New Bedford, Marion Police arrest two after executing search warrant at Point Road home

“Marion Police, working in conjunction with the New Bedford Police Organized Crime and Intelligence Bureau, yesterday afternoon executed a search warrant at 968 Point Road that resulted in the arrest of two individuals.

Spencer Mello, 34, was charged with drug possession and possession with intent to distribute (Class B, D and E). Jaimee Morris, 35, was charged with possession of ammunition and drug possession (Class A). Both were taken into custody without incident.

Mello and Morris, who both live at the residence, were arraigned this morning in Wareham District Court. They entered not guilty pleas.

These arrests are part of an ongoing investigation. No further information will be made available at this time.”-Marion Police Department.

Mirasol’s Cafe releases photos for soon-to-be open Fairhaven location

Fairhaven and Mattapoisett Chippi lover’s have been waiting almost 2 years for Mirasol’s Fairhaven location to open. That location hit some speed bumps which delayed the opening which was originally planned for last year.

If you’ve driven down Huttleston Avenue recently you’ve notice that a lot of construction work has been done recently, perhaps due to the construction of the Starbucks Cafe just a quarter mile away. It seems the two cafes are in a race to see who can open first!

Which, of course, is great news if you are a Mirasol’s die-hard. Especially since this location, unlike the flagship in Dartmouth, will be a stand-alone cafe.

Artist renditions of the site shows it is a larger building than the New Bedford location and more along the size of the Dartmouth location. That means a return to the “old” Dartmouth version which had plenty of rooms for tables inside and on the patio.

Wednesday morning the Mirasol’s Cafe page released photos with the caption “Big things are happening here in Fairhaven ☕️👀

Acushnet Police Department welcomes two new officers to its ranks

“Please join Chief Christopher Richmond and the APD in welcoming our two newest Police Officers: Officer Colin Matton and Officer Adrian Fontes.

Today’s graduation at Memorial Hall in Plymouth was the culmination of 5 months of hard work at the Plymouth Police Academy.

CONGRATULATIONS on the accomplishment and WELCOME to the force!!!!”-Acushnet Police Department.

Dartmouth Police arrest Dorchester women on shoplifting charges

“DARTMOUTH, MA – On Friday, July 19, 2024, at approximately 1 p.m., Dartmouth Police responded to a call regarding shoplifting at Kohl’s, 81 Faunce Corner Road. The shoplifting in this case is alleged to be connected to a larger organized retail crime group.

According to witnesses, two females were at Kohl’s concealing multiple items and fleeing in a dark-colored vehicle. Officers and detectives located the car shortly after and conducted a traffic stop.

During the stop, both women admitted to taking various items from Kohl’s. While on the scene, officers located additional items believed to be from another store. After a brief investigation, Dartmouth Police learned that over $4,000 of merchandise had been stolen from Kohl’s, Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works and Ulta Beauty. All merchandise was returned to the stores. Both women were placed into custody.

Kaytlyn LYNCH, 20, and Brooklyn BURNS, 21, both of Dorchester, are being charged with two counts of shoplifting over $250 by concealing merchandise and one count of receiving stolen property.

It is believed that these women may be part of an organized retail crime group that is allegedly responsible for shoplifting thousands of dollars worth of merchandise across Massachusetts and Rhode Island.”-Dartmouth Police Department.

West Nile Virus confirmed in mosquitos from Dartmouth

Chief Oliveira hangs out with the kids of the New Bedford Police summer camp

“We were very excited to meet with the excellent children involved with our NBPD Summer Camp program at Wonder Bowl.

Chief Oliveira took questions from the crowd, and we met some very bright and enthusiastic young men and women.

The Summer Camp is held every year and hosted by our outstanding School Resource Officers.

Hopefully, we have some future police officers in the crowd!!”-City of New Bedford Police Department.

All photos by the City of New Bedford Police Department:


Massachusetts Legislature passes FY25 Budget; millions secured for New Bedford

“BOSTON, MA – On Friday, Representative Antonio F. D. Cabral (D-New Bedford) joined his House and
Senate colleagues in unanimously passing a $58 billion budget proposal for FY2025. This budget upholds
fiscal responsibility while delivering historic levels of targeted investments in education, regional
transportation equity, workforce development and health care, among many other priorities
championed by Rep. Cabral.

The City of New Bedford will receive $28,325,395 in unrestricted general government aid for the City’s
budget. The New Bedford Public Schools will receive $236,331,190 in state funding, an increase of $12.2
million for FY24.

As a cornerstone of the Commonwealth’s economic foundation, the FY25 budget expands investments
in both education and transportation from revenue gained by the Fair Share initiative. The Fair Share
ballot initiative, passed by Massachusetts residents in November 2022, generated $1.3 billion in
revenue for the Commonwealth.

The Fair Share revenue allows for investments in education and transportation initiatives, including:

  • $250 million for the Commonwealth Transportation Fund (CTF) which will increase investments
    in transportation infrastructure
  • $170 million to fully fund universal meals programming for every public-school student in the
  • $117.5 million for MassEducate to provide free community college across the Commonwealth
  • $110 million for regional transit funding and grants to support the work of Regional Transit
    Authorities (RTAs) that serve the Commonwealth
  • $30 million for free-fare programs

New Bedford:
As a direct result of his advocacy, Rep. Cabral secured $930,000 in FY25 for these local New Bedford

  • $575,000 for UMass Dartmouth’s SMAST for groundfish fisheries research
  • $80,000 for youth programs at the Dennison Memorial Community Center
  • $75,000 for outreach and educational programming at AHA! Arts, History, &
    Architecture of New Bedford
  • $50,000 for opioid abuse treatment at the Greater New Bedford Community Health
  • $50,000 for programming at the Frederick Douglass House
  • $50,000 for the support of productions and programming at the Zeiterion, Inc.
  • $25,000 for the youth apprenticeship program at the New Bedford Festival Theatre
  • $25,000 for cultural educational programming at the Cape Verdean Association of New

As a cosponsor, Rep. Cabral also helped secure funding for these other local organizations:

  • $150,000 for workforce development training opportunities for MA Marine Traders
  • $100,000 for UMass Dartmouth Cranberry Health Research Center
  • $100,000 for the peer-led juvenile diversion program Youth Court of New Bedford and
    Fall River
  • $75,000 for the South Coast LGBTQ+ Network to assist programming
  • $75,000 for citizenship education and workforce readiness programming at the
    Immigrants’ Assistance Center
  • $50,000 for New Bedford Coastal Foodshed to address food insecurity and quality in
    our neighborhoods
  • $50,000 for the Girls Design Academy to continue community service efforts
  • $50,000 for Groundworks Southcoast to support tree and community garden expansion

“These programs and organizations support and uplift New Bedford and its residents. From engaging our
youth, promoting our vibrant downtown, preserving our city’s multicultural history, and providing
health services to our neighborhoods, these programs represent some of the best New Bedford has to
offer. I am proud to partner with them and support the work they do in our community,” said Rep.

Rep. Cabral, a long-time sponsor and advocate, also secured $4,250,000 for the Parent-Child Plus
Program. This statewide program offers early education home visits to low-income families with
children between the ages of 16 months and four years, and directly benefits New Bedford families from
the Hayden McFadden Elementary School and the John A. Parker Elementary School to name a few.

Gateway Cities:
Rep. Cabral and the Gateway Cities Legislative Caucus (GCLC) focused their budget priorities on
education support programs and community development initiatives that meet the specific needs of
Gateway Cities, such as New Bedford.

The GCLC secured:

  • $15.1 Million for Early College programs.
  • $13.1 Million for Dual Enrollment grants, which enables high schoolers to earn college credit.
  • $1 Million for the English Language Learners Gateway Cities Program
  • $750,000 for neighborhood stabilization efforts within the Transformative Development Fund to support community-led revitalization efforts

In order to address the ongoing housing crisis, the legislature continued its commitment to protect
renters and homeowners through investing in the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program ($231.7
million), the Rental Assistance for Families in Transition Program ($197.4 million), HomeBASE ($57.3
million), and other homeless prevention programming.

This budget invests $6.9 billion in Chapter 70 funding, an increase of $319 million over FY24, as well as
increasing minimum Chapter 70 aid from $30 to $104 per pupil. This historic level of investment ensures
the state remains on schedule to fully implement the Student Opportunity Act (SOA) by Fiscal Year 2027.
The budget also reflects a strong to commitment to early education and care, investing $1.5 billion into
this sector, including $475 million for the Commonwealth Cares for Children (C3) grants which provide
monthly grants to early education and childcare programs.

The budget includes other education initiatives:

  • $493.2 million for the Special Education Circuit Breaker Program
  • $65 million in rate increases for childcare providers across the Commonwealth
  • $18.5 million for Head Start grants

These investments will help to stabilize providers, support the early educator workforce with rate
increases and higher education opportunities, and provide access to affordable care for children and

“With the increased revenue from the Fair Share initiative, the legislature has been strategic in its effort
to balance fiscal responsibility with meaningful investment in areas of critical need. The investment in
educational aid, in transportation, in housing, and in direct help for community organizations makes
New Bedford a winner in this FY25 budget. New Bedford families deserve nothing less than our full
support for the programs and state funding that ensure their daily success. I am proud to fight for them
each budget cycle,” said Rep. Cabral.”-Representative Antonio F. D. Cabral Office.

New Bedford firefighters battle blaze on Bates Street

Today at 3:15pm, 911 calls were received reporting visible fire extending from he front of 240-242 Bates Street. First arriving fire crews observed a large volume of fire extending from a second floor porch on Side A of this two-story, two-family woodframe dwelling. A 2.5” attack line was deployed to extinguish the majority of the exterior fire. Additional crews found the fire had extended into the attic space which required roof ventilation.

The residence was protected by working smoke detectors. There were no firefighter or civilian injuries. The American Red Cross is assisting with two displaced residents. The fire cause was investigated by the NBFD Fire Investigation Unit and determined to be accidental. The tenants were able to scape with their two kittens.

Assistance on scene was provided by the Providence Canteen, NBEMS, NBEMA; and the NBPD.

UPDATED: New Bedford woman seeks public’s help finding her missing brother

UPDATE: Sean and his sister Veronica have been reunited. Thank you to all who helped spread the word!

“Me and my family have been desperately looking for my brother.

He has been missing since Friday night. Can you please post on your page? Hopefully someone has seen him. We are all so worried!

His name is Sean Dealmeida. He’s 30. He is from New Bedford. There has been a police report filed. He will be seen walking since he does not drive.

My number is 774 473 1470 if anyone does she him please contact me or the New Bedford Police at (508) 991-6300.”-Veronica Vieira.

Massachusetts Officials: “Keep back: Feeding Humpbacks may not see your boat or gear!”

Recently, humpback whales have been seen feeding close to shore from Maine to Massachusetts. In areas where baitfish are thick, humpback whales will gladly take advantage of the easy meal and may have little regard for what is on the surface, including boats.

When feeding, humpback whales can be unpredictable and active at the surface. Boaters are advised to steer clear of areas where whales are actively feeding to avoid entangling or colliding with a massive 80,000-pound whale as it rapidly surfaces.

Patty Adell photo.

You can protect your gear and avoid entanglement by not casting or trolling near or around humpback whales or bubble clouds. If a bubble cloud appears while you’re fishing, pull up your gear, if possible. Humpbacks create bubble clouds to corral their prey and then lunge through the center to swallow the small fish.

A collision with a vessel or entanglement in fishing lines can cause serious injuries to the whale and sometimes be fatal. Collisions with whales have also thrown boaters from vessels and caused serious injuries and even death to people. In areas where you suspect whales will be present, slowing to 10 knots helps to prevent collisions by allowing both you and the whale time to react.

Visit the NOAA website for more tips on boating and fishing safely around whales:”-NOAA Fisheries New England/Mid-Atlantic.