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Best Job Search Resources for New Bedford Residents

New Bedford Help Wanted

A man willing to work, and unable to find work, is perhaps the saddest sight that fortune’s inequality exhibits under this sun.  ~Thomas Carlyle There’s no doubt that it can be hard to find a job in today’s tough economic conditions. If you live in New Bedford, it’s even tougher …

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Richard Louv and The New Nature Movement

Nationally-renowned author and environmental advocate Richard Louv will give a major presentation in New Bedford on “The Nature Principle and The New Nature Movement.”  Louv’s lecture will focus on the diminishing human connection with nature and how communities and individuals can work together to change that. The program will be …

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Ocean Explorium Names Rhonda Moniz Explorer in Residence

The Ocean Explorium now has an “Explorer in Residence.” A native of New Bedford, Rhonda Moniz is an underwater cinematographer, a diving safety officer and a pilot and engineer for Remotely- Operated Vehicles (ROV). Ms. Moniz is founder and Director of Operations for Benthic Exploration, a company specializing in marine …

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Seamen’s Bethel Monday Tours

Seamen's Bethel New Bedford

Have you ever wondered what the Seamen’s Bethel really is? Have you wondered why it was built to begin with? The Port Society, in conjunction with New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park, is proud to announce special Seamen’s Bethel tours each Monday afternoon. The tours start at New Bedford Whaling …

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Humpback Whales of the Silver Bank

New Bedford is known as the Whaling City. While New Bedford has the notorious distinction of being the top whale killing port in the 17th and 18th centuries, the city is now a leader in whaling education and promotion. Our public high school athletic teams are known as “Whalers”, we …

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The Many Variations of President’s Day

Today is the third Monday of February, which means that today is President’s Day.  Well, technically the federal government celebrates the day as ‘Washington’s Birthday,’ but over time other presidents have been granted membership in what is now a collective holiday.  The problem is that even though this day is …

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Some Notable New Bedford African-Americans

As you know, February is “Black History Month” in the United States.  What you may not know is that New Bedford has deep roots when it comes to African-Americans.  The city was an integral part of the Underground Railroad that helped bring slaves from the southern slavery states into the …

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