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Musician Spotlight: [The Viennagram:]

[The Viennagram:] are a punk rock cabaret psychedelic band from New Bedford.  I chatted up carnival barker A.V Vienna about the group. When did it start? How did you come up with the name? I would say the first performance of [The Viennagram:] occurred in the first week of my …

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Musician Spotlight: Judo Heirs

The Judo Heirs is a New Bedford all-star band of sorts. The players have played in such groups as Beyond The Embrace, All Chrome, The Tall, Gaskill, The Hidden, and many more. With members working at No Problemo, The Pour Farm, and The Green Bean, you can barely walk downtown …

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Musician Spotlight: The Blood Moons

The Blood Moons are one of New Bedford’s busiest bands.There are  not many original bands in a city this size can boast of playing so often at local venues. They are a mix of roots rock and punk, with murder ballads and rockers. You will enjoy them if you are …

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