School Department Statement on Incident at New Bedford High School

Official statement from city officials.

On Friday, May 2, 2014, two female students at New Bedford High School were engaged in an altercation. A teacher who intervened fell to the ground while attempting to restrain the students. The teacher sustained no injuries, finished the school day on Friday, and was present yesterday. School Resource Officers and administrators also responded. Both students were dismissed and suspended.

New Bedford Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Pia Durkin has continued to stress the importance of a cultivating positive learning environment where aggressive behavior is never acceptable under any circumstance. Last Wednesday, the Superintendent spoke directly to New Bedford High School students and staff at a series of three special assemblies for freshmen, sophomores, and junior/seniors. Dr. Durkin emphasized the obligations and responsibilities that students, teachers, and administrators have to one another. She praised the overwhelming majority of students who meet the high standards of personal conduct expected at New Bedford High School. And she praised the faculty and administrators who are working hard every day to foster a positive school culture.

Teacher Assaulted at New Bedford High School on May 2nd, 2014

This is the account of a person at New Bedford High School who witnessed a fight between two New Bedford High School students and saw a female teacher assaulted when she tried to break up the fight. The witness also alleges the School Resource Officer supervisor is covering up the incident. The fight occurred on Friday, May 2nd and has been confirmed by several reliable sources:

“On Friday, there was a fight between two female students in the hallway in Tan House on the third floor. Two female teachers were attempting to separate the girls and one of the teachers was dragged to the floor and then dragged at least a foot across the floor buy one of the students.

This fight happened in front of two special education students who were terrified. One of the teachers called for help FOUR TIMES and nobody came. The assistance of an administrator and School Resource Officers (SROs) were requested. The attendance person came upstairs at least 2 minutes later and by then the girls had successfully been separated by the teachers that were involved. By this time, at least five teachers were all over the third floor of the tan house were helping.

The attendance person took one of the girls away and was intercepted at least 200 feet away by the blue housemaster. She never came to check on the injured teacher. A few minutes later, the gold housemaster showed up and checked on the injured teacher. The SROs stood 100 feet away and never came up to the scene. Also, nobody bothered to check on the special education students who were in tears and scared. Statements have been submitted and now the SRO supervisor is telling people that the teacher that was hurt tripping and was never involved in a fight. In fact, there was no fight.”

Majority of NBEA teachers vote “no confidence” for Superintendent Durkin

On Friday, May 2nd, 2014, hundreds of New Bedford Educators Association (NBEA) members attended a general meeting to voice their concerns over what they perceive as an unhealthy climate that now exists within the New Bedford schools.

Earlier in the week Joanne Maura, the teacher and victim of the chair throwing incident at New Bedford High School, led the charge for a no confidence vote for Superintendent of New Bedford Public Schools Dr. Pia Durkin. At the NBEA meeting on Friday, members called for a vote to determine whether or not the body had confidence in Superintendent Dr. Pia Durkin. The vast majority of the members present voted that they did not. One member abstained from voting and no members voted having confidence in the superintendent.

Members that did not attend the meeting sill have the option to cast their votes until Wednesday, May 7th. NBEA President St. John will issue a press release on Thursday, May 8th.

The New Bedford Educators Association represents the New Bedford public school teachers and has approximately 1,000 members.


Woman victim of money order fraud in New Bedford

According to the New Bedford Police, a woman reported being scammed at local bank. She explained that she was approached by another female who told her she had a money order for $511 and couldn’t cash it because she’d left her bank card at home. Victim agreed to give her $286 for money order, only to learn later it was fraudulent. Police have suspect and are investigating.

New Bedford Moon Astrology: May, 2014

The First Quarter Moon indicates a period of facing problems in innovative ways, tasking us to make decisions very quickly…

The Moon is intimately involved with water and the ebb and flow of ocean tides. Unlike the Sun, which resides in a particular sign for about a month, the Moon is connected to powerful feminine qualities and travels quickly from one sign to the next. Like the sailors of old who sang to her beauty and heeded her intuition, Moon energies are enhanced and experienced on a deeper level for New Bedford, MA residents.

The First Quarter Moon indicates a period of facing problems in innovative ways, tasking us to make decisions very quickly. This is an energizing time that may feel a little chaotic. On May 6, the First Quarter Moon will visit the sign of Leo, which will highlight creativity, self-expression, and risk-taking. If you feel frustrated by responsibilities, remember that habits, patterns, and structures can always be recreated to meet new circumstances and to form new connections. Start fresh from a place of clarity and a space free from boundaries with a good Spring cleaning! To fuel your creative interests, don’t forget to attend the monthly cultural AHA! festival in downtown New Bedford on Thursday, May 8!

Full Moon energies represent a brief period of illumination, satisfaction, and completion, and on May 14, the Moon will become full in the dynamic sign of Scorpio. Focus will shift toward intimacy, psychological frameworks, and the examination of self. If things have been going smoothly in your life, you are likely to have exotic or mysteriously beautiful experiences during this time. On the other hand, if things have been difficult for you recently, you may find the reasons why your circumstances are less than what you desire.

The Last Quarter Moon calls for review, correction, and solidification. It asks us to get rid of elements that aren’t working in our lives so that we can focus on the aspects that are going well and as planned. On May 21, the Last Quarter Moon will visit the ethereal sign of Pisces. While Pisces tends to bring out spiritual and delusional energies, these will be tempered by practical concerns and values. This is an excellent time to transfer idealism into reality by getting active with an important community project: find plenty of things to get involved with here at the New Bedford Guide!

As for the New Moon, we’re not talking about the Twilight Series, but growth and basic instincts are definitely involved on May 28 when the New Moon arrives in the communicative sign of Gemini. This is an excellent time for socializing, reading, and writing. Keep in mind, however, that people are not here just for your amusement or verbal play. Bottom line: enjoy yourself, but don’t white-lie, manipulate, or make commitments based on what you experience in the short term.

It’s often best not to initiate new activities, purchases, projects, or big life events when the Moon is void of course (not making contact with other planets). The Moon will be void of course during the following days: May 2, 4, 13, 18, 22, 24, and 26.

Normandin Middle School Choking Victim Doing Better

Eduardo Irizarry New Bedford
Remember the boy that was choked and injured at Normandin Middle School in New Bedford? His sister Anjelina passed on some details:

“My name is Anjelina Irizarry, I’m Eduardo Irizarry’s older sister (the victim who was chocked at Normandin Middle School). This is a photo of Eddie now. He is getting better, speaking more clearly, and is keeping his spirits up. He has received a lot of well letters from students at Parker Middle School in Taunton and students from Taunton High School. My mother and I are very happy that there are students, teachers and administrators out there who care for my brother. This shows that victims of bulling are not alone and there are a lot of people out there that care about this topic. If you would please share this to your page to show victims of bulling are not alone and the bullies will be punished if the victims speak up and fight.”


Patricia Gomes Named New Bedford Poet Laureate

Patricia Gomes

Mayor Jon Mitchell appointed Patricia Gomes as the City of New Bedford’s new Poet Laureate. The Mayor announced the appointment earlier today during an event at the Renaissance Community School for the Arts hosted by the Greater New Bedford Writers’ Block, in celebration of National Poetry Month.

“I am honored and excited to appoint Patricia Gomes as New Bedford’s new Poet Laureate,” said Mayor Mitchell. “Patricia is a New Bedford native and an award-winning poet and author. She is already engaging the community with her poetry and is eager to help celebrate our city’s beauty and diversity. I am confident that Patricia will represent New Bedford well during her term as Poet Laureate.”

Patricia Gomes said, “As a life-long resident of this loving city, I will do my very best to make its citizenry proud and promote the literary arts and in all forms. I look forward to a productive term as New Bedford’s Poet Laureate.”

The New Bedford Poet Laureate position is a three-year appointment to commence on May 1, 2014. The Poet Laureate’s duties will include raising public awareness of poetry throughout the community, engaging New Bedford Public Schools to enhance the teaching of poetry in the classroom, and creating poems for specific occasions as requested by the Mayor.

It has been several years since New Bedford has had an active Poet Laureate. The last two poets to receive the honor were John Landry, named in 2007 and Everett Hoagland, who served from 1994 to 1998.

This was first time the City invited poets to apply for the position under the auspices of the New Bedford Cultural Council. A five-member sub-committee of the body oversaw the application and selection process, and ultimately made a final recommendation to the Mayor.

About Patricia Gomes, New Bedford Poet Laureate 


Man arrested in Fairhaven for transporting heroin and cocaine

Alexander DelorbecasildaFairhaven Police arrested a man for drug trafficking Saturday afternoon just before 3pm. Officer Janis Bubluski observed a red Chevy Blazer fail to stop for a red light while turning left onto Route 6 from Green Street. Officer Bubluski stopped the vehicle, which was being operated by 27 year old Alexander Delorbecasilda of Rockdale Avenue, New Bedford, in front of Fairhaven High School.

During the motor vehicle stop, it was determined that Delorbecasilda had a suspended license. Officer Bubluski placed him under arrest for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license. During an inventory search of the vehicle, officers discovered a large amount of two different substances, one of which field tested positive for heroin, the other field tested positive for cocaine. The total weight of the heroin was 95 grams and the total weight of the cocaine was 7 grams.


Delorbecasilda was charged with trafficking heroin, possession with intent to distribute cocaine, operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, failing to stop at a red light and school zone violations. Trafficking heroin of this amount carries a twenty year sentence in state prison, with a minimum mandatory sentence of seven years. Delorbecasilda was arraigned at Third District Court on Monday morning.

New Bedford Guide’s Top 10 Stories of the Week – 5th Edition

A man robbed Tedeschi’s this week with a skeleton mask.

Here are New Bedford Guide’s top stories this week from our website or Facebook page. Click on the bold title to read the original story.

  1. New Bedford police seek public’s assistance in identity thief case – NBPD are looking for a woman who used a debit card to purchase $900 worth of Visa prepaid cards at a Kings Highway business. It is believed she has obtained the victims information and created a new card which she used at the store.
  2. Two men shot in New Bedford drive by shooting – On Monday afternoon there was a drive by shooting that took place in the area of Cottage St. and Robeson St. Two men were shot and transported to Rhode Island Hospital and listed in serious condition.The police now have a suspect. Noel Pizarro Carrion, 21, of 297 Coffin Avenue. If you see him call 911. Photo here.
  3. New Bedford police recover defaced semi-automatic handgun – The New Bedford police executed a search warrant last night at a 236 Hemlock Street apartment and recovered a .22 caliber semi-automatic Beretta handgun with the serial numbers defaced and 5 rounds of .22 caliber ammunition. Neither party possesses a license to carry firearms.
  4. Man Arrested in Georgia on Charges Related to Suspicious Fire and Death in New Bedford – A suspect connected to the April 15th death of Justin Downey in New Bedford has been apprehended in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Sayeed Coggins, 36, of Providence, RI, was arrested during the overnight hours Tuesday into Wednesday by U.S. Marshalls
  5. Man with black skeleton mask robs Tedeschi’s – A robbery occurred this week at Tedeschi’s market located at 450 Ashley Boulevard. The suspect was not armed, but was wearing a skeleton mask.
  6. New New Bedford Resident: Musings of a Southern Transplant – Jennifer Hollie Bowles shared her experience about moving from Knoxville, Tennessee to Taunton and eventually to New Bedford.
  7. Fairhaven Police respond to man ordering young boy into truck – A man ordered a young boy into his truck in Fairhaven. The community came together and made the article viral on Facebook.
  8. New Bedford Police Department Records First Nasal Narcan Save – One of New Bedford’s police officers used Nasal Narcan to save a 37-year old man from a fatal overdose yesterday on Hillman Street. It’s the first recorded save since New Bedford Police were trained and equipped with the life saving drug.
  9. New Bedford on eBay – We built a page to showcase some nice New Bedford items on eBay.
  10. Local Death Metal Giants at Club XS – The Metal scene is making a resurgence in New Bedford. This week, four of the most talented bands in the area converged on XS Night Club Friday night.

Why Lease Your Next Vehicle?

Robert Bancroft, President, Ashley Ford Sales


Did you know that LEASING is growing in popularity? In fact, over 75% of vehicles priced $40,000+ are leased and it’s trending from luxury car buyers to the average car buyer. You’ve probably seen lease offers for $99/month for a new car and wondered how it works. The fine print and leasing language may be hard to understand so I wanted to summarize five benefits of leasing that you may not be aware of.

  • You get lower monthly payments than if you were to purchase a new vehicle because you only pay for the part you use – the best part!
  • No Down Payment is required, but a down payment can be added to reduce your monthly payment
  • You will never owe more than your vehicle is worth
  • All leases come with GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) so if your vehicle is totaled or stolen  you will get a replacement at no cost to you
  • With leasing you will be driving a new vehicle every 2 to 3 years instead of owning a vehicle for 5 years or longer when maintenance issues may arise. 

Click Here to Read the other 7 Benefits of Leasing.

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