Navigating the South Coast Real Estate Market with Rose Homes

There is no doubt about it – coronavirus has dramatically changed the world markets and our
daily lives. Despite the day-to-day stresses on all of us, one thing we have seen is that the
housing market is still moving along steadily. Here in Massachusetts, we still have more
demand than supply, so it is still a heavy seller’s market.

If you are thinking about potentially selling your home but are cautious about how it works in the
era of COVID-19, we are here to help you. We can make the process as smooth as possible
while also limiting your exposure to anyone that isn’t 100% necessary.

● Each home, apartment, or business receives free professional photography and a virtual
video walkthrough. This means that we can “show” your house by sending buyers the
walkthrough without them ever having to come into it.

● All of your paperwork can be signed electronically. No need to get together, we can
practice social distancing!

● You have a lot less competition right now! Like any market, your home doesn’t exist in a
vacuum – it is competing against many homes all over your area. So less competition =
more eyes on just your home and more buyers coming your way.

● Curb appeal is easier than ever! Curb appeal is key to selling your home for the price
you want and most of the time people are way too busy to have time for it. Now that you
are at home, put some of that energy into sprucing up your front yard and making it

● Buyers are a lot more serious. You have heard the stories of the buyer who looks at 20+
homes before making a decision right? Sadly they are true. During this crisis though, we
have seen that buyers are much more serious about purchasing and not wasting seller’s

● No in-person open houses!


At Rose Homes – LAER Realty Partners, we are fully committed to working with you while
keeping both of us and our families safe. We will work to create a virtual experience for you so
that you can get the most out of selling your home while also coming in contact with as few
people as possible. Together, we have 33 offices and over 500 agents, so we have a lot of
experience and expertise to draw on! We also have Spanish and Portuguese speaking agents
ready to help as well. Let’s talk today.

Rose Homes/LAER Realty Partners
208 Washington St
Fairhaven, Ma. 02719

Free Life Insurance Consultations are Available for South Coast Families

Southcoast families now have access to 3 resident representatives that educate and assist families in taking care of their legacy. A free consultation with Brenden Moniz, Kenny Franklin and Zahir Rosa can help you from just getting a no-cost Will Kit, to making sure your family has money for your funeral, to pay off mortgage or 5 years of your income left behind.

Why is this exciting news? Well according to Forbes Magazine, in these uncertain times it’s more important than ever to make sure that your family is protected.

Far too often, people wait until its too late to take action regarding their life insurance. Instead of being reactive why not take advantage of a FREE CONSULTATION with a representative from American Income Life?

About the team: A core group of dedicated and local representatives is available in the greater New Bedford and Southcoast area to help. All three are New Bedford high school graduates and have been very close friends for years. They were given the opportunity to work at a union based life insurance company and jumped in. They are very passionate about giving back to our city, and are excited to bring this opportunity to not only New Bedford but the entire south coast area.

Simply fill out a quick contact form HERE and one of the representatives will get back to you in 24 hours or less. You can also reach a local representative by phone or email.

Theses are valuable services they offer every family they sit with at no-cost:

A Child Safe Kit, an app and physical kit if your child ever goes missing. It is available at NO COST and endorsed by the National Teachers Association, School Administrators, and the Police Officers Unions of America.

A Free Will Kit, Most lawyers charge $1000 for a Will, however, if you get one through them it is 100% FREE and one of their licensed representatives will go over it with you. Did you know that more than 65% of Americans don’t have a will!

Finally they offer a Family Care Plan, that analyzes your needs and will give you some options to protect your family should tragedy strike. All of these services are at no cost to you, so set up a consultation today by calling: (774)-929-0109 or simply filling out a contact form by clicking here.

About the company: American Income was founded in 1951. Their parent company Globe Life Inc. is the largest life Insurance company in the US, with over 12 million policyholders, and over $200 billion of life insurance in force. They are the official life insurance company of the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Cowboys. Also of note: they received an A+ Superior Rating from AM Best, the world’s oldest and most highly regarded insurance rating company. Their three main products are Whole life coverage, Term coverage, and child headstarts. They pride themselves on customizing products plans specific to their clients exact needs.

These young South Coast residents are working hard to protect and serve families while starting their careers in the industry. Help them grow as they help you with your family’s needs. They are also hiring and looking for top talent to work with during a time where unemployment is at its highest. Learn more about the opportunity by registering for a webinar with a hiring manager. Send your resume to their email to be considered for full or part time work.

Brenden (774)-929-0109
• Zahir Rosa – (813)-541-0550
Kenneth (774)-606-5220

Follow them on Facebook: American Income Life

Lantz Law Offers Free Healthcare Documents to Massachusetts Families

On their website last week, Lantz Law, Inc. announced that they would be providing complimentary healthcare documents to those that need them. The message reads as follows:

To Our Valued Clients, Prospects, Friends, and Family;

With all that is happening in the world today, many of us have had time to think about what is most important to us: the health of our family, friends and loved ones. We realize that there are many risks during this time. At Lantz Law, Inc., we want to be sure that everyone has access to several important and basic documents that might be needed and we would like to offer them as a gift from our firm to you. These documents include the Health Care Power of Attorney, HIPAA Authorization and Living Will and will be provided free to you now through April 30, 2020.

If you would like to take advantage of this gift to help you or a loved one, please:

1) Download this Client Information Form, CLICK HERE
2) Save the fillable form to your computer then complete it and;
3) Email it back to us at

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to download the fillable form before filling out your information– then save and email it back to us.

Once we receive it, either Attorney Tenney Lantz or Attorney Michael Coleman will contact you to help you better understand these documents and assist in making needed decisions. Once the documents are ready to sign, we will help you determine the best method for execution.


Please feel free to share this gift with your friends and family and please follow us on Facebook for important announcements. We hope you all stay safe and well as we navigate through this difficult time.

Best Regards,


Atty. F. Tenney Lantz
Atty. Michael P. Coleman


Todd Baptista’s Doo Wop XVIII: The Hitmakers Returns to the Zeiterion on March 28th!

by Sean McCarthy

Todd Baptista knows what goes into an enjoyable evening of doo wop music. As the producer of dozens of doo wop concerts and the author of five books devoted to the musical genre, Baptista will once again enliven the stage of the Zeiterion Performing Arts Center with the sounds that gave birth to rock-and-roll, sounds that resonate with both the young and those who will enjoy revisiting their youth. There is a timelessness to doo wop music. The sounds that were embraced by the youth of the 1950’s and early 1960’s continue to be enjoyed by people of all ages, bolstered by the devoted fans of the genre as well as those who created it and continue to enjoy performing it. Grab your tickets HERE

Baptista will once again bring the sounds of some of doo wop’s most classic artists with “Doo Wop XVIII: The Hitmakers,” a concert that will feature the Flamingos, The Original Chantels, The Majors, and Kid Kyle – a two-and-a-half hour performance dedicated to the classic sounds of doo wop. The show will take to the stage of the Zeiterion on Saturday, March 28th with a 7:30 p.m. start. Tickets are $45, $49, and $59, and can be purchased at, by calling (508) 994-2900, or at the Zeiterion box office at 684 Purchase St. in downtown New Bedford.

But Baptista also knows that these evenings can include something special that goes beyond the performance – after the show the artists will be available in the lobby to meet with audience members, having conversations and signing autographs, an opportunity for fans to be up-close and personal with the people who have provided them with so many memories.

“This music was special to a lot of people when they were young, and it will always be special to them,” Baptista says. “Popularity may change and they may not be on the top of the charts anymore, but for the people who grew up listening to it that music is always in their heart. To relive that with the original artists and get a chance to meet them and see them face-to-face is unique and special. The artists enjoy it as much as the audience members.”

And the acts that will be performing at the upcoming concert are some of doo wop’s most prized performers. The headlining act, the Flamingos, are members of the Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame, and they are also the subject of Baptista’s most recent book, “The Flamingos: A Complete History of the Doo Wop Legends,” which will be available at the show. The star of the Flamingos’ performance will be Terry Johnson, who arranged and sang on the iconic 1959 hit “I Only Have Eyes For You,” as well as writing and singing on the classic “Lovers Never Say Goodbye.” His romantic tenor voice was also featured on hits such as “Mio Amore,” and “Love Walked In,” along with memorable ballads including “Golden Teardrops,” and “I’ll Be Home.”

The Original Chantels will feature three original members and are known for favorites such as “Maybe” and “Look In My Eyes.” The group scored 10 nationally-charting hit records beginning with “He’s Gone” in 1957. The Majors, an act out of Philadelphia, will feature original bass vocalist Ron Gathers on hits such as “A Wonderful Dream,” “She’s A Troublemaker,” and “Tra La La.”

The evening will also include a high-energy performance by Kid Kyle, a 25-year old crooner who recently released his fifth album, “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” Kyle has spent more than half of his life on the concert stage and breathes new life into some of the classic hits of the early rock-and-roll era.

At the age of 52, Baptista is a New Bedford native who resides in Westport. He has produced 36 doo wop concerts beginning in 1998. He has been hosting shows at the Zeiterion since 2006.

“These shows are about giving flowers to the living, it’s about honoring the pioneers while they’re here to perform it,” Baptista says. “You can enjoy what they offer today. Sometimes I think about my dad during a performance. He’s the one who introduced the music to me and kindled my passion. He’s been gone for 15 years, but I still think about him enjoying the show and how he would react.” “Life in our era was a lot simpler than it is today,” says Louis Harris Powell of the Original Chantels.

“The music was something that could create memories and it was something you could definitely dance to. It made you feel happy. We didn’t have electronics and we didn’t have flashing lights, we’d just get up there and sing to our audience.” “Music was a different animal in the 50s and 60s,” Johnson says. “Music helped people fall in love, there was more communication. We didn’t have cell phones and things like that, the words meant a lot, they were meaningful.”

“I’m a lifelong fan of the music and the men and women who made it,” Baptista says. “I build the show, produce the show, and host the show from the perspective of a devout fan. As a fan, I select and suggest songs for the sets and other parts of the presentation all from that perspective. When the audience really responds to an artist and that artist really takes it in and enjoys it, it’s a mutual love affair and that feeling never gets old. It’s magical.”

“It always feels good to be on stage playing my music,” Johnson says. “It feels the same way it did when I was 17. At the time I was just doing what I loved but eventually, songs were being used in movies and on television. Doo-wop has stayed alive decade after decade.”
“What’s interesting to me is that there are so many teenagers who know the music and sing it,” Harris Powell says. “I can go online and punch in the name of a song and there will be high school kids singing the songs that we were singing back in the 50s. People are bringing their grandchildren and great-grandchildren to the shows and the kids know all the words to the songs.”

“The fans are what’s most important, they keep us entertainers alive,” Johnson says. “They make us feel like we have a purpose. I always love the chance to meet with the fans.”

“For all of us musicians it’s unimaginable that we’re still singing after all these years,” Harris Powell says. “We get the audience’s energy – it makes us feel good. The fans help us to do what we do. It’s a beautiful thing to sing these songs that meant so much to people.”

“Quality lasts and great music will endure,” Baptista says. “People enjoy the simplicity of the songs, the message of love as opposed to hate and controversy and the beauty of the harmonies. Doo wop represents a simpler time, a more innocent time, one that people – not just the folks who lived through it – would like to experience again.”
Get tickets here:

Spotlight on Advanced Embroidery in Westport

Check out our spotlight on Advanced Embroidery at 85 Blossom Road in Westport. Call (508) 678-8993 or e-mail for a quote or more information.

Don’t let the winter blues set in when closing the pool for the season, let Aaron Pools & Spas take care of it

When temperatures reach approximately 65°F it’s time to close your pool. While no one wants to have to think about it, at a certain point in the year you have to address closing your pool for the season. An end to the center of social gatherings, fun with family and friends, exercise and more has to come to a conclusion until next summer.

As anyone who owns a pool knows, there is a considerable amount of upkeep, maintenance and care that comes with our pools. Opening your pool for the season isn’t as simple as pulling the cover off and jumping in. Inversely, neither does closing one’s pool consist of putting the cover on it.

There are, in fact, best practices for opening and closing your pool and in a day and age where most of us have work and family schedules absolutely filled with things to do, we often push off both for another day. Thankfully, there are professionals that can come to the rescue and close your pool for you.

The South Coast’s experts in all things related to pools and hot tubs is Aaron Pools & Spas, and when it comes to opening, maintaining, or closing one’s pool no one does it better.

The worst thing you can do is let all that debris fester away in a covered pool for the winter, wait for the hardness, alkaline or pH to become unbalanced, replace the filter, etc. and say to yourself “I’ll just do everything when I open the pool next summer.” That means a lot of work for you, perhaps more than you anticipated and when that super hot day does roll around and you want to just dive into your pool it’ll have to wait. Hopefully, there will be no damage and nothing will need to be repaired or cost more than usual. Being pro-active will save you money and stress.

To close a pool or winterize it means needing the tools, perhaps a Shop-Vac, Algaecide, chemistry test kit and strips, pH increaser and/or pH decreaser, a “shocker,” possibly Calcium hardness and Alkalinity increasers, Rubber plugs or straight pressure plugs for return jets, Metal sequestrant, a Winter Pill, and a winter pool cover/safety cover and pool cover weights.

It means maintaining a proper balance of chemicals to maintain calcium hardness between 180-220ppm, alkalinity between 80-120ppm and the pH balance between 7.2 and 7.6. It means cleaning the pool of debris, e.g. leaves, twigs, dead bugs, dirt. It means checking on the pumps, filter health, and draining the water from the pump and filter system to prevent ice buildup in them which could cause them to crack just like they do in our homes. It means covering it with a pool to prevent drowning accidents.

Sound like a lot? It is.

You don’t need to stress over it and you don’t need to set aside time in your busy life to do it – one phone call to Aaron Pools & Spas, done.


Aaron Pools & Spas

597 State Rd
Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Phone: (508) 996-3320

Wednesday-Saturday: 8:00am-4:00pm
Sunday & Tuesday: CLOSED


New Bedford Manufacturer NFI Corp. Celebrates 1,000 Days of Safety

NEW BEDFORD, MA, ISSUED NOVEMBER 5, 2019. Media representatives and community officials are invited to join the NFI Corp. staff as they celebrate 1,000 Days of Safety on Friday, November 15, from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m., at their corporate offices, 213 Theodore Rice Boulevard, New Bedford, Mass.

NFI Corp. ( is the global leader in manufacturing custom, high-performing printed graphics. The wide array of solutions includes long-lasting barcode labels, serial number labels, domed labels, asset tags, tamper-proof labels, metal nameplates, and electrical membrane switches. Backed by more than 40 years of success, and fueled by a commitment to innovation, NFI Corp. is certified in ISO-9001-2015, MIL specs, UL®/CSA/CE/RU, Lean Manufacturing, and Green Workplace. Concurrently with the company’s emphasis on and resulting 1,000 days of safety, NFI Corp. has also achieved a great deal of growth. This past summer, NFI Corp. was named to the Inc. 5000 list (#2,442), one of Boston Business Journal’s “Fast 50” (#23), and the fastest-growing company in the $5 million to $25 million category by Providence Business News.

Media are invited to attend the celebration, tour the facility, enjoy breakfast, and speak to representatives from NFI Corp., including Renaud Megard, president and CEO of NFI Corp. Local officials and community members are also invited to attend the celebration.

About NFI Corp. – Nameplates For Industry
Nameplates For Industry, or NFI Corp., was started in 1975 in England, and eventually established a business base in New Bedford, Mass. (which separated from the England location by 1988). The business, which specializes in printing on plastic, started as a screen-printing manufacturer, and has since added digital printing and flexographic printing to its services as a producer of custom, high-performing graphic solutions, which include long-lasting barcode labels, serial number labels, domed labels, asset tags, tamper-proof labels, metal nameplates, and electrical membrane switches.

NFI Corp. serves the medical, industrial manufacturing, government/military, professional services, technology and communications, transportation and equipment, and distribution industries, and has clients throughout the United States and globally. NFI Corp. is committed to standards of sustainability and incorporates eco-conscious guidelines and processes whenever possible. NFI Corp. is located at 213 Theodore Rice Boulevard, New Bedford, MA 02745. For more information about NFI Corp., please visit, or call 800-999-8900.

5 Reasons to buy a hot tub today

We Americans love to work hard and play hard. However, we often focus so much on working that we don’t realize we need that rest, relaxation, or downtime until something “breaks.” We have drawn the proverbial bowstring too tightly and it snaps. We are overstressed, snappy, overtired, or cranky. We get indigestion, ulcers, high blood pressure, nervous breakdowns, and in extreme cases heart attacks or strokes.

Even playing too hard leads to breakdowns in the body, e.g. sprained joints, torn ligaments, muscle cramps, tension, and other signs of your body saying “Time to take a break.” Whether we schedule in our time to take a break or what for something to break, we are always looking for ways to destress, to physically and psychologically heal.

We simply need a balance between the two.

Rest and relaxation can come in many forms and often these forms come at a high expense like going on vacation to somewhere tropical or a massage, or come in the form of going out partying or drinking. We have to keep funneling money into trying to maintain that balance.

A hot tub is no longer a “box” with some hot water and a few jets. Those hot tubs are a thing of the past and long gone. There is now a variety among them and they can serve multiple purposes beyond the old-fashioned ones.

People often talk about success coming in the form of owning a home, a car, and making a decent salary, however, what is the point of being successful if you can’t enjoy life, enjoy yourself?

A hot tub is a great, inexpensive way to reward yourself. Best of all is its availability: you can be in your hot tub within a minute’s notice. And since modern tubs usually come with self-cleaning there is no worry or added stress to maintain them – anything else would defeat the purpose!

Earlier this year, we spotlighted a great local business, the family-owned and operated Aaron Pools & Spas. Being local means you are 10 minutes away from seeing, touching, feeling a hot tub in their showroom. You can discuss your options with friendly, experienced staff and if you decide to pull the trigger, in no time at all you will have a hot tub in your very own home.

Here are 5 reasons to buy a hot tub today:

1. Daycation

Had a rough day at work? Experiencing stressful events at home or with family? Just need to get-away but don’t have a week or even a few days to take off? At the drop of a hat, you can uncover your hot tub, hop in and treat yourself to a daycation. Heck, it can be an “hourcation.”

The instant you hop in you can feel the stress begin to slough off. You know that “Ahhhhh…..” moment you have when you hop in a shower after a long day and the hot water is beating down on your neck and shoulder? Imagine that times ten. You get whisked away to another place and even if it’s just for an hour the payoff is massive.

2. Rest, rejuvenation, rehabilition

No need to wait until you feel like you need a daycation, you can just maintain balance between work and rest with a daily visit to the hot tub. Don’t wait until stress is reaching a breaking point – be pro-active and nip it in the bud. Your body will thank you, and best of all a visit to the hot tub after a long day means you will sleep like a baby.

Maintaining that balance will rejuvenate and replenish your mind, body and soul and put you in a good place to tackle the next day. You can even hop in before heading off to work and start the day totally relaxed.

Finally, if you have some sprains, cramps or aches from playing baseball, running, hockey, yoga, rock climbing or any other physical endeavor you can remove gravity from the equation and rehabilitate those sore joints and muscles. Ben-Gay or Icy Hot? Why when you have something a thousand times better?

3. Exercise

Maybe you already play hard and looking to alternate light workouts with hard ones. With swim spas your hot tub’s jet streams create a current that you can swim against. Since they are adjustable in terms of power, you can make it everything between light to challenging – up to 5 miles per hour!

If a swim spa is good enough for competitive swimmers it will good enough for those of us who consider themselves a bonafide athlete.

If you are longer “in the tooth” – in your 50s or older – here’s a fantastic way to get some low impact exercise with all the cardiovascular benefits.

4. Affordable

Hot tubs are much more affordable than you think! Not just in terms of the purchase, but when it comes to maintenance. Once you buy the hot tub you get decades of a renewable experience – unlike things like a vacation or massage, you don’t need to pay every single time.

5. Social Benefits

Have some family over? Some friends stopped by? Unwind with them in the hot tub. Whether summer or winter you can head to the hot tub and entertain company. No need to keep to yourself! Success is no good if there is no one to share it with. A hot tub is a great way to lighten the mood, break the ice, or just have plain old-fashioned fun.

In fact, you’ll find friends and family will want to visit more often and you’ll have to come up with ways to hoard it for yourself!

Ready to make the leap? You can visit Aaron Pool’s and Spa’s hot tub page to see which type of hot tub or swim spa is right for you or your family.


Aaron Pools & Spas

597 State Rd
Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Phone: (508) 996-3320

Wednesday-Saturday: 8:00am-4:00pm
Sunday & Tuesday: CLOSED


FREE Octoberfest Homebuying Event, Oct. 3rd at Moby Dick Brewing Co, sponsored by BayCoast Mortgage

Mix and mingle with local Real Estate professionals who will guide you through the home buying process.

Stop by Moby Dick Brewing Co. on Thursday October 3rd from 6:30 to 9:00pm.

Your attendance will give you access to over $500 in savings in special offers! There will be raffles and prizes for those who attend. Learn about Owning Vs. Renting, the pros and cons. Learn how to buy with NO Money down! Receive tips on how to invest in multi-family homes.

Stop by and have a bite to eat, grab a drink ask one of the experts on hand your real estate questions! This is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable insight in the current market and prepare yourself if you’re looking to buy or sell a home. Receive a $500 closing costs credit from BayCoast Mortgage for attending.

Facebook Event:
Moby Dick Brewing Co.
16 S. Water Street
New Bedford MA.

Spotlight: Football at the Last Round Bar & Grille in New Bedford

Here’s a spotlight video on the Last Round Bar & Grille in New Bedford at 908 Purchase Street in downtown New Bedford. Get a FREE game-day breakfast this Sunday from 11-1!

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