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Faces Of New Bedford #101: Hugh Dunn

Meet Hugh Dunn, 31-year-old Director of Economic Development and City councilor. Hugh, born in Worcester MA, is 4th generation Irish with ancestry rooted in the whaling industry in Ireland. Prior to pursuing a degree in Political Science, Hugh worked at a freezer warehouse that caused him to become ill and …

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Faces Of New Bedford #99: Jordan Paiva

Meet Jordan Paiva, 25-year-old singer and DJ. Growing up, Jordan was always interested in music and sang in several school organizations. During trips with his parents, he was fascinated by the way the entertainers were able to get the crowd involved and it was then that he realized what he …

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Faces Of New Bedford #98: Adrian Carvalho

Meet Adrian Carvalho, 47-year-old Soccer Coach and Philanthropist. Adrian, growing up in New Bedford, began playing soccer at the age of six, soon taking the position as goalkeeper. He was involved in many leagues but notes the push he received from one of his coaches, Carlos Valente, that lead him …

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Faces Of New Bedford #97: Cait Joseph

Meet Caitlin Joseph, 31-year-old Personal Trainer and Nutrition coach at Boutique Fitness. From a young age, Cait was always involved in competitive sports, but it wasn’t until her senior year of high school and starting college that her interest in the weight room and running really took off. After graduating …

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Faces Of New Bedford #96: Ryan Caton

Meet Ryan Caton, 26-year-old surveyor and owner of Got Chew. Ryan graduated from New Bedford High School in hopes of becoming a pharmacist. He added the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and while living in Boston, frequently used a delivery service that would deliver for restaurants that didn’t offer that sort …

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Faces Of New Bedford #95: Lee Heald

Meet Lee Heald, 63-year-old Director of AHA New Bedford. Lee moved to the area in the nineties to work at the Whaling Museum as the Vice President of Education and Exhibitions. During her time at the museum, she worked under a large grant that connected communities of whaling with the …

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Faces Of New Bedford #94: Devin Byrnes

Meet Devin Byrnes, 42-year-old cook and owner of Destination Soups. Devin grew up in Salem, MA and always found himself cooking, from a young age and through high school in restaurants. He located to New Bedford to attend the University of Massachusetts and fell in love. He never felt that …

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