New Bedford Police arrest 19 year old in possession of loaded gun and two knives after report of shots fired

The New Bedford Police Department released a statement regarding an arrest made of a 19 year old New Bedford resident on Sunday night after reports were made of “Shots fired”.

On Sunday, October 1st, at around 9 PM, the officers responded to a call for shots fired in the area of the “Rural Cemetery”. Upon arrival, the cemetery was canvassed for any signs of activity.

Ofc. Brandon Duarte observed a vehicle parked in the southwest section with its lights off and decided to investigate further.

Seated in the vehicle was Mr. JALEN KIKKO CARREIRO BAGANHA, 19, of New Bedford. During a subsequent search, BAGNAHA was found to have a Smith & Wesson handgun loaded with 9 rounds of ammunition in his possession along with two knives.

BAGANHA was taken into custody and charged with trespassing with a motor vehicle, discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling, and carrying a loaded firearm with the serial numbers defaced.

“This is a prime example of how important it is to have the public as an extension of our eyes and ears. An alert neighbor called in a report of shots fired, and some very thorough officers covered a large area, leading to the discovery of the suspect and the firearm. As always, I’m very proud of the officers and the work being done to keep the community safe.”

-Chief Paul Oliveira

Bristol County ranked within top ten counties where the most opioids are dispensed in Massachusetts

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, between 1999 and 2021, 645,000 people have died from opioid-related overdoses and almost 80,000 people in 2022 alone. In 2020 the national opioid dispense rate reached 43.3 per 100 people.

One 2022 study found that counties with higher dispensing rates had more cases of opioid misuse and dependence as one would suspect. Yet, another study suggests that a new phase of the opioid epidemic may have fueled the decrease in prescriptions, that of Fentanyl and other synthetics which in 2020, accounted for an alarming 82% of all opioid deaths.

Ophelia, a site that offers online treatment for opioid addiction and dependence recently took a look at the national rates for opioid dispensing. In addition, they broke down the rates for counties within each state. Their data was culled from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Here are the top ten counties in the commonwealth ranked from 10th to 1st place along with their rates:

#10. Plymouth County
• Opioid dispensing rate: 25.2 per 100 people
• 24.3% lower than state average
• 41.8% lower than national average

#9. Franklin County
• Opioid dispensing rate: 26.4 per 100 people
• 20.7% lower than state average
• 39.0% lower than national average

#8. Essex County
• Opioid dispensing rate: 27.0 per 100 people
• 18.9% lower than state average
• 37.6% lower than national average

#7. Barnstable County
• Opioid dispensing rate: 32.1 per 100 people
• 3.6% lower than state average
• 25.9% lower than national average

#6. Worcester County
• Opioid dispensing rate: 33.1 per 100 people
• 0.6% lower than state average
• 23.6% lower than national average

#5. Hampshire County
• Opioid dispensing rate: 33.7 per 100 people
• 1.2% higher than state average
• 22.2% lower than national average

#4. Berkshire County
• Opioid dispensing rate: 36.6 per 100 people
• 9.9% higher than state average
• 15.5% lower than national average

#3. Bristol County
• Opioid dispensing rate: 41.8 per 100 people
• 25.5% higher than state average
• 3.5% lower than national average

#2. Hampden County
• Opioid dispensing rate: 44.1 per 100 people
• 32.4% higher than state average
• 1.8% higher than national average

#1. Suffolk County
• Opioid dispensing rate: 62.9 per 100 people
• 88.9% higher than state average
• 45.3% higher than national average

Massachusetts fox with injured leg from illegal trap spends a week limping before being caught

Warning – this information may be upsetting to read.

“He was limping through the streets of Lexington, with an illegal leg hold trap tightly gripping his front leg, when people walking by took notice. Fate would have it that a police officer would be very close by. One of the by passers alerted the police officer and, from that moment forward, a village would work together to right the wrong that one cruel human being had set in motion.

Multiple Lexington police offers would combine efforts to corner this young fox into a nearby garage. The owners of the garage would allow the police officers to do anything with their garage and the items in it, so long as it helped the creature in need.

Newhouse Wildlife Center photo.

Police officers would use items in the garage to barricade the exits. They would then contact Environmental Police Officer, Dewayne Taylor. While in route to rescue the fox, Officer Taylor contacted us.

Once on scene, our team, Officer Taylor, Lexington Police and the caring owners of the home, would all work together to safely contain the fox.

With it being late on Saturday afternoon, this fox was going to need even more kindness. All the veterinary clinics we worked with were closed. He would need to be sedated so we could clean his wounds, he would need X-rays, a vet exam and strong pain medication to alleviate the excruciating pain in his foot.

Newhouse Wildlife Center photo.

Dr. Vasilakis from Linwood Animal Hospital would offer to suit up on her day off and open the clinic so the fox could get the care he needed.

Radiographs would reveal that, shockingly, no bones were broken. That was a relief, but we still have concerns about the leg. The blood supply sometimes does not return to the foot in these cases. For now, our team is working diligently to do all we can to save his foot. With his pain managed, he is comfortable, warm and has a full belly.

I know this sounds like a horrible and sad story. No one can deny the sad aspect to it. This animal has suffered due to the cruelty and illegal actions of another human being.

Newhouse Wildlife Center photo.

In processing the events of yesterday, would you judge me if I told you that I felt good at the end of the day?

You see, in my mind, there will always be cruel people out there. There will always be those who lack empathy. One quick and cruel act can cause a life time of pain. I have seen it many times.

One person did an an awful thing and then MANY people rallied to right that wrong. Many good, caring people jumped at the chance to help this creature, with each doing all they could with what they had to save his life.

The home owners offering their garage and belongings.

The police officers working together to contain him there.

Newhouse Wildlife Center photo.

The dedicated environmental police officer who left our rescue with the rusty trap in hand, determined to do all he can to find the person who did this.

Dr Vasilakis, who opened her clinic on her day off to make sure this fox received medical treatment. And our team members for all the treatment they continue to give.

My heart goes out to this fox. He is only about 6 months old. He didn’t deserve this. He has suffered so much through this terrible ordeal and we are going to do everything possible to save his foot.

Though I am disgusted at what one human being did, my heart is full knowing just how many people would band together, in an instant, to relieve the suffering that another had caused. No one asked for anything in return. The only compensation needed was to know this animal was getting the care he needed.

There are still good, caring people out there. They come out of the woodwork when a wrong has been done. I saw so many of them yesterday and I am so grateful to know people like that are out there. We need them. The animals need them. The world needs them. ❤️🙏❤️”-Newhouse Wildlife Rescue.


UPDATE: “There were two foxes. Both found near the Lexington/Arlington line. Both with illegal leg hold traps attached to them. We suspect these traps likely came from the same perpetrator, since they were so close to each other. Despite much effort, the one seen in Arlington was not able to be caught.

From what we understand from speaking with police yesterday, this fox ended up removing its own foot to set itself free. We do not know the current status of that fox. We feel so badly for this poor creature and what it has had to endure.

The fox we rescued yesterday was recently trapped – within the last day or two, based on his wounds.

***If anyone has any information that can help environmental police catch the person who is illegally setting these traps, please let them know. Please help us to stop the person who is doing this to these animals. Please press the word.”-Newhouse Wildlife Rescue.


“On Saturday the Arlington Police Department assisted the Lexington and Environmental Police Departments on capturing an injured fox. Arlington Animal Control Officer Wilson also caught a sick fox today.

Both foxes were transported to a local wildlife rescue for treatment and we are hoping for a speedy recovery.”-Arlington, Massachusetts Animal Control.

Arlington, Massachusetts Animal Control photo.

Arlington, Massachusetts Animal Control photo.

Massachusetts State Police Troopers tasked with wrangling swans from Rt. 495

“On Saturday, Trooper Jared Layman, a recent graduate of the 88th Recruit Training Troop, and his Field Training Officer, Trooper Ryan Shepherd, were tasked with wrangling a few swans out of the Route 495 median in Westborough.

After some ingenuity, the Troopers were able to devise a plan to get the swans safely into the back seat of a cruiser. They were later transported to a nearby lake, where they were released.

This marks the second swan rescue in the last week, great job Troopers!”-Massachusetts State Police.

All photos by the Massachusetts State Police:

City of New Bedford showcases first of many storefront facelifts


As part of the City’s Storefront Facelift social media series, we showcase businesses in neighborhoods across New Bedford who are taking advantage of the City’s storefront rehabilitation program.

Today’s Storefront Facelift is Giammalvo’s Market located on Purchase Street. Giammalvo’s received $38,867 in federal ARPA funds to fix the siding of the building, the windows, doors, and signage.

Stay tuned for the next one!”-City of New Bedford.

BEFORE. City of New Bedford photo.

AFTER. City of New Bedford photo.

Private detective pushes for new task force to cover unsolved “New Bedford Highway Serial Killer” cases

Lauren Lee Malloy, a private detective and founder of “Unsolved R.I” is making a push online to shine a new light on the notorious “New Bedford Highway Murders”. She recently wrote a summary of the story on twitter along with a push for a new effort to find justice.

“I hope and pray for the day a team comes together to focus on getting answers and justice for these victims discarded along stretches of highway in New England. If he is still alive, I hope NBHK knows he’s being hunted and it’s only a matter of time before he will pay for his evil crimes.”

This post has gained over 64,000 views at the time of writing this article, and people have been tagging major “true crime” podcasts in hopes for them to pick up the story. “Crime Junkies” hosted by Ashley Flowers is not only the biggest true crime podcast, but is actually one of the most popular podcasts in the country. Users were tagging Ashley Flowers, and to be honest there is a great chance this story could get featured on the podcast as they have featured way lower profile cases.

Maureen Boyle, the author of the novel “Shallow Graves: The Hunt for the New Bedford Highway Serial Killer” shared the post on twitter.

Hundreds of “cold cases” have been covered on major podcasts over the years which helps shine a new light and new eyes on a seemingly forgotten crime. Want to get new eyes and ears on the New Bedford Highway Murders? Tagging some True Crime podcasts in Lauren Lee Malloy’s post could be a great way to make that happen!

Shoot zombies, play golf, swim with sharks, and more at virtual reality lounge soon coming to Dartmouth

It appears south coast residents will be getting a new virtual reality lounge to experience at the Dartmouth Mall! “The VR Zone” has put up its sign at the old “Davids Bridal” location at the south facing entrance of the mall near Taco Bell.

They currently have a location at the Providence place mall and offer:

“A Zombie VR shooting arena, HTC Vive Pro, VR motion PODS, & Oculus Rift Stations. Simulated Golf with real adult or kids clubs and balls, VR Golf, and Golden Tee Live Golf. VR Music based games and a video jukebox!”

At The VR Zone you can conquer your fears or go on the ride of your life! Climb mountains, time travel, skydive, fly, swim with sharks, shoot zombies and battle robots, Go to outer space or somewhere else, get in the ring and box, and much more!

There is currently no grand opening date for the Dartmouth location, but we will release an updated article when the date is announced!

Photo by Steven Richard.

Providence location.

Providence location.

Providence location.

City of New Bedford Police don pink badges this month to raise awareness for breast cancer


October is breast cancer awareness month. For the second year in a row, you’ll be seeing many of our officers wearing these badges to raise awareness.

In 2023, an estimated 297,790 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the U.S., making it the most common cancer in American women. Every two minutes a woman in the U.S. is diagnosed with the disease (BCRF, 2023).

“Like this devastating illness affecting our community, it deeply touches the lives of our department’s members. This month, as a solemn reminder, we wear these badges. They represent our reflection on the stark fact that roughly every 14 seconds, somewhere in the world, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. We wear these badges to honor those we’ve lost, applaud the resilience of those fighting, and share our hope for a cancer-free future.”-Chief Paul Oliveira.

You can find a number of breast cancer statistics and resources here.

CARE Southcoast Pet of the Week is Callie, Waiting ONE YEAR for a New Home

Taken from CARE Southcoast Facebook post yesterday, caught our attention. Lets find this deserving pup a new home! This weeks PET OF THE WEEK is proudly sponsored by NEW LEAF of Fall River, a locally owned social equity dispensary that GIVES BACK to the community by doing things like this.

“How does no one want to adopt Callie?!??!!! She’s perfect 🥺”

She has been in foster care for an entire year now with absolutely no interest, not one single inquiry.
Callie is a 7 year old large mixed breed (she was originally adopted as a lab/hound mix but she’s never had an embark done so we can’t know for sure either way! She does not look like a bully breed in person.)

She is great with people! She loves to play with toys and her people, go on car rides, walks, sunbathe and she also loves sleeping on the couch just as much. Shes equal parts absolute goof and cuddle bug. She’s pretty low maintenance! She hasn’t been destructive or loud in the home and she’s left loose every day with no issues! We’d prefer slightly older kids because she is large at 87lbs and doesn’t know her size but we have no doubt she’d love kids to play with and we’d go younger for the right home.

Callie should be the only pet. If you were very seriously interested and had cats, we can do some cat testing to see how she does. She is not leash reactive to other dogs out and about but generally doesn’t want to share intimate space with them.
Callie lost her home last year when her owner had to go into assisted living and no family could take her. Said owner had adopted her from the city shelter, where she’d been returned too a few times due to other life circumstances, no fault of her own. She’s been in foster care since and her foster parents say she is the best dog! She deserves to find her forever home so she can stay with one family for the rest of her life after so much bouncing around.

If you’re looking for a new best friend to join your family, Callie could be the girl for you! This dog is meant to be a cherished part of someone’s family. She comes with a lifetime of training support should she need it but she really probably won’t, she’s pretty low key.
Adopting a dog like this saves two dogs, her and the next dog who can take her spot in foster care.

Email us! caredogvolunteers@gmail.com
PLEASE SHARE – she needs her forever people to see her!

Thank you NEW LEAF, they are located at 2629 South Main St. in Fall River and are open late, until 11pm, 7 days a week~

Dartmouth Police, S.W.A.T., engage in stand-off with Fall River man at the Capri Hotel

“On Saturday, September 30, 2023 at approximately 9:30 p.m., members of the Dartmouth Police Department responded to the Capri Motel in an attempt to arrest Willie VINNIE, 45, of John Street, Fall River, on an outstanding probation warrant.

While attempting to take VINNIE into custody, he barricaded himself inside of his room.

After several unsuccessful attempts were made to have VINNIE exit the room, both negotiators and S.W.A.T. team members from the Southeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council were requested.

After negotiations with VINNIE proved to be ineffective, the decision was made for S.W.A.T. team members to enter the room.

After VINNIE was taken into custody, he was transported to St. Luke’s Hospital in New Bedford, where he still remains under evaluation.

The entire incident lasted approximately three and a half hours.

In addition to the warrant, VINNIE was also charged with resisting arrest.

According the Dartmouth Chief of Police, Brian P. LEVESQUE, “I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of this incident, as none of the involved officers were injured as a result of this man’s reckless and dangerous actions.” “

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