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OPINION: SouthCoast dad: “You cant say you want politics kept out of the lessons and expect your child to have a ‘full education.'”

“Something to think about: If parents want to keep politics out of schools how do we explain things like the branches of government, the different types of governments, the constitution, the declaration of independence, the bill of rights, the civil war, the revolutionary war? You cant say you want politics …

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The Meaning of Christmas: A Secular Perspective

Let me preface this article by saying that I was raised in a secular household – one free from any religious input. I am not pompous enough to think I am authorized to write an article on the deeper religious meaning behind Christmas, so I won’t even go there. My …

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SouthCoast resident thanks municipal authorities and philanthropists in three cities for assisting a “nameless homeless” man

“In last Saturday’s deluge, just before Stephen D. found refuge at St. Anne’s Hospital in Fall River, Mass. Many a ‘nameless homeless’ have fallen prey to forces beyond their control; here’s a prime example. Facts disclosed by certain high authorities (with his consent) stunned me. I’m delighted to report that …

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OPINION: Police reform advocates call for meaningful action from Massachusetts House Speaker DeLeo and MA State Rep. Cronin

“Police reform advocates from across the Bay State released a powerful, new video today calling upon top leaders in the Massachusetts House of Representatives to advance key racial justice measures in the state legislature’s pending police reform package. That package is currently under negotiations between the two chambers, and advocates …

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