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Faces of New Bedford

Faces of New Bedford is a project by Colton Simmons. Email all inquiries to colton@coltonsimmons.com.


Faces Of New Bedford #148: Warley Williams

Meet Warley Williams, 33-year-old Assistant Principal of Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech. After high school, Warley attended UMass Dartmouth hoping to graduate with a degree in Computer Science, but shortly into his first semester, he found out that his now wife was pregnant with their first child. Out of his father’s …

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Faces Of New Bedford #147: Kayla Mederios

Meet Kayla Mederios, 27-year-old Occupational Therapy Assistant, Applications Specialist, and Buti Yoga Instructor. Growing up Kayla always struggled to maintain weight, fluctuating up and down into her mid-20s. After graduating from BCC and she began her career as an occupational therapy assistant, which was inspired by working on an Alzheimer’s …

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Faces Of New Bedford #145: Victoria Wood

Meet Victoria Wood, 26-year-old Math Teacher at Our Sisters’ School. Growing up she felt like she went through school blind to the idea of privilege. When she got to UMass Dartmouth though, through studying and observing society in her sociology courses, she quickly became aware of the social injustice in …

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Faces Of New Bedford #142: Randall Pina

Meet Randall Pina, 34-year-old Entrepreneur, Realtor, and Developer. Randall grew up in New Bedford and dealing with a lot of trouble during his youth, even dropping out of school twice, he knew he had to do something to change that. During a period where his parents were splitting up, he …

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