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OPINION: The Problem With Prostitution

This is not an article bashing prostitutes. This is merely a personal concern I have with the practice of prostitution given my personal experiences living in New Bedford for 22 years. We are all entitled to our own opinions, and I certainly welcome differing points of view. After all, that …

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Good Bye Paul Revere

by Edward Camara Before all the residents of New Bedford go nuts and buy all the tissues in town, let’s understand a few things about the departure of the Paul Revere sign that went up in the early 1990’s at a point where Route 195E changes from 3 to 2 …

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WeedTube: The Future of Cannabis

WeedTubers from Hawaii, Washington, Canada, California, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts pose together after meeting each other for the first time in Las Vegas for Hempfest 2016. Left to right: Dr. Puff, me, Jesse from Lift Innovations, CC, Josh from StrainCentral, Sasha aka SilencedHippie, and Nessie of Nessie’s Kitchen. We live …

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A Historical Perspective on the Trump Era

Written by Bruce C. Ditata Leon Trotsky, co- leader of the Russian Revolution of 1917 and living in exile since his expulsion by Soviet Premier, Joseph Stalin in 1925, recently gave an interview to NBC’s, Megyn Kelly, covering a wide range of topics, including his take on President Donald J. …

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