Traditional dance from the Madeira Islands at the Feast

Live video of some traditional dancing from the Madeira Islands at the Feast of the Blessed Sacrament – New Bedford Portuguese Feast.

Opening ceremonies at the 2016 Feast of the Blessed Sacrament

Live feed from the Feast of the Blessed Sacrament opening ceremonies in New Bedford.

16 Things to do this Weekend (August 5-August 7)

Seems like we can’t have a weekend without some precipitation. Since parts of Massachusetts are undergoing a drought and rain is much needed, we shouldn’t really complain. Besides, what New Englander is afraid of rain or lets it slow them down from having fun? None of us! Outside of Saturday’s rain, we’ll have a sunny weekend with cool lows at night and mornings and highs right around 80 degrees. Perfect!

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Friday, August 5th

102nd Feast Of The Blessed Sacrament (12:00pm-11:45pm)
The New Bedford Feast of the Blessed Sacrament, a.k.a. the Portuguese Feast, a.k.a. Madeira Feast is the largest event New Bedford has every year. More than that, it is the largest Portuguese feast in the world and the largest ethnic festival in New England. Live music, food, kids’ activities, and much more. Full details:

Don’t miss out on all the live music at the 102nd Feast of the Blessed Sacrament all weekend!

N.B. Summer Sound Series: D.J. Lady K (6:00pm-8:00pm)
The 2016 Summer Sound Series presents FREE Concerts on the Pier Fridays 6:00pm – 8:00pm! put on your dancing shoes because DJ Lady K will be spinning the hits through the decades, from the 60’s (think saddle shoes and poodle skirts) through today! Bring your own chair, sit back, and relax or get up and dance! New Bedford State Pier 3 Fisherman’s Wharf.

Cards Against Humanity at Running Brook Vineyards (Dartmouth) (6:00pm-9:00pm)
Come play the party game for horrible people. A bit sassy, a bit vulgar, a whole lot of politically incorrect enhanced with our wine. Sounds like a good time! Feel free to bring your own cards, too! Bring some snacks or call for take-out (Palace Pizza delivers to the winery). Running Brook Vineyards, 335 Old Fall River Rd., North Dartmouth.

Saturday, August 6th

Oxford Book Haven & Cafe Book Sale (Fairhaven) (9:00am-1:00pm)
We have a large selection of books–most are 50 cents. We currently have a special section for our DOLLAR- A-BAG-BOOK SALE. Coffee, tea, soda and home-made coffee breads are available. We welcome anyone to join us in working on our puzzle. Computers and WiFi is available to the public. 357 Main Street, Fairhaven.

Vietnam History Day (9:00am-5:00pm)
Join Battleship Cove and delve into the history of the Vietnam War, honor the sacrifices of our troops and give thanks to the veterans still with us today. Over 2.6 million American men and women served within the borders of South Vietnam during the war and in recognition of our troops, all Vietnam Veterans will receive free admission all day long.

There are a lot of nature walks this time of year!
Peek inside the Bell UH-IM Iroquois helicopter and learn about its two tours in Vietnam and tour the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., which houses an official war memorial to those who served in Vietnam. The museum will also offer their signature FUNshops and educational programming throughout the day. Battleship Cove, 5 Water Street, Fall River.

Introduction to Stand-Up Paddling (Dartmouth) (9:30am-11:30am)
Stand-up Paddling is a fun way to explore our waterways, improve your balance and get a fantastic core body workout. Anyone can Stand-Up Paddle. This intro session will take place in the calm waters of the Slocum River and will cover all the basics; getting familiar with equipment, water entry and balance, proper stance and positioning on the board, efficient paddling technique, and safety. If you have specific questions regarding the program, please contact Fern at 508-990-0505 x 10 or Lloyd Center for the Environment, 430 Potomska Rd., Dartmouth.

Forest Succession at the Noquochoke Conservation Area (Westport) (10:00am-1:00pm)
Join naturalist, Mark Strauss, for an interpretive hike at the recently opened Noquochoke Conservation Area, the former site of Camp Noquochoke. Please be prepared to walk at least two miles over uneven terrain. Meet at the parking lot at 421 Pine Hill Road.

102nd Feast Of The Blessed Sacrament (10:00am-11:45pm)
The New Bedford Feast of the Blessed Sacrament, a.k.a. the Portuguese Feast, a.k.a. Madeira Feast is the largest event New Bedford has every year. More than that, it is the largest Portuguese feast in the world and the largest ethnic festival in New England. Live music, food, kids’ activities, and much more. Full details:

Best place to get 6′ skewers of Carne de Espeto? At the 102nd Feast of the Blessed Sacrament all weekend! (Josh Souza)

Kid’s Day at the Feast (12:00pm-3:00pm)
Join DustytheClown & Friends as they celebrate Portguese/Madeiran culture at the Portguese Feast Kids Day! Fun for everyone! Please note that this is not the official page for this event, this is to promote the event and Clowning for Kidz Foundation’s appearance/participation in said event.

Providence Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival (12:00pm-6:00pm)
The 2016 festival will feature 25+ food trucks, serving up a variety of fan favorites, including local seafood, BBQ, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, cupcakes, whoopee pies, and much more. For the perfect pairings, there will be 75+ craft beers from regional and national craft brewers. Along with food and drinks there will be an Etsy crafters market with unique and hand made items. India Point Park, India St Providence, RI.

Sunday, August 7th

FREE Sunday Stroll (10:00am-11:00am)
Take a morning stroll through a local conservation area. Not only is walking outdoors great exercise for your body and mind, but you’ll also learn about unique history and ecology of each location along the way. This week we’ll walk along the trails by a pond and vernal pool at Flora B. Peirce Nature Trail in New Bedford. This program is supported in part by a grant from the New Bedford Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, Phone: 508-999-6363 ext 219. Flora B. Peirce Nature Trail, 100 Falmouth Street, New Bedford.

5th Annual Boston Seafood Festival (11:00am-7:00pm)
The mission of the Boston Fisheries Foundation, the charity hosting the event, is to preserve, sustain and share our seafood and maritime heritage as essential to our common health. Tickets are available now! This is a family-friendly event. National and international guests encouraged! Visit for more information regarding sponsorship, vendor applications, volunteer applications, this year’s restaurant attendees, entertainment and more! Boston Fish Pier, 212 Northern Ave. Boston.

Love live music? Check out Pumpkin Head Ted at Running Brook Vineyards!

New Bedford Wellness Initiative’s Wellness Program For Adults (11:00am-3:00pm)
Free Sunday Wellness Program with lots of great offerings! AC for exercise and yoga. #GetMovingGetHealthyBeWell with us this Sunday at the NB Well program. Great classes and Healthy Futures Farm will be with us. Also check out qigong with Marcia and Steve. Boys & Girls Club of Greater, 166 Jenney St., New Bedford.

102nd Feast Of The Blessed Sacrament (12:00pm-11:45pm)
The New Bedford Feast of the Blessed Sacrament, a.k.a. the Portuguese Feast, a.k.a. Madeira Feast is the largest event New Bedford has every year. More than that, it is the largest Portuguese feast in the world and the largest ethnic festival in New England. Live music, food, kids’ activities, and much more. Full details:

Music and Wine- Pumpkin Head Ted (1:00pm-5:00pm)
Join us for FREE, live music every weekend! You’re always welcome to bring snacks and enjoy some food with great local music and our wine! Running Brook Vineyards, 335 Old Fall River Rd., North Dartmouth.

Feast of the Blessed Sacrament Parade (3:00pm)
Join us as we celebrate the Portuguese Feast and march in one of the largest parades in New Bedford! We look forward to seeing you there. Acushnet Avenue, New Bedford.


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Gary Johnson: Townhall Takeaway

If ever there was a time for a third party candidate to swoop in and make legitimate noise, it’s 2016. This year’s election has been a festival of bad politics, with both major party nominees either embroiled in scandals or repeatedly having to explain some off-color remark. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have divided the nation almost in half while simultaneously having the lowest favorability ratings of any two candidates ever. Watching this electoral train wreck has truly been surreal. In most cases election years tend to be forgotten once the winner emerges; something tells me we’ll be talking about the travesty of 2016 for decades to come.

Entering into the fray rather late is Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson. His name and visage have been circulating social media lately. The main pitch, while comically underwhelming and defeatist, is nonetheless true. It’s basically this: Hillary and Donald are both terrible. There’s always Gary Johnson! Johnson, a relatively unknown former governor from New Mexico, is by no means the lesser of three evils. But undoubtedly his greatest strength is the fact that he’s a separate human being from the two abominable choices facing Americans.

On Wednesday night, Anderson Cooper hosted a Town Hall featuring the Libertarian candidate and his running mate, former Massachusetts governor (and the man who spearheaded MCAS testing) William Weld. Based on the radio silence on social media, it would appear that a scant few tuned in. It was nevertheless insightful.

Here are some takeaways:

  1. Johnson seems like a genuinely nice guy. He had a soft-spoken delivery and didn’t give off anything close to an air of pomposity or bombast. Most of his answers were short and direct. His eyebrows were constantly pulled slightly upward in that “Aw-shucks-I’m-just-an-average-guy” look. Unlike his two opponents, it would be tough to viscerally dislike the guy based solely on his demeanor.
  2. His epistemic humility was praiseworthy. This is a man who seems to know what he doesn’t know and has no problem telling you as much. In an age where everyone is pretending to be the smartest person in the room, this is refreshing. At one point when answering an audience question Johnson was bold enough to say, “I could be wrong, but…” Now there’s the kind of humility that we need in a leader. If he doesn’t know something, Johnson will pursue the people who do.
  3. Unfortunately there’s a corollary to this humility. At times Johnson appeared unsure or unconfident with his views. His good-old-boy delivery doesn’t do him any favors in this department. At times he seemed knowledgeable, at others slightly out of his depth. Understanding his own ignorance is one thing, but on questions that are based on strong ideological points of Libertarianism, one would like to have seen a more comfortable and cocksure delivery. There were points when Weld, his running mate, appeared more in control and presidential.
  4. His platform, which is textbook libertarian, provides a solid compromise for the divide between conservatives and liberals. His economics are conservative: Small government, less taxes, place the emphasis on the individual. His social politics are liberal: support LGBT community, resist religious freedom to discriminate, legalize marijuana. He also had a brief, but poignant (albeit noncommittal) response to a question about Black Lives Matter (It woke him up, he said). In addition to these views he is a strong advocate for States’ rights, which provides a degree of malleability to his specific positions.
  5. Perhaps his most pertinent and appealing stance — his take on foreign policy — could ironically be the one that does him the most harm. Johnson believes that the U.S. should dial back its military involvement in other countries. He wants decrease participation in regime changes and democracy installations. This non-interventionist approach, while idealistic, is something that will certainly not endear him to many on the Right who harbor grand ideas of strength and American Exceptionalism. His stance here almost seems pacifistic and completely isolationist, which, while enticing, would nearly impossible to implement and could have drastic repercussions.
  6. Overall, Johnson had a decent showing (especially when one considers what he’s up against). He did have some areas of concern: his tax plan (which includes drastic reductions in income taxes and capital gains taxes, and would be replaced by a high consumption tax) is considerably outside of the norm. His response to terrorism — essentially “It’s going to happen…what can you do?” — was not the show of strength towards which many Americans gravitate. He was also weak on specific policy questions about education and medical marijuana.

But in the end, the overall impression was that Johnson (in addition to being an incredible athlete) is a congenial guy who has some pretty dramatic ideas to change America. In an election where people are clamoring for real change, Johnson might be the best choice in that department. Will he be able to overcome the monetary juggernauts of the Trump and Clinton campaigns? Can he generate enough momentum to make the debate stage? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

One thing, though, is certain: in this troublingly weak election year, Johnson and Weld are worth a look.

New Bedford Kids Have Access to Supervised, Fun Activities & Nutritious Food When School is Not in Session

Through the United States Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service Summer Food Service Program, the City of New Bedford is providing kids with access to supervised, fun activities and nutritious food when school is not in session. The effort, is part of the national Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), a federally funded nutrition program that provides free meals to children ages eighteen and under when school is not in session. In New Bedford, the SFSP is administered by the Department of Parks Recreation & Beaches and supplies meals daily through the end of August to hundreds of children across New Bedford who are enrolled in a participating local camp (Boys & Girls Club, Community Boating, Kool Days etc.) or who visit a neighborhood park as part of the City’s “Play in the Parks Program.”

The City’s Play in the Park and Summer Food Service Program encourages kids to be active, explore the outdoors, have fun and eat healthy during the summer months. At over 20 outdoor sites throughout the New Bedford, youth can participate in activities with Play in the Park staff and access a free snack or lunch between the hours of 10am-2pm.

A free, nutritious lunch is served to all children between 11:00 am and 12:30 at the following sites and times:

Andrea McCoy Recreation Center 7/5-8/26,
Ashley Park 7/5-8/26,
Blue Meadows Housing7/5-8/26,
Brickenwood Housing 7/5-8/26,
Brooklawn Park 7/5-8/26,
Buttonwood Park 7/5-8/26,
Clasky Park 7/5-8/26,
Harmony Garden 7/5-8/26,
Dottin Place Housing 7/5-8/26,
Gomes Park 7/5-8/26,
Harrington Park 7/5-8/26,
Magnett Park 7/5-8/26,
Montes Park 7/5-8/26,
Eddie James Park 7/5-8/26,
Parkdale Housing 7/5-8/26,
Phillips Ave Pocket Park 7/5-8/26,
Presidential Housing 7/5-8/26,
River’s End Park 7/5-8/26,
Riverside Park 7/5-8/26,
Roberto Clemente Park7/5-8/26,
Ruth St Playground 7/5-8/26,
Satellite Village 7/5-8/26,
Shawmut Village 7/5-8/26,
Westlawn Housing 7/5-8/26

And, for those children who are enrolled at the following summer camps, breakfast (8-9AM) and lunch (11AM-1PM) are provided to all eligible children free of charge:

All Saints Catholic School
Ashley School 21st CC
Boys & Girls Club of NB
Carlos Pacheco Elementary School
Carney Academy
Children’s Connections (NB TAP)
Community Boating Fort Taber
Community Boating Padanaram
Dennison Memorial Community Center
Express Yourself/NB ART Works
Global Charter Learning Center
Gomes School
Grace After School
Harbour House Family Center
Holy Family Holy Name Summer Camp
Keith Middle School
Kool Days
Lincoln Elementary NBPS
Nazarene Christian Academy
New Bedford Police GREAT
New Directions Southcoast
RAPP Program/SC Health
Schooner Program (NorthStar)
Schwartz Center/ Meeting St
Something Fishy Summer Camp
Southcoast Youth Courts
St Andrews Church
Temple Landing
Trinity day Academy
Youth Opportunities Unlimited
Whaling City Jr High Summer
YWCA Girls Exclusive
YW Kids Achool Age
YMCA Camp Fredrick Douglass

New Bedford Seafood Industry Scholarship Fund Announces Recipients

Downtown New Bedford, Inc. congratulates the recipients of the 2016 NB Seafood Industry Scholarship Award. The winners this year are: Bay Ann Bode, a graduate of N.Kingston High School. Erika will be attending the University of South Carolina. Her father is employed at Pier Fish Co; Miranda Poliquin, a graduate of Apponequet Regional High School. Her father is employed at Kyler’s Catch Seafood; and Quintin Viera, a graduate of Fairhaven High School, His father is employed at M.F. Foley Inc.

The Seafood Industry Scholarship Fund was created by Pier Fish Company, through their sponsorship of the Taste of SouthCoast Festival. The TOSC Festival and the Scholarship Fund are both organized and maintained by Downtown New Bedford, Inc. DNB, Inc. is a membership based, non-profit organization. Our goal is to continue to make Downtown a better place to live, work and visit. This year’s sponsors of the Scholarship fund Pier Fish Company and Finicky Pet Food, Inc.

DNB’s Executive Director, Diane Arsenault, states “the reasons we organize two big food events, the Taste of SouthCoast and the New Bedford Seaport Chowder Festival, are two-fold: they bring thousands of visitors to New Bedford’s downtown and waterfront to discover or re-discover what a gem we have here, and showcase the wide variety and quality of restaurants we have to offer in the Southcoast. The highlight of both the Taste of SouthCoast, (held annually in May), and the New Bedford Seaport Chowder Festival (scheduled for September 25) is the seafood, but many people comment on the international flavor and diversity of the food offerings. No one leaves these events hungry!”

New Menu Item Announced for 2016 Feast of the Blessed Sacrament

Pictured: Milho Frito

In the past few years, almost nothing has disappeared from the menu of delicious foods found at the annual Feast of the Blessed Sacrament. Quite the opposite. About 5 or 6 years ago, Pedro Oliveira started cooking a bread common to the island of Madeira . . . Bolo do Cacao (the polite English pronunciation would be ‘stone bread). Served hot, split down the middle and slathered with a heavy garlic butter and then cut into pie shaped pieces, it became an instant hit. Today, a freshly cooked basket of tasty and hot carne de espeto begs for a bite of Bolo do Cacao as an accompaniment.

A year or two later, club member David Macedo decided that visitors to the feast could not be deprived of a unique Maderian snack . . . a mix of cornmeal flavored with bits of kale, cooled in a giant fridge, then cubed and fried to a golden brown. Called “Milho Frito” (pronounced meel freet), they are delicious and it remained the news for at least a year or two.

As cacoila (marinated pork) sandwiches became more popular, the Feast volunteers started slicing the pork in a way that made them perfect for sandwiches in those wonderful little Portuguese “pops” (fresh bread rolls). Bifana sandwiches were “born” and ruled for a number of years. They helped to make pork meat almost as popular as the sirloin beef served for the barbecue and in sandwiches too!

Turn the calendar page and there’s a 2016 entry. “Pasteis do Bacalau” is new to the Feast (confused yet?) Chances are everyone has heard of them as-codfish Cakes! Served hot and delicious, they can also be found for sale in Dave Macedo’s baraccas located down by the giant barbecue pit.

Pasteis do Bacalhau (codfish cakes)

Whether you chomp into a popular linguica sandwich, an all-­American hot dog or hamburger or a full dinner in the huge pavilion, there will definitely be some hot and delicious Portuguese-­Madeiran food you will be craving until next year!

P.S. All standard food prices have remained the same and the new foods are very reasonably priced!

August 19th Deadline to Register to Vote in State Primary Election

The New Bedford Board of Election Commissioners reminds the public that the last day to register to vote and to change party enrollment for the Massachusetts State Primaries is Friday, August 19, 2016. The Massachusetts State Primaries will be held on Thursday, September 8, 2016.

Voters may cast their votes for Representative in Congress, Councillor for First District, Senator in General Court, Representative in General Court for the Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh and Thirteenth Bristol District, Sheriff for Bristol County, County Commissioner for Bristol County and District Attorney (to fill vacancy).

To allow the public more time to complete the voter registration process, the New Bedford Election Office, located in New Bedford City Hall at 133 William Street, Room 114, will remain open on August 19, 2016 until 8:00 p.m. The registration/ party enrollment deadline is also the deadline for voters to notify the Board of Elections of any changes in their address and name change.

The Board of Election Commissioners also reminds the public that absentee ballots (Democratic, Republican, Green Rainbow, United Independent Party) for the State Election are now available. Any voter unable to get to the polls on Election Day may vote by absentee ballot during regular office hours (Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.) or may request that an absentee ballot application be mailed to their home address. In addition, to allow voters more time to cast an absentee ballot, the Election Office will be open on Saturday, September 3, 2016 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 Noon.

Any New Bedford resident who is uncertain about their voting status, designated polling location, has changed their address since the last election or would like to request an absentee ballot should contact the Board of Election Commissioners at (508) 979-1420.

PACE is offering a free college course in humanities

PACE, the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities and University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth are pleased to announce that the Clemente Course in the Humanities is starting to recruit applicants for its’ 12th year of operation. Classes will begin Thursday September 8th, at the PACE Head Start Center at 247 Smith Street in New Bedford.

The Clemente Course in the Humanities provides tuition free, college-level instruction, for up to 6 college credits, to economically disadvantaged individuals aged 17 and older. Course participants take classes in literature, art history, moral philosophy, American history, writing and public speaking from college professors. Instructors are chosen for their engaging and dynamic presence in the classroom and their commitment to working with non-traditional learners.

Classes will take place on Monday and Thursday evenings from 6pm to 8:00pm, starting in September and ending with a graduation ceremony in May. The classes are offered free of charge to qualified participants. PACE will provide on-site childcare for participants and transportation assistance along with paying for all textbooks and supplies. Students will often take trips to art museums, and to see plays and performances.

The Clemente Course grants a certificate of achievement to all students who finish the course and six college credits to those who complete it at a high level of academic performance. The credits come from UMass-Dartmouth, and can be transferred to any community college or university.

According to Dr. Mark Santow, Academic Director for the Program and Chair of History at UMass- Dartmouth, “the Clemente Course is based on the idea that anyone can acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to enrich and transform his or her life. It is a wonderful, life-changing program.  Since we began in the fall of 2005, the New Bedford Clemente Course has graduated over 125 students, and dozens of them have gone on to Bristol Community College and UMass-Dartmouth.”

Anyone interested in enrolling in the Clemente Course in the Humanities should call PACE at 508 999-9920 and request an application or pick one up at the PACE main office at 166 William St., New Bedford. People may apply on-line also here. All applicants will be interviewed by Dr. Mark Santow. For more information, contact Bruce Morell, Executive Director of PACE at 508 999-9920, or Dr. Santow at

NBHS Young Alumni Association running a letter-writing campaign for 2016 freshmen

Did you go to New Bedford High School? Do you want to support current Whalers as they begin their time at NBHS? The New Bedford Young Alumni Association invites you to donate fifteen minutes of your time to submit a letter to an incoming freshman at New Bedford High School through our initiative, “Dear Freshman.”

We will be holding a letter drive at the downtown New Bedford Public Library 613 Pleasant St. on Saturday, August 6th . Stop by and tell your story between 2PM and 5PM with free stationary and welcoming company. We ask that alumni write words of encouragement, advice, or their personal experience to remind incoming freshman that anyone can succeed at NBHS and that they have a supportive community rooting for them as they start their own educational journey. We are accepting letters in all languages and particularly encourage submissions in Portuguese and Spanish.

If you are unable to volunteer your time on August 6th, we will be accepting letters at New Bedford High School, addressed or delivered to the Headmaster’s Office 230 Hathaway Blvd., New Bedford, MA 02740, until August 20 th . Please sign up using the form below. We’ve also included a template below for you to use when writing your letter.

Signup Form: Here

Template: Here

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