Baystate Elite Girls Basketball is Holding Free Clinics and Tryouts Throughout August

When it comes to grassroots basketball in the New Bedford area, there’s one program that’s a slam dunk for any girl.

Whether she is trying the sport out for the first time, or interested in sharpening her skills while working with the area’s best coaches and trainers, Baystate Elite has an option for your prospective hooper.

Richard Emken started Baystate Elite three years ago when he couldn’t find a local girls-only team for his daughter, who hadn’t enjoyed her time playing on co-ed teams. Emken’s first team featured just eight players, but it has since grown to include hundreds of girls representing 20 cities and towns across Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

“I had a mother tell me that she tried different sports and activities for her daughter previously and it wasn’t until she started playing basketball that she stuck with any of them,” Emken said. “She said that when her daughter asked for a basketball and Jayson Tatum jersey for Christmas, she knew she was hooked.”

What elevates Baystate Elite is its roster of talented, qualified coaches, including New Bedford High girls coach Jordan Pina, Bishop Stang girls coach Julie Letourneau and Lex Barros, a member of the Cabo Verde National Team, as well as Emken, Mark Jardin, Steve Ptaskensi, Sean Floyd and John Silva. Trainers include Brian Rudolph and Marcus Wills, both former Division I players and New Bedford High standouts, as well as highly respected local strength and conditioning trainer Nick Correa, who works with numerous Division I athletes across multiple sports.

Whether you’re a novice looking to try the sport out, or a committed baller looking to take your game to the next level, Baystate Elite offers numerous ways to improve.

Clinics, which last 60-90 minutes, are offered at various parks and gyms in the area and are often free to attend. Some teach basic fundamentals, while others focus on advanced skills training. Search for and “Like” Baystate Elite on Facebook or Baystate Elite’s online calendar to keep up to date on upcoming clinics. This month, free clinics will be held Aug. 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 23 and 25. In addition, a point guard clinic hosted by St. Andrew’s girls coach Christina Batastini from Aug. 16-19. Cost is $225 for the four-day camp or $60 a day.

Baystate Elite also offers grassroots travel teams that play in leagues and tournaments across the state. Teams are offered during the winter, spring, summer and fall and girls can play as many seasons as they like, or all of them. Tryouts for the upcoming Fall Season will be held Aug. 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 at locations in Dartmouth, Fairhaven, Westport, Acushnet and Tiverton, Rhode Island. Visit www.BaystateElite.com for exact times and locations.

In addition to clinics and teams, Baystate Elite is now offering a new 3-on-3 instructional league for girls in kindergarten through second grade.

“Our main goal is that there is always something being offered throughout the year for any girl who wants to play,” Emken said.

So whether your daughter wants to pursue her passion in basketball or is simply looking to try a new activity, Baystate Elite is the right program to nurture a joy for the game while teaching fundamentals and important skills.

For more information, call Richard Emken at 508-525-0179 or email him at BAYSTATEBASKETBALL@GMAIL.COM.

Tank Exchange Makes Swapping Out Your Propane Quick, Easy and Affordable

A local entrepreneur is bringing innovation and mobile technology to the age-old business of Propane and Co2 tank refills.

Tank Exchange offers customers Propane and Co2 refills for their gas grills, forklifts, beer kegs and personal cultivation delivered directly to their home with easy online ordering through their website, TradeMyTank.com or through their mobile app, which is available for both Apple and Android operating systems.

Started by Jay Demello, Tank Exchange can offer up to 25% more gas while still beating the price of retail competitors. Tank Exchange offers a 20-pound propane tank for $19.99, compared to 15-gallon refills at most retail stores that often cost more than $22.

Tank Exchange’s state-of-the-art, easy-to-use app and website allow for quick and easy ordering, and with its rush ordering options, you can have your new tank delivered in less than 1 hour until 7 p.m. at night, and 9 p.m. on holiday weekends within Bristol County.

With five years of experience working with Co2, training from AmeriGas in propane safety and HazMat certification, let Jay Lemos and his team at Tank Exchange save you a trip to the store to refill your tank with their easy, convenient home-delivery option.

Contact-less deliveries are available.
In addition to TradeMyTank.com and its mobile apps, Tank Exchange can be reached by calling 1-818-MY-TANKS.

Foodie’s Guide to Regional Gastronomy: The Piri-Piri pepper and Piri-Piri Sauce

Series Introduction (Move down if you’re familiar with the series or don’t care)

In this series, we hope to highlight and showcase in as interesting a way as possible, the stories behind our favorite, mouth-watering local dishes. While we’ll focus on greater New Bedford and the South Coast, we will occasionally “travel” to places like Plymouth, Providence, or even Boston. I will attempt to keep it light-hearted, fun, and easy to read. While I can’t promise to keep you compelled and pull you along with prose – that would take a professional writer – I will promise to be liberal with the drool-inducing images of these dishes.

I grew up in a Sicilian household where everyone – man, woman, child – was participating in preparing meals. It was a “trick” to get everyone together, talking, laughing and of course, the occasional heated debate. Food was a huge part of our identity, where we came from, who we were. There was something special about the atmosphere that revolved around a meal that we prepared.

This is certainly not unique to an Italian or Sicilian household. Every ethnic group in the country has a proud culinary tradition that they grew up around. You can easily replace “Sicilian” with Irish, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Ethiopian, Greek or anything else. This is why food as a topic is always so popular. We humans love our food and that passion goes beyond the gustatory or taste – we crave the aromas, delight in the presentation, are fueled by the atmosphere, and relish – pardon the pun – discussion about our favorite dishes, restaurants or cuisines.

One thing that is often not discussed – is glossed over, or barely touched upon – is the history or background of these dishes. Now, to some, this conjures up the voice of the guy from the “dry eyes” commercial. The terms, for many, are synonymous with “boring,” “dull,” or “It’s time to go.” However, the background can be interesting, fun, or funny and it can be so without being facetious, dumbed-down, or popular. I will make every attempt to maintain a fresh balance with those elements in this series.

As always, feedback is encouraged. Anecdotes are wanted. Discussion is paramount. Please join in!


Do you enjoy a little spice in your life? Do you prefer just a little tickle of heat or are you a chilihead who wants the pain? Either way, you will want Piri-Piri Sauce in your life.

Piri-Piri sauce is something familiar to the Portuguese and by proxy those in Portuguese communities in various parts of the world. Having said that, in spite of Piri-Piri sauce being available in supermarkets and Salchicharias, I am still surprised when I hear locals have neither tried it nor heard of it.

You don’t have to be a chilihead to enjoy Piri-Piri sauce – in spite of its appearance and the fact that it uses a pepper of moderate heat, it is only one player in the sauce. If you’re a true chilihead you can always kick it up a notch by adding some of your favorite chili peppers, but the Piri-Piri pepper can be as hot as a “weaker” Habanero or the Scotch Bonnet that is popular in Jamaican cuisine – they range between 100,000-350,000 Scoville Units. However, Piri-Piri is a rich sauce that is best appreciated and enjoyed without insane levels of pepper to temporarily destroy your tastebuds or blast your face off.

The Piri-Piri pepper is sometimes referred to as a Bird’s Eye Chili, African Bird’s Eye, or African Devil pepper because, believe it or not, there are actually birds who enjoy them. It is a cultivar in the capsicum frutescens family of peppers. In other words, a pepper “groomed” by farmers over generations of the pepper so that certain characteristics are bred out or into the pepper.

The pepper it was cultivated from was the Malagueta Pepper which was brought from the Caribbean to southeastern Africa where Portuguese traders discovered it and fell in love with it. The Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama arrived in Mozambique in 1498 and the Portuguese ruled the nation for 400 years enjoying the pepper.

The Malagueta pepper hovers somewhere around the 100,000 Scoville Units mark and wasn’t hot enough for some Portuguese so they played around with the pepper to come up with a hotter version. Once the pepper reached almost double that of the Malagueta Pepper at 175,000 Scovilles the Portuguese felt it was hot enough and stopped tampering with it.

It is there in the Portuguese-speaking Mozambican community that the pepper’s name was borrowed from the Swahili word for “pepper,” Pili. The Portuguese being world-famous navigators, pilots, and traders brought it to many of their colonies, territories, and trading partners, particularly India. From there it spread over generations throughout the Portuguese-speaking world wherever it may be.

Anywhere that becomes a colony inevitably merges the cuisine of the two cultures (French-Vietnamese cuisine being an exemplar) so, of course, Portuguese-Mozambique cuisine would inevitably spring up. Has anyone on the SouthCoast not had Chicken or Shrimp Mozambique?! One thing I have been puzzled about is why Mozambique Wings are not ubiquitous here on the SouthCoast, but I digress.

The sauce itself is comprised of crushed Piri-Piri peppers combined with paprika, basil, lemon juice, garlic, oregano, tarragon, salt, onion, black pepper, and a bit of citrus peel. Of course, there are some minor variations of this, but these ingredients are the core. Some brands may favor a particular ratio or perhaps make theirs hotter than others. It’s similar to red sauce in Italian households (not in flavor) in that there are endless variants and ratios of what is just a “simple” sauce.

When it comes to making dishes from recipes the sauce’s best compliments are chicken and shrimp, but the sauce can be used as a dipping sauce on the side or just squirted right from a bottle of your preferred brand. It will brighten up just about any dish. If you like Tabasco or Sriracha sauce, you will fall in love with Piri-Piri sauce. Accompany with a side of Portuguese round fries and you are in foodie heaven.

The best place I’ve been to that has an amazing Piri-Piri sauce is Novo Mondo restaurant and if you’ve ever been there…you know how addicting it is. If not, ask around.

Do you love Piri-Piri? Do you have a favorite brand and/or do you make your own? Let us know in the comments so others can benefit.


In an effort to ensure individuals in need are receiving adequate support at home, Mass Care Link provides caregivers a monthly payment in addition to training and education. Friends or relatives who are taking care of someone with MassHealth insurance may be eligible for financial assistance to ease the burden and cover various needs. People across Massachusetts are benefiting from this program, as it provides the resources and support, they need to thrive. Families throughout the Southcoast, particularly in Fall River and New Bedford should be taking advantage of this program.

Mass Care Link is dedicated to lending a helpful hand to those caring for someone at home. Customized care plans are available for each member and the support team is dedicated to helping caregivers and their loved one. With an A plus rating by the Better Business Bureau for exceptional customer service, this eases the burden many caregivers and patients traditionally face.

According to customer Lisa Jones, “This company is truly a blessing. If there were more people like the ones I spoke to in this company, this world would be a better place! They are very responsive and answered the many questions I had, very thoroughly. I’m very happy I was referred to them – so thankful!”

Anthony Medeiros gave a 5-star review online, stating “I truly appreciate the guidance and direction given to me by Mass Care Link. Their staff members are incredibly resourceful and always go out of their way to help.”

Caregivers are invited to visit the resource center at www.MASSCARELINK.org for more information, or text 866-880-8889 for personalized support.

About Mass Care Link
Mass Care Link is a MassHealth Provider known for exceptional customer service, which is driven by the passion to ensure that every person with a medical condition receives optimal in-home care by offering training and monthly financial assistance.

For more information, visit: https://masscarelink.org/
Call: (866) 880-8889
Email: info@masscarelink.org

New Bedford Parks, Recreation & Beaches Announces Their Summer Programs

If you’re looking for some fun activities to get your kids involved in, NB Parks, Recreation & Beaches has all sorts of things happening this summer. And its not just for the kids, there are great things to do for adults as well. Some programs do have deadlines that are fast approaching so don’t wait to sign up! All the clinics and activities can be found on their website www.NBPRB.com

The Youth United program is enrolling NOW!
July 6th is the deadline:

Interested in learning Karate?
The Kenpo Karate class is every Monday at the Andrea McCoy Rec center! You can join the first Monday of every month. Drop-ins welcome.

Starting July 7th the popular Sunrise Yoga (and Pilates!) returns to Fort Taber. Classes are only $12 per sessions. Try it and see if you like it, drop-ins welcome!

Be sure to follow New Bedford Parks, Recreation & Beaches on Facebook for updates and new programs! Remember you can register online at: www.NBPRB.com

If Your Favorite Restaurant doesn’t Deliver With GotChew, They Probably Should!

Shared by contributor Brendan Kurie.

So the other day I had a craving for these awesome fish and chips from one of my favorite restaurants here in New Bedford.
I didn’t feel like packing up the kids and trudging down there, so I went on my favorite food delivery app and a true local small business success story, GotChew, but the restaurant wasn’t on there.

Then I remembered those old cable commercials for the channels we didn’t get. You probably remember them to: “If you want the Disney channel, call your local cable operator.” The idea behind those ads was simple: If the cable company knew there was enough demand, they’d add the channel to their lineup.

It’s the same with GotChew, which can increase a restaurant’s to-go orders by 30% and whose tailored delivery experience means 86% of its customers order at least once a month.

So next time you’re in your favorite spot for that deliciously garlicky mozambique, or grabbing your favorite thin-crust pizza or chowing down on a juicy burger and you notice the restaurant isn’t a partner with GotChew, the area’s only locally born and built delivery service, here’s a little pitch you can give them. (Or just send them straight to this website!)

It’s easy.
It takes just a couple of days to get onto GotChew’s elegant and user-friendly web and mobile app platforms. GotChew handles both pick-up and delivery services, so not only can it expand your customer base, but it can save your staff time and headaches taking pick-up orders over the phone.

It’s inexpensive. There’s no sign-up costs and the service is commission-free for 30 days as part of a limited-time deal.

It’s local. But what’s really important is that they’re local and they provide the best service. There’s no call center halfway around the Globe and you get a personalized experience dealing with actual owners and managers.

It’s effective.
Not only does GotChew offer the lowest commission costs in the industry, it boasts industry-leading service levels, with over 95% of orders picked up by the scheduled time, a stat you won’t find with those national food delivery apps.

It’s more than just a delivery app, it’s a partner. GotChew will come to your restaurant to do a free 10-item menu photo shoot, because we all know the best salesman for that mouth-watering burger is a high-quality photo. Restaurant owners and managers have full access to edit menus, change prices, view sales reports and your restaurant will be included in social media and email newsletter blasts to GotChew’s foodie fanbase.

So let your favorite restaurant in New Bedford, Fall River, Fairhaven, Dartmouth, Somerset or Westport know that they can join more than 100 local restaurants who are already taking advantage of GotChew’s famously simple and effective ordering system and its on-time, friendly delivery services.
To sign up, or for more information visit GotChew.co/partner

Annual “Play in the Park” and Summer Food Program kicks off! FREE, healthy lunch and activities for New Bedford youth all summer

The New Bedford Parks, Recreation & Beaches Department will continue its annual tradition of the Play in the Park and Summer Food Service programs to offer fun activities and healthy meals for kids ages 18 and under at parks and playgrounds across the city free of charge.

“We are really excited to offer this program again to New Bedford residents in parks across the city!” began Director Mary S Rapoza “We’ll have free food for anyone 18 and under, plus lots of fun activities going on each day such as different sports, games, and arts & crafts projects.

New Bedford Parks, Recreation & Beaches Department photo.

“We’ve been holding the Play in the Park Summer Food Program every year since the 1960s.” added Rapoza. “Many of the summer food program staff used to show up at the parks for lunch when they were younger and now serve as positive mentors for the kids in their neighborhoods. Many of the parents and grandparents who bring their kids to participate in the program tell us all the time they used to eat lunch in the summer food program or it was their first job. Each year we see generations of families coming out and enjoying the program year after year.”

The program will run June 24 through Aug. 27, 2021. From 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Monday through Friday, lunch and activities will be provided at nine different park locations throughout the city. Grab-and-go lunches will be served Monday through Friday at the Nashmont Eddie James Park and Phillips Ave Park. From 4:00 PM-7:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays, dinner and activities will be provided at Montes Park and Magnett Park.

Each site will be staffed by local youth to hand out nutritious lunches and host recreational, arts and crafts, and educational activities for children. Two kick-off events will take place on June 24 at Magnett Park from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. and June 25 at Riverside Park from 11:00 AM. to 2:00 PM.

New Bedford Parks, Recreation & Beaches Department photo.

Both events will include special family activities including lawn games, inflatables, live music, and more.

“Last year our program looked a little different as we adapted to COVID-19, but we ensured the program would still be available for families all summer long. We served over 90,000 meals which is similar to the number of meals we typically serve throughout the summer.

Following local and state regulations, this summer food program will look a lot more like the normal program we run but we will continue to follow health guidelines and work to build a fun, safe, and healthy summer program for the community.”

The summer programs are federally funded through the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Community Development Block Grant with support from Project Bread. The Department of Parks, Recreation & Beaches will partner with community organizations to bring a variety of activities to each site. There will be three rainy day sites open throughout the city to ensure access to meals throughout the summer. A complete list of sites can be found here.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

For more information and updates on all New Bedford Parks, Recreation & Beaches programs visit NBPRB.com, follow on Facebook @NBParksRecreationBeaches, or contact by phone at (508) 961-3015.

New Bedford Parks, Recreation & Beaches Department photo.

Southcoast Health marks 25th Anniversary of service to southeastern MA and RI

FALL RIVER, NEW BEDFORD and WAREHAM, Mass. – On June 9, 1996, Charlton Memorial, St. Luke’s and Tobey hospitals joined to form Southcoast Health.

Twenty-five years later, the not-for-profit community health system spans 900 square miles, from Aquidneck Island to Cape Cod, caring for hundreds of thousands of people at its three hospitals, multiple surgical centers, seven urgent cares and dozens of practices.

In the decades since its founding, Southcoast has made the following services, among others, available to residents of southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island:

Southcoast Cardiovascular Care Center at Charlton Memorial
St. Luke’s Emergency Department, Rapid Assessment Zone and Pediatric Rooms
St. Luke’s ICU
Southcoast Weight Loss Center
Southcoast Cares and Mobile Wellness Van to address health inequities and barriers to access
Southcoast Cancer Centers in Fairhaven and Fall River
Southcoast Brain and Spine Center
Two Southcoast Breast Centers for Women’s Health
Seven Southcoast Urgent Care Centers
Southcoast Visiting Nurse Association (VNA)
Three-time Newsweek’s World’s Best Hospitals (2019-2021) for Southcoast Hospitals Group
A new Tobey Emergency Department (due to open in early 2022)
COVID-19 response and vaccination efforts

“I continue to marvel at the deep investment Southcoast has made in our community, and am profoundly grateful for the trust our community has invested right back in us. This connection is unique, enduring and intrinsic to our mission,” Southcoast Health President & CEO Keith Hovan told the system’s 7,500 employees in a letter sent to them this week.

“You earned that trust. You, our nurses. You, our physicians and providers. You, our clinical staff and support services. You, our dedicated administrative professionals. You, and all who preceded you in service to Southcoast Health and the South Coast region. Because of you, and because of our supporters, partners and patients, Southcoast is leading the way in defining 21st-century community health.”

Southcoast Health will continue commemorating its 25th Anniversary throughout 2021, with a series of events and festivities planned. For more information, please visit https://www.southcoast.org/25thanniversary/.

About Southcoast Health
Celebrating the system’s 25th anniversary in 2021, Southcoast Health is a not-for-profit, charitable organization and the largest provider of primary and specialty care in the region, serving communities in Rhode Island and across Southeastern Massachusetts. Southcoast Health is a Newsweek’s World’s Best Hospital in 2019, 2020, and 2021. Out of the 2,743 considered hospitals in the United States, only 250 earned this recognition. In 2020 and 2021, St. Luke’s is a Newsweek and Leapfrog’s Best Maternity Hospitals. In 2019 and 2020, the Southcoast Health system also received seven awards, including Best Hospitals and Best Place to Work, in Southcoast Media Group’s Best of the Best Awards voted on by residents and readers.

New Bedford’s Me & Ed’s Family Restaurant bids a final farewell on their last day

If you missed the announcement about the closing of “Me & Ed’s” you can read about it here.

“Last Day. I say that with a depth of gratitude and elated for the insane surge of demand since our announcement.

These are the types of days legends are made of. Each and every one of our dedicated staff past and present and those that have weathered even the toughest of the last year with the inception of COVID-19. Here we are today on day one of the mask mandate being released with the irony of releasing our own wings for the last time here where it all began how bittersweet and tough collectively.

The demand the last few weeks has made us realize one thing, we were loved close and afar and that alone has stamped its own place in history. 57 years of serving so many in a new world with an array of so many new eateries and options it’s been a journey none of us will forget.

For those looking to catch some of your favorites on the flip side stop by and see us at our sister takeout and catering business ‘On The Go’ in Mattapoisett, we will be continuing our recipes, service, ingredients, and passion there.

Thanks again for the many years of patronage on behalf of Peter and Jack two of the best I’ve had the pleasure to work with and [alongside] for the past several decades.”-Corey Lorenco.

BuyBlackNB announces Juneteenth POP-UP Buy Black Business Vendor Market

BuyBlackNB is hosting their very first outdoor event with a hand-selected diverse group of vendors offering you an opportunity to find your next favorite product! Safely celebrate the summer and enjoy Black art, food, clothing, and more!

New Bedford, Massachusetts – Black businesses have suffered huge losses during the COVID-19 quarantine. So BuyBlackNB is creating a safe space to support them and allow you to #BuyBlack. Shop a curated selection of local Black-owned businesses while enjoying music, giveaways, networking, and community building.“We’re hosting a space that welcomes and celebrates local, talented creatives,” said Justina Perry of New Bedford, who has been a catalyst in bringing regional exposure to Black-owned businesses since starting the initiative in June 2020.“Part of the mission is to circulate money in the community,” says Perry. “We do this by advocating for Black businesses to be supported and sustained so they can thrive.”

Date of event: Saturday, June 19, 2021
Time of event: 11-3
Location: Rotch-Jones-Duff House
396 County St, New Bedford. MA

MA Juneteenth, also known as Black Independence Day, commemorates June 19th, 1865, when news of the official end of slavery in the United States finally reached Galveston, Texas -notably two and a half years after the formal in-statement of Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. This is a day of recognition and empowerment for the Black community and its allies. “This event is creating an opportunity for customers to build relationships with businesses,” says Perry, founder, and director of BuyBlackNB.

Participants and patrons will be required to wear face coverings and practice physical distancing. This project is funded in part by WickedCool Places, financed by the city of New Bedford’s Arts, Culture, and Tourism Fund. Follow @BuyBlackNB for updates as they will be announcing vendors when they are confirmed for this free family-friendly event. Use BuyBlackNB.com as your go-to resource for supporting Black-owned businesses in the SouthCoast.

Follow @BuyBlackNB for updates as they will be announcing vendors when they are
confirmed for this free family-friendly event. Use BuyBlackNB.com as your go-to resource
for supporting Black-owned businesses in the South Coast.

About BuyBlackNB

BuyBlackNB is an online platform dedicated to highlighting, discovering, and promoting Black-owned businesses in South Coast Massachusetts. In supporting Black-owned
businesses, we are working to close the racial wealth gap, strengthen our local economies, foster job creation, and celebrate Black culture.

Add a Black-owned business to the directory: https://www.buyblacknb.com/submit
Purchase a shirt or a tank: https://www.buyblacknb.com/shop
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BuyBlackNB/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/buyblacknb/
Email: info@buyblacknb.com

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