if that trend will continue in the future.

Will New Bedford open more at-risk youth centers?

Mayor Mitchell was asked if there are more at-risk community centers opening in New Bedford and more local job opportunities.

Why doesn’t New Bedford have a needle exchange?

This week Mayor Mitchell was asked why New Bedford doesn’t have a needle exchange like other cities and towns …

Mayor Mitchell provides an update on the free parking in downtown New Bedford

Have you noticed the free parking in downtown New Bedford? Mayor Mitchell details how long it will last …

Mayor Mitchell provides an update on the New Bedford fishing fleets

Earlier this month, NOAA filed charges against 22 of Carlos Rafael’s Captains, seeking to revoke 17 of their operator permits. This could be disastrous to New Bedford fishing industry. We asked Mayor Mitchell for his thoughts and what it means for New Bedford …

New Bedford Mayor Mitchell provides an update on ABC Disposal

New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell provides an update on the ABC Disposal situation.

SPOTLIGHT: Portuguese Style Tuna Steak at Novo Mundo

Who loves tuna? Here’s a look at Churrascaria Novo Mundo’s Portuguese style tuna and a look at their amazing rotisserie chicken and stuffed quahog.

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