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Faces of New Bedford

Faces of New Bedford is a project by Colton Simmons. Email all inquiries to colton@coltonsimmons.com.


Faces Of New Bedford #175: Gary Moujabber

Meet Gary Moujabber, 29-year-old general manager of The Lebanese Kitchen. When Gary was born, his parents had already established their family restaurant, The Lebanese Kitchen, in the city’s west end. His parent’s migrated here from Lebanon in the late 70s/early 80s and as far as he could remember he had …

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Faces Of New Bedford #172: Marc Frey

Meet Marc Frey, 27-year-old Electrician and Hockey Coach. Growing up, Marc knew he wanted to learn a trade and during his time at New Bedford Voc-Tech High School, he studied to become an electrician. While at the high school, he also made a name for himself with his hockey skills, …

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Faces Of New Bedford #171: Matthew Aguiar

Meet Matthew Aguiar, 24-year-old Photographer and Graphic Designer. Matt got interested in art during his time in middle school, doodling during classes as a tool to keep him from getting distracted while taking notes. Seeing his talents, his parents pushed him to go to New Bedford Voc-Tech, where he could …

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Faces Of New Bedford #169: Kelley Mosher

Meet Kelley Cabral-Mosher. 45-year-old Therapist and Field Hockey Coach. Growing up, Kelley always knew she wanted to help people. In high school, she volunteered in several community outreach programs, which spurred her into going to college for her bachelor’s degree in sociology. After graduating from UMass Dartmouth, she worked heavily …

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Faces Of New Bedford #166: Danielle Andrews

Meet Danielle Andrews, 47-year-old performing artist, and vocal coach. Danielle got involved in music very early on in life, winning multiple talent shows and involving herself in all music school activities growing up. In her late teenage years, she auditioned for and was selected as a member of the girl …

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