PODCAST: Mayor Mitchell on the south end construction in New Bedford

New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell was asked when the construction in the south end of New Bedford would be complete. 

PODCAST: Mayor Mitchell on New Bedford’s heatwave

New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell discussed the impact of the heatwave on the students during the first week of school, what the public school system is doing in response and what they are doing for our seniors. 

PODCAST: Mayor Mitchell on property taxes and possibly more charter schools

Property taxes in New Bedford never seem to go down. We asked New Bedford Mayor Mitchell if property owners in New Bedford will ever see some tax relief and what more charter schools could mean for the city’s budget and taxes. 

PODCAST: Mayor Mitchell on New Bedford missing out on a casino

The Springfield casino opening up recently, adding 3,000 jobs to the city. We asked Mayor Jon Mitchell if he regrets not getting the casino to New Bedford. 

PODCAST: Mayor Mitchell on MS 13 in New Bedford

Last week, an MS 13 member was arrested in New Bedford and is in the process of being sent back to El Salvador where he is wanted for murder. We asked New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell if the presence of MS 13 in New Bedford concerned him. 

PODCAST: Mayor Mitchell asked about arming more citizens to prevent crime

Last month a New Bedford cab driver shot and killed one of the two men that attempted to rob him with a knife. We asked New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell if he’d favor arming more citizens is high-risk professions like cab drivers and convenience store clerks.

PODCAST: Mayor Mitchell on the passing of John McCain and Loretta Bourque

New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell shared his thoughts on the passing of Senator John McCain and New Bedford’s Loretta Bourque. 

PODCAST: Interview with Steven Martins

Have you wondered where former New Bedford City Councilor Steven Martins has been? Chris Resendes sits down with Steven and discusses what he misses about being a Councilor and what he feels makes the ideal public servant.

PODCAST: Sheriff Hodgson discusses suicides at his holding facilities

Attorney General Maura Healey called for an investigation into Sheriff Thomas Hodgson and the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office, citing concerns about the number of suicides in the two facilities run by the Sheriff. 

PODCAST: Interview with Kevin Rosario about drug addiction and recovery

Chris sat down with Kevin Rosario from Gosnold on Cape Cod to discuss Kevin’s drug addiction and recovery, and services offered in our area for help.

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