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Rochester Golf Course

Nestled among the cranberry bogs and tilled soil lining the country roads of Rochester lies the Rochester Golf Course. Less than a 20 minute drive from downtown New Bedford, this local gem is one of the best golf deals in the area. The Rochester Golf Course is a reminder of …

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A Kitchen: Restaurant Review

Surely I’m not alone in saying that I’ve been looking for a great Chinese Food restaurant for a really long time. Of course, Chinese food is like pizza and sex; even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.  With that said, I still hadn’t found that one special Asian dining …

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Ella’s Woodburning Oven Restaurant Review

Ella’s Wood Burning Oven is the kind of restaurant about which one may be reluctant to rave. Too much praise may make the place so popular that the wait time for a table may go up…but I’ll take my chances. Last Friday night my wife, Ann, and I had a …

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Jazz at Lincoln Center with Wynton Marsalis

wynton marsalis

Ready for this bombshell? I don’t like jazz.  Never have.  Oh, I respect jazz, but I‘ve never liked it.  As a musician for the past 20-plus years, I know it takes a superior ability to play that style of music, and it is complex as all get-out.  It’s just that …

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Two Hours in Heaven

I have to admit that I don’t normally attend church on Sundays, but I last week I made an exception.  This was no regular day at church though.  It was a celebration of music by the McCarthy, Richards & Legge Trio at The First Congregational Church of Fairhaven.  For those …

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Mirasol’s Cafe- Sexy Coffee and Studly Sandwiches

Before I start, I’ve gotta get something off my chest first: WHY CAN’T I GET PICKLES AT MIRASOL’S CAFE?!? OK, I feel better now that I put that out into the Universe.  Other than my little pickle issue, I really enjoyed my lunch there.  The first I had heard about …

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Classical Concert in the Sanctuary

Disclaimer: I am in no way a classical music expert- just a starving rock musician. He hit the stage like a rock star, dressed in black, long ebon hair, his ax under his arm.  But the ax was not a guitar and the star was the violinist Stefan Jackie. I …

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A New Bedford Market Basket Review

The new Market Basket grocery store opened up in New Bedford on Coggeshall Street a few weeks ago, a much anticipated addition to the once-blighted Fairhaven Mills area.  Easily accessible from the highway and Route 18, this grocery store will be a great anchor for more shops and businesses to …

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