2014 New Bedford Oktoberfest Survival Guide

2014 Oktoberfest at State Pier in New Bedford on Saturday, October 4th

Summer’s warmth is still lingering, but it won’t be long until the leaves will change and instead of visiting the beach we’ll be visiting apple orchards and pumpkin patches.  Already the shandy’s are disappearing from the package stores and being replaced with autumn ales.

While we may mourn the passing of summer, there is much to look forward to about the fall, especially if you are a beer enthusiast.  One particular event that you will want to check out is the 2014 Oktoberfest at State Pier in New Bedford on Saturday, October 4th.  New Bedford Guide has all the details for this year’s beer extravaganza.

1. What is the SCBA Oktoberfest?

The South Coast Business Alliance, AKA the SCBA, is a group of ambitious, business-minded people who are dedicated to making the South Coast a better place to live and work.  The SCBA provides networking opportunities and business connections to help groom future business and community leaders for the South Coast region.  The SCBA also donates to nonprofit organizations and scholarship funds to help provide better opportunities and resources to the community.

Oktoberfest began in Munich Germany on October 12, 1810.

For those of you who are down for little history lesson, Oktoberfest began in Munich Germany on October 12, 1810 to celebrate Crown Prince Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Therese of Saxony.  The horse races at the event were a big success, and so the tradition was continued in subsequent years.  Over time more and more beer stands popped up at the festival to quench the thirst of attendees.  By 1896 full beer tents and beer halls were a major feature of the fairgrounds, making it a renowned destination for beer lovers far and wide.

Today, Oktoberfest in Germany attracts 6 million visitors each year, and different locations around the world have begun to host their own Oktoberfests.  The SCBA began their Oktoberfest in New Bedford 9 years ago, and each year it has been a growing success, bringing 21+ visitors into the city to try out local beers, eat and listen to live music.

2.  The Beer

Oktoberfest is not Oktoberfest without good beer.  This year, the NB Oktoberfest will feature the largest selection of any of the years past, with over 25 beers on tap.  The breweries that will be present are largely local microbreweries and they will be bringing that unique autumn ale flavor that can only be done right in the North East!

In terms of super local talent, Buzzard’s Bay Brewing Company will be present, as will Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project, both of which are brewed fresh in Westport, MA.  Another local favorite, Mayflower Brewing from Plymouth will be present, as will Cisco Brewers from Nantucket.

Naturally some of the other big names in Massachusetts’ finest will be there, such as Sam Adams and Wachusett.  There will also be a brewery from New Hampshire, Woodstock Brewery, who is definitely worth checking out.  The very popular Southern Tier will be representing New York, and another semi-local favorite, Foolproof, will be bringing their beer in from Providence.

Those are only to name some of the breweries that will be present, so there’s sure to be something to suit any palate!  Beers can be purchased by the cup, so you will want to bring cash.  This year there will also be an “Oktoberfest Sampler” card option, which allows you to sample up to six beers for $10.

The area’s most talented musicians will be present!

3. The Food

Good food and good beer are meant to be together.  Luckily for Oktoberfest attendees, the SCBA has put together a food lineup worthy of its beer counterpart.  As in years past, No Problemo’s will be present and will be serving up their now famous Oktoberfest special, Wurst Ques, a bratwurst queso.  Oxford Creamery’s Oxcart will be providing steamed hot dogs and more (the more may include lobster rolls), and O’Crepe will be serving both sweet and savory crepes.  O’Crepe’s options range from the traditional nutella crepe to some unique and mouthwatering inventions, like the C.B.L.T. (sriracha mayo, bacon, lettuce, tomato).  Finally, Ma Raffa’s will be in attendance.  To anyone who has lived in Greater NB for more than a year, Ma Raffa’s should need no introduction; if you’re looking to do the beer and pizza combo you could hardly hope for a better pairing.

4.  The Entertainment

Last year’s entertainment certainly got some people dancing, and this year looks to promise much the same.  Local favorite Craig DeMelo, who always warms the crowd up with his full band each year at Oktoberfest will be taking the stage with a range of catchy covers and originals.  Another stellar addition to the line up is Four Legged Faithful, a four-man band that uses traditional bluegrass/ folk instruments to create a beautiful and unique musical experience.

The Felix Brown Band is headlining as they did last year, and if 2013 was any indication this band’s energy and talent is sure to get people on their feet.  The Felix Brown Band has played throughout the Northeast and beyond; bringing a fusion style of music that blends elements of rock, blues, R&B, jazz and funk.  They bring their unique sound to many popular songs, ranging from Eric Clapton to 50 Cent.

This year’s event will also feature a corn hole tournament, so make sure your throwing arm is in good shape if you plan on participating!

5.  Time, Date and Location

As previously mentioned, this year’s Oktoberfest will take place on October 4th from 3:00 PM until midnight.  As with last year, it will be located at State Pier in New Bedford, which is a truly excellent spot in my opinion.

2014 Oktoberfest is expected to draw quite a crowd!

With lots of indoor cover but plenty of space to roam the pier outdoors, State Pier is an ideal location for sipping a beer and looking out on the working waterfront.  Additionally, the high ceilings make for a good acoustic experience as the live performances keep everyone rocking throughout the night.

6.  Tickets

Portions of proceeds from this event will go to the UMass Dartmouth South Coast Business Alliance Scholarship Endowment.  Other charities and nonprofits will also benefit from these funds throughout the year.  So just think… not only will your ticket price buy you a great time, it will benefit the community in numerous ways!

Oktoberfest is also paid for in part by sponsors, whose generosity allow for this fantastic fundraiser to go forward.  This year’s Gold Sponsors were Advanced Eye Centers, Baycoast Bank, Blue Hills Bank, and Claremont Companies.

Tickets can be pre-purchased through Eventbrite (http://www.eventbrite.com/e/scbas-9th-annual-oktoberfest-2014-tickets-12777555011?ref=ebtn) for $15 per person.  Please keep in mind you must be 21 or older to attend, and you should bring a valid ID.

Zach Meunier unveils latest artwork at Carabiners

Zach Meunier unveiled his latest artwork at the Carabiner’s open house Sunday, September 7th, 2014.

Seafire Grillhouse and Bar wastes no time in becoming a premier Southcoast destination

My Seafood Delight: “Littlenecks, Mussels, Scallops, Shrimp and Lump Crab Meat in White Cream Sauce, Marinara Sauce or White Wine Sauce Over Fresh Linguini.”

I won’t beat around the bush. I won’t lead you on a vague trail of allusions keeping you guessing as you read. I’ll be transparent as possible and state that last night I had one of the best meals in my life.

I’m a bonafide, passionate foodie. I’m willing to admit that I may even be a food curmudgeon. I’m getting a bit of “cranky, old man” syndrome as I get older. In this day and age, it seems you pay a modest amount to dine out and often it’s a disappointing one. The food is delicious, but the service is dismal. The service is friendly, but the salad is wilted and the portions small. How many of you have eaten out and received a bill, only to be overcome with diner’s remorse?

I’m apprehensive these days when I dine at a new place, my shoulders tense up. My back slumps. I’m already anticipating the diner’s remorse. Well…that’s a bit of exaggeration, but my expectations are typically set low, so the let down isn’t from so high. In fact, I have had so much poor, processed seafood that you need to twist my arm to order it. I need multiple confirmations from “experts” that the seafood is unprocessed and fresh. Who wants to pay $20+ to bite into a flavorless, sterile saltball? If I want that, I’ll go to the beach and pretend to drown…for FREE.

A stunning water feature is just one element of Seafire’s elegant decor.

Arrival, Ambiance, Atmosphere
My brother and I arrived on a Wednesday evening figuring there would only be a small to moderate crowd. Parking in a parking lot downtown feels odd. Seafire Grill one of the last prime real estate parking spots in the city. That’s nice. Nothing worse than starting out an evening with the frustration of finding available parking.

Walking into Seafire and turning towards the entrance is a genuine treat. What a gorgeous facility. Owner Greg Kulpinski exposed much of the building’s old character knowing full well it would set the ideal ambiance and atmosphere. Being a history buff, I simply adore seeing interior stone walls and exposed timber ceilings. It’s New Bedford after all!

After the doors open, you are immediately in the dining room. There is a hosting platform to the left and a rectangular island bar that seats approximately 20 people to the right – with about 8-9 people enjoying themselves. We were immediately greeted by the exuberant bartender and within a few seconds restaurant manager Adam pleasantly greeted and sat us. Total waiting time? About 8 seconds. About a dozen gorgeous, ebony wood tables impeccably set (they won “Best Table at the Taste of Southcoast in 2014) filled the primary dining area which was also decorated with a fabulous water feature and some stunning art.

While we had this area to ourselves, the adjacent patio area was filled. It was elegant, gorgeous and had us considering a move to it. Loud, hunger pangs kept us practical. In addition, to the regular menu book, you receive a cocktail menu and a wine list (and champagne) all bound in hardcover.

Atmosphere, ambiance done right without being pretentious!

Very light music – on this night it was 80s music which I enjoyed being class of ’88 – filled the room. Perfectly piped volume so as to not force anyone to have to compete it with it to have conversation, but amplified enough to set the atmosphere.

Service and Appetizers
Our server Taylor came within a minute to take a drink order. I ordered a Pinot Noir and Mike stuck with water since he didn’t spot his stand-by, Chianti by the glass, on the wine list. Only took him 4 minutes to change his mind and order a Pinot Noir though!

Taylor returned with the wine and some spectacular bread rolls. These round balls of joy were accompanied with a small ramakin of what appeared to be homemade butter. Off to great start. Poring over the menu, I was delighted to see some originality. Clearly a significant amount of care went into crafting the menu. This wasn’t a menu that was 6 pages with an 200 choices. It was a modest menu that declares “We know what we do…what we excel at. We’re sticking to it.” A menu that has just the right amount of items on it is a key to success. Day in, day out, night after night creating a menu of this size translates into consistency and excellence.

A number of appetizers jumped out at us. Portuguese or Rhode Island Style Calamari, Crab Cakes, Coconut Crusted Shrimp, Lobster Ravioli, Mussels and an unusual Crunchy Ahi Tuna Tacos which are described as “Pan-Seared Tuna, Sesame Seeds with Cucumber, Fresh Wasabi Aioli and Sriracha.” I love Sriracha. In addition to French Onion Soup and Clam Chowder, Seafire has their own signature Lobster Bisque: “Traditional Topped with a Lobster Crostini and Lobster Butter.”

A wide variety of salads are offered. In addition to House and Ceasar salads, there is an Asian Soba Noodles Salad of “Fresh Vegetables and Sesame Dressing Topped with Fried Wontons with the option of adding Teriyaki (Salmon, Chicken or Shrimp) or Sesame Ahi Tuna. A Wedge salad, Caprese, Gorgonzola and Spinach Pear Salad.

You need this antipasto in your life!

It was difficult to choose an appetizer, but we settled on the Littlenecks “White Wine, Onions, Garlic, Olive Oil and Marinara Sauce or Portuguese Sauce.” ($10.99). We opted for the Portuguese sauce. While Taylor put the order in, we dug deeper into the menu. It was clear that Seafire Grill chose “Surf and Turf” as their specialty.

The opening act
The Littlnecks arrived – a dozen little treasures piled upon one another. The aroma was magnificent. The taste was grander. These were the freshest, most tender littlenecks I’ve ever had lightly tossed with cooked onion slices and topped with two crostini. Cooked perfectly. Perfect. The white wine sauce was a successful marriage of wine, garlic and the proper amount of saltiness. These poor things had no chance. I considered the merit of explaining to Mike that since I had 50lbs on him, I should get 7 or or 8 of them and he should get 4 or 5. It would have only been fair. I could honestly sit at the bar and make 4-5 orders of these, stabbing any greedy hand with my fork.

Everything to this point had instilled a confidence in me that it was going to be a good night. This is the entire point of going out to dine with friend or family. A restaurant is supposed to be interdependent to your company and conversation. The atmosphere is their to energize and push the dialogue. The introduction of dishes intermittently is to compliment and pace the chat. A synergy of give and take to provide a positive experience. Seafire nails it. My brother and I could relax – just “let go” and enjoy ourselves.

Being the churlish lot that I am, when Taylor returned to clear the plates I asked her if it would be in bad form to lick the plate. She replied “Do you want me to hold the plate for you?” I wish she wasn’t kidding. Bravo, Taylor.

Exposed stone, antique timbers and a modern setting.

Choosing Mains
We again pored over the menu and there was quite a selection: Blackened Mahi Mahi, Cajun Rare Seared Ahi Tuna (Steamed Rice, Wakame Salad, Wasabi, Stuffed Salmon or Grand Marnier Salmon (With Raspberry Beurre Blanc Over Spinach and Potato of the Day, Pickled Ginger and Soy Sauce). A Lazyman’s Lobster, Risottos, Sole and even Fish And Chips. There were pasta dishes, and a fabulous “Steak and Chops” section.

Kobe Beef Burger, 8oz Filet Mignon Gorgonzola Butter and Port Wine Sauce, Filet Mognon, Prime Rib, Chicken Mushroom Marsala and Asian Ribs with Hoison Glaze “Served with Soba Noodles and Grilled Vegetable Stir-Fry.” In case, you wanted the best of both worlds there is an option to make your own Surf & Turf Combo.

I ended up choosing the Seafood Delight which was a medley of “Littlenecks, Mussels, Scallops, Shrimp and Lump Crab Meat in White Cream Sauce, Marinara Sauce or White Wine Sauce Over Fresh Linguini.” ($22.99) I chose the white cream sauce. Mike chose the New York Sirloin “Topped with a Bourbon Butter Served with Roasted Garlic Mashed Potato and Grilled Vegetable.” ($19.99).

The grand performance
A few moments later, she arrived with our mains. The mingling aromas of steak and seafood were maddening. I was full absorbed in the artwork in front of me. The first thing I noticed was the heaping pile of fresh picked crab meat dead center of the plate. Apparently I was stunned because I said out loud “Is that real crabmeat?!” There must have been a mistake! I grabbed my fork and brutishly stabbed at the strings and chunks. Yes, it was the genuine article. My brother and Taylor vanished. The world dissolved into an unimportant backdrop.

Seared scallops fresh from the Seafire’s own boats – over crab and chorizo cakes!

I snapped to and realized there were other items! A dozen, small tender mussels ringed a bed of al dente linguini gently dressed in a light, not salty, flavorful white whine cream sauce. Sweet, medium shrimp – I have to say unprocessed and FRESH. My biggest pet peeve is processed seafood and processed shrimp makes me see red. Same goes for the scallops – 20/30 count, slightly sweet medallions of delight. And of course, more of those delectable littlenecks. This was seafood done with respect. Put on a pedestal like it rightfully deserves. No surprise here as Seafire owns two boats epitomizing the from boat to plate concept. They aren’t tampering with a good thing.

The subtle touch was the sizes of the seafood. People love seafood, but not necessarily gargantuan mussels and clams. Massive bellied clams aren’t something most people are particularly fond of. Seafire, unlike many places, clearly feels that in addition to freshness being a priority, so isn’t hand picking the proper size. It’s this extra care and attention to detail that is a common theme at Seafire Grill.

Here was a dish that made me feel guilty. It was so good that I felt like I was doing something wrong. There had to be a catch. Things this good don’t just happen to me. Someone must have slipped something into my drink. I eyed my brother, Adam and Taylor suspiciously.

Mike’s New York Sirloin (medium well) was a gorgeous thing to look at. Simmering juices and the perfect amount of char accompanied with bright colored, fresh vegetables and a side of chopped, seasoned potatoes. Contrasting my aforementioned churlish and greedy ways, my brother sliced a portion of his steak and offered it to me.

The patio – one of three seating areas plus the rectangualr island bar.

I had a Seinfeld-ian moment: knowing the rules of engagement, he knew I would have to return the offer and allow him a go at my seafood. Does he think I’m an amateur? Why is he looking directly at the scallops? I mean, he can have some linguini if he wants.

My first bite into the steak flooded me with memories of the old York Steak House – only this was better. York was great, but this was light years ahead. Here I am having one of the best seafood dishes in my life, and now I am tasting one of the best steaks ever? 80s music is playing overhead. In my head, Joey Lawrence let out a “Whoa.”

Grand finale or coup de grace
Often in American dining, quality is often sacrificed for portions. It’s not always a bad thing – in some cases it’s a good thing – but it renders dessert superfluous. The beauty of qualitative, perfect portions is I had a tiny corner of my stomach requesting to be filled. For the first time in a long time, dessert was a possibility. Taylor detailed the half dozen dessert options and we settled on the interesting sounding Chocolate Bag – filled with white chocolate mousse and raspberries and blackberries.

When it arrived, we were a bit puzzled on how to approach it. Do we slice into it? Scoop it out, waiting for the chocolate to soften before eating? So like the rubes we are, we began smacking the chocolate with our spoons. Real sophisticates we are! After scooping a few blueberries, blackberries and strawberries out and devouring them, I noticed they weren’t sweetened.

The glorious “Chocolate Bag”!

Here was another theme threaded throughout the Seafire experience: don’t oversalt and oversweeten the ingredients. Let the quality and freshness of the ingredients combine with the chef’s ability stand on its own. It’s an insult to add copious amounts of salt and sugar to ingredients. In my opinion, it’s what poor chefs hide behind.

Anyhow, underneath the delightful fruit was handmade sorbet. Wonderful crimson chunks of slightly sweet, citrus-infused deliciousness. Mixing these with a few cracked shells of superior chocolate played for a complex symphony on the tongue. An absolutely divine dessert and a wonderful way to cap off the night.

Conclusion and summation
I should mention that our server Taylor was superlative. Light conversation, attentive to detail, and magically appearing when needed. Distant but always available. That’s how I like my servers. Her delightful attitude and presence was the perfect compliment to a perfect night of dining.

With Seafire Grill I found a place that I intend to frequent regularly. Throughout the day, I wondered what some of the other items on the menu were like. The bar is my type of bar and since I didn’t experience it that night, I’d like to return and give it a go. A night on the town for me, is a sitting at a bar drinking wine and having great conversation with good company and the atmosphere there is just right.

The pricing of the menu is spot on for what you are getting. Yes, some people wouldn’t be able to afford it on a regular basis, but they would certainly make Seafire their destination for a special night, like an anniversary, birthday, or work promotion. Having said that, Seafire is not a pretentious, arrogant high-end restaurant.

Asian Short Ribs – Served with Soba Noodles and Grilled Vegetable Stir-Fry.

It is highly approachable. A menu designed with care, a world class chef, competent management, and affable servers are a clear recipe for success. Once word-of-mouth gets out, I fully expect Seafire Grill to be a spot that you will need a week out to get a reservation. It’s quite simply a spectacular dining experience and one that I’d like to revisit again and again.

There are a lot of similarities between Seafire Grill, Cork and the Pasta House. In terms of detail, care, and excellence they are all siblings. The menus are distinctly different, but these are three of the finest dining establishments in the region. They retain that “upscale” dining service, but without being pretentious.

Seafire Grill has an active Facebook (where they give away free meals!) and website where you can check on specials, make reservations right online, and browse their menu. There is even a calendar, so you can keep abreast of live music, DJ and Dancing or “Make your own hamburger” nights.

You can call for reservations, however walk-ins are welcome. Got a group or want take-out? No problem. Want to have a special event there? You’re in good hands. They accept Visa, Mastercard, and of course, cash.

The Seafire Grill is on the map. They have fired a shot across the bow of all the South Coast’s restaurants with the standard they’ve set here. It’s a must have dining experience.

And yes, no brothers were harmed in this dining experience. I did not stab Mike’s hand with a fork and I returned his generous offer to sample from my plate.

Or did I?

Seafire Grillhouse and Bar

72 N Water St
New Bedford, Massachusetts 02740
Phone: (508) 999-3333
Email: info@seafiregrillhouseandbar.com

Tue – Thu: 11:30 am – 10:00 pm
Fri: 11:30 am – 11:00 pm
Sat: 3:30 pm – 11:00 pm
Sun: 11:30 am – 9:00 pm

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SeaFireNB
Website: seafiregrillhouseandbar.com/


2014 New Bedford Seaport Chowder Festival

Taste offerings from 25 area restaurant! Who will have the best?

Downtown New Bedford, Inc. is pleased to announce the date for the Ninth Annual New Bedford Seaport Chowder Festival. It will be held on Sunday October 5th, from 12 noon to 5 pm at Pier 3 on New Bedford’s working waterfront. Restaurants, caterers and organizations with great dining facilities are lining up to compete in this friendly competition, The day culminates in awards decided by the votes of the attendees for “Best Of” in all the categories and the “Judge’s Choice” Award will be decided by a blind taste test. This year’s judging panel includes the 2012 “Chopped” Champion, Chef Joe Rego: Standard Times Food Critique and Food Blogger, Auditi Guha, and WFHN Radio Personality, Michael Rock.

With your ticket you are able to sample and taste the offerings from 25 area restaurants, many offering one or more in the categories of Clam Chowder, Seafood Chowder, Kale and Specialty Soups and Stuffed Quahogs, all under an enormous tent nestled among the fishing boats on Pier 3 in New Bedford.


As of September 22nd we have signed up: Autumn Glen, Brookdale, The Hollywood Scoop, The Tipsy Toboggan, Cove Surf & Turf, Freestone’s City Grill, The Galley Grille at White’s of Westport, Horta’s Restaurant, Me & Ed’s, Russell Morin’s Fine Catering, Olive Garden, Pasta House, Seaport Inn Grill, SouthCoast Health, Cotali Mar, The Black Whale Restaurant, Chef Jeff’s, Mike’s Restaurant, Sippican Healthcare Center, Whaling City Diner, All Friends Catering & BBQ, Matt’s Blackboard and Tia Maria European Café – with many more making their plans to participate.

‘Chowderfest’ continues to be an affordable family event”. Says DNB’s Executive Director, Diane Arsenault thanks to the support of our many sponsors. “We are extremely excited by that BayCoast Bank has again taken the lead in this sponsorship as it enables us to maintain the high quality of the festival while keeping the ticket price low”.

Outside the main tent will be smaller tents set up for food and drink vending that includes local beer and wines, soft drinks and mixed drinks. Café Arpeggio will also be offering a variety foods including homemade ice cream and desserts. Adding to the festive atmosphere throughout the afternoon are the annual YMCA Lobster Races, antique fire truck rides, craft activities organized by volunteers from the New Bedford Ocean Explorium, Buttonwood Park Zoo and Global Charter School.

Live music also adds to the atmosphere. The MRL Trio will be performing all afternoon with plenty of room for you to sit and listen or get up and dance! MRL is Butch McCarthy, Chris Richards and Dori Rubbicco Legge, local favorites. The trio will dip into the pop, rock and Americana songbook to entertain the crowd. Percussionist Dan Schwartz will also be joining the performance. We also have DJ’s services from Ensemble Events to entertain us between the band’s sets.

Restaurant applications to participate are available by calling the DNB office or can be downloaded from our website. There are also many sponsorship opportunities for companies who want great exposure to the 2,000 people who attend this event annually.

TICKETS are $15 in advance, $18 day of, $5 for children 6-12, free for 5 and younger. Tickets can be purchased online here: http://www.downtownnb.org/chowderfest.html


The history and tradition of New Bedford’s Portuguese Feast

In the 1910s the Feast of the Blessed Sacrament was a parade followed by a few hours of festivities on a Sunday (Museum of Madeiran Heritage)

Portuguese religious tradition, culture and community meet at the Feast of the Blessed Sacrament 

The Feast of the Blessed Sacrament is such a city icon that it’s referred to as the Portuguese Feast. There are the grand buildings of Russell Warren, the Sea Captain homes, and the Whaleman Statue. There was the Paul Revere Sign. There’s the Fishing Industry and the Waterfront. All these things are conjured when someone says New Bedford. The Portuguese Feast is in league with them.

Everyone knows New Bedford is also known as the Whaling City. Some know that it was once known as the “City of Light.” It could easily be dubbed as the City of Portuguese. Well, that’s unimaginative. Perhaps, the City of Malassadas? Cacoila City? Lil’ Lisbon?

OK, I won’t quit my day job. You get the picture.

New Bedford is synonymous with Portuguese Culture. No one can imagine New Bedford without it. Who wants to go the rest of their lives without cacoila, linguica, malassadas, pops, quezadas, or boiled dinner? I don’t want to live in a city where there are no Botelhos, Perreiras, Costas or Silvas in the phone book. No Fado, no Feast of the Blessed Sacrament, no Portuguese Clubs, no avos?


Feast of the Blessed Sacrament founders Manuel Santana Duarte, Manuel Santinho, Manuel Abreu Coutinho, and Manuel Agrella (Museum of Madeiran Heritage)

While there isn’t a soul that hasn’t been to the Festa at least once, there are a lot of people who don’t know why there is a Feast of the Blessed Sacrament. Who’s bright idea was it? Who was the genius that merged the best of America and Portugal in one of the city’s favorite events that draws up to 300,000 people? Let’s give thanks to the group that thought to put beer, wine, meat on a skewer, and live music right here in New Bedford.

Can we do a short trip through the history of the Feast without being boring? You bet we can. Should we? We sure should! It’s not just the history of the Portuguese Community. It’s the history of America. It’s your history. It’s our history.

A sizable portion of Portuguese – who have been known for centuries as some of the world’s best navigators, pilots, and shipbuilders – came directly to New Bedford attracted by the burgeoning whaling industry. What some do not know is that many did not originally have intentions of living in New Bedford.

A whaling voyage could take up to four years and it wasn’t uncommon for a ship to set sail with a very light crew. Traveling to ports all over the world for supplies, repairs or respite, the captains of these vessels would try to grow his crew size. Because of the history, culture and seagoing experience of the Portuguese and the position of the Portuguese owned islands in the Atlantic, stops were frequently made in the Azores and Madeira.

Many Azoreans, Cape Verdeans, Madeirans and mainland Portuguese would seize the opportunity, but were unaware that these voyages were not only many years long, but that the ships were heading back to New Bedford and not delivering everyone back to their homes. Many Portuguese were brought back to New Bedford and were expected to find and make their own ways back home.

Many of them arrived and immediately saw the economic opportunities that New Bedford offered. Not only could the seafaring peoples make a living off the sea, but they could do so without long voyages on whaling vessels. The whaling industry needed logistics support, i.e. coopers, carpenters, smiths, laborers, etc. In addition, there were unrelated jobs available in textiles warehouses, labor, and agriculture. Enough to tempt many to stay in New Bedford and with the better financial conditions and modernity of the New World, they could send for their families to relocate.

So now that we know why the Portuguese Community established roots in New Bedford, why the festa? Well, just because the relocated Portuguese decided to stay in America, didn’t mean that they didn’t still deeply love their country. At this point in world history there were greater opportunities for a better quality of life here in America and specifically New Bedford. Their passion for their country and culture didn’t wane.

Each group of Portuguese celebrate their heritage. For example, the Dia de Portugal is a celebration of all Portuguese communities and the Feast of Senhor de Pedra is specifically the Azorean community’s celebration. The Feast of the Blessed Sacrament is a Madeiran celebration rooted in religious tradition – Roman Catholicism in this case. The “Blessed Sacrament” being the bread and wine that forms the Eucharist or Holy Communion.

The Feast is founded on Roman Catholic tradition of Madeiran immigrants.(Museum of Madeiran Heritage)

Madeirans Manuel Santana Duarte, Manuel Santinho, Manuel Abreu Coutinho, and Manuel Agrella, founded the Feast in 1915 because they deeply missed the little festas they enjoyed in the small villages they were from back home. From these four founders the feast grew to the point that there are hundreds of feisteros who help organize the event – all who can trace their lineage back to Madeira.

While the Feast has greatly evolved since its first celebration in 1915, it has retained its name demonstrating the importance of the religious roots of the community and the first organizers. The first festas were just a small gathering of folks around barracas or stands, for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon. Imagine that?!

It’s a genuine tribute to the warm Portuguese culture that they happily welcome everyone to celebrate in their festivities – Catholic or not! It is this tolerance, and warmth that has contributed to the festa growing into the massive celebration that it is today. While many people simply go to the Feast, because they understand that it is a place to meet old and new friends, eat mouth watering food, and enjoy a few libations, we should at least acknowledge that the feast is one based in religious tradition, culture and history of the Portuguese Community – without whom we would not have the feast.

If you are interested in learning more about the Portuguese or Madeiran culture and/or history of the Feast of the Blessed Sacrament, you will be pleased to know that on the feast grounds is the Museum of Madeiran Heritage, jam packed with vintage photos, a timeline of the feast and those involved, and many interesting objects of historical importance.

Whether you are of Portuguese descent who wants to learn more about your heritage or someone who has no Portuguese ancestry and just want to learn more about the feast, the role of the Portuguese community, or the city’s history you will thoroughly enjoy exploring the museum. During the feast, the museum will be having a small festa of its own: you can enjoy some musical entertainment – yes, Fado – wine, coffee, espresso and some Portuguese pastries at the Museum Cafe until 10:00pm each night. Admission is free. Want to know more about schedule of activities and entertainment? Stay tuned.

Are you of Portuguese descent and can trace your family back many generations in greater New Bedford? There are missing portraits of five Feast of the Blessed Sacrament presidents. The Museum of Madeiran History needs your help in filling in the missing presidents:

1. Joao De Souza (Jardin) – Served in 1917. Born at Santa Cruz, Madeira. Lived at 929 Victoria Street.
2. Jose Antonio – Served in 1920. Born at Santa Cruz, Madeira. Lived at 276 Davis Street.
3. Guilhermo Silveira (Gonsalves) – Served in 1930. Born at Santa Cruz, Madeira. From Oakland, California.
4. Jaoa Pedro Vieira – Served in 1944. Lived at 206 North Street.
5. John Teixeira – Served in 1946. Lived at 32 Alpine Avenue, Fairhaven.

If these names are familiar to you and you have images or know how to find images of these individuals, please contact us at nbgarts@gmail.com.


Website: portuguesefeast.com/
Facebook Page: facebook.com/FeastOfTheBlessedSacrament

19 Things To Do This Weekend (July 25-July 27)

Sunny, sunny, and sunny sum up what this weekend’s weather will be like. Sure, we may get a thunderstorm on Sunday, but that’ll help drop the humidity a bit and make things tolerable. We’ll hover around a high of 80 degrees throughout the weekend and a low of 59 degrees. Let’s pack up the family or friends and head out and take advantage of the fanatastic weather!

As always, click on the title for more or detailed information on the event. Most of the events were pulled from our event calendar where you can find hundreds of local area events each month. The event calendar is FREE, so if you are a local business, and not taking advantage of FREE publicity, shame on you! Are you a local business and want to sponsor this high traffic, weekend guide? Contact info@newbedfordguide.com for more details. Have an event to add? Check out our tutorial. For more info, you can click on each title. Know of another event this weekend? Post a reply!


Friday, July 25th

Ruby Red Art Gallery Exhibition! (2:00pm-8:00pm)
Come join the hottest new tattoo parlor in the area for their first Art Gallery weekend. All Paintings, Prints, and Art Work will be displayed an on sale! Schedule some ink or get a piercing as well!!

Zoo Nights/Meet Queen Elsa at Buttonwood Park Zoo (5:30pm-8:30pm)
Zoo Nights are designed to offer families an opportunity to enjoy the Zoo on cool summer nights, experience keeper chats and participate in children’s activities. Children will have the opportunity to meet Queen Elsa from 6pm-7:30pm. Cost: Zoo Members: free; Non-members: $4/child; $8/adult.

Sunset Music Series: One Bad Aunt (Westport) (6:00pm-8:00pm)
It’s a picnic style event, and attendees may bring their own food or enjoy a variety of delicacies from Compton Clambakes & Catering and once again a raw bar will be provided by Cuttyhunk Shellfish Farms. Don’t forget a blanket, chairs, bug spray, glasses and a cork screw. Admission is $10 per carload (Buses are $30) and beer, wine and local food will be served for a fee. The event is weather permitting and NO ALCOHOL MAY BE BROUGHT TO THE EVENT.

Head to UGLY Gallery for the opening of the new exhibit Florescence!

Summer Sounds Series – New Bedford Waterfront (6:00-8:00pm)
Tonight! Summer Sound Series features Boston Soul Revue w/ special guests the FOXX Dreamgirls playing on the City Pier 6-8pm. The Summer Sound Series are brought to you by the City of New Bedford, Destination New Bedford, The Port of New Bedford, and our generous sponsors Freitas Package Store, Miller Lite, Colonial Wholesale Beverage. There will be no parking on City Pier tonight (except for handicap parking)Parking in the downtown area and Elm St. Garage is recommended.

UGLY Gallery presents Florescence 6:00pm)
The UGLY Gallery presents their newest offering: Florescence: Pop Color Icons by Christopher Florentino and hosted by DJ Jim Pasta! 246 Union Street.

Painting with a Splash: At The Beach & Van Gogh Starry Night (7:00pm)
Welcome to Painting with a Splash Where you are the artist! Painting with a Splash is the newest addition to Historic Whaling City Downtown New Bedford. Bringing you an experience of art as entertainment. Add a little wine (BYOB) that will surely tap into your creative side. With step by step instruction and a little music, you and your friends will create the evenings featured painting with a splash of your own uniqueness. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Just a desire to have fun.

Saturday, July 26th

Silverbrook ACUSHNET Country Store (9:00am-8:00pm)
SWEET CORN HAS ARRIVED! The Silverbrook Country Store is the home of The Pereia Bread Co. (a tasty little division of Silverbrook Farm) where they make their Famous Pies and Breads, as well as jams, sauces and other great food products. It is also the home of their Farm Stand that is open to the public every Saturday and Sunday. Silverbrook Country Store also has a wonderful and unique line of crafts including their popular candle/potpourri items and a great selection of handmade Amish items that truly make great gifts for any occasion.

Padanaram Summer Festival & Sidewalk Sale (9:00am-4:00pm)
Handcrafted goods, children’s activities, music, food, special deals/deiscounts, treats, special appearance by Cat in the Hat, artwork, and a whole lot more!! See poster or click on thread title for more info!

Look at all these events and activities!

Padanaram “Days of Yore (9:00am-5:00pm)
Sidewalk sales located at St. Peter’s Church and Rex Field, a SEMAP culinary exhibit, Roots of Faith will provide exhibits and activities in an old-fashioned church fair format, DCTV Historic Photo-Video presentations, Akin House tour, DNRT Story Walk at Frank Knowles Reserve, and fire truck rides, singers, and more at the village center! See poster or click on thread title for more info!

Edaville’s First Ever Engineer Experience ! (10:00am-5:00pm)
Engineer Package Includes: 2 Admission Tickets (Adult & Child; Parent must be with child), Ride in the Engine (20 minutes), Engineer Hat for Child, 15 minute Educational Experience w/ Engineer after ride, Engineer Certificate for Child (Signed by Engineer), Picture Op with Engineer, Gift Bag for Child. Call 508-866-8190 now to book your VIP Experience!

Painting with a Splash: Colorful Garden Flowers (Kids) & Butler Flats Lighthouse (11:30 am & 7:00pm)
Welcome to Painting with a Splash Where you are the artist! Painting with a Splash is the newest addition to Historic Whaling City Downtown New Bedford. Bringing you an experience of art as entertainment. Add a little wine (BYOB) that will surely tap into your creative side. With step by step instruction and a little music, you and your friends will create the evenings featured painting with a splash of your own uniqueness. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Just a desire to have fun.

Ruby Red Art Gallery Exhibition! (2:00pm-8:00pm)
Come join the hottest new tattoo parlor in the area for their first Art Gallery weekend. All Paintings, Prints, and Art Work will be displayed an on sale! Schedule some ink or get a piercing as well!!

Reggae at No Problemo – Celebrating the Life of Don Dread (10pm – 1pm)
Join the WUMD 89.3 Crew as the celebrate the life of legendary Don Dread featuring Sista Laura, Realm, Jah Soldier, Nuggiez, Rystar and Selectah Niko.  Music starts at 10pm, 21+.

Sunday, July 27th

Buttonwood Park Zoo FREE DAY! (9:00am-5:00pm)
Please join us for a free day at the Buttonwood Park Zoo in memory of Shulamith R. Friedland. Admission will be free at the Buttonwood Park Zoo on Sunday, July 27. The Zoo will be open 9:00am-5:00pm, with the last admission at 4:15pm.

Silverbrook ACUSHNET Country Store (9:00am-4:00pm)
SWEET CORN HAS ARRIVED!! The Silverbrook Country Store is the home of The Pereria Bread Co. (a tasty little division of Silverbrook Farm) where they make their Famous Pies and Breads, as well as jams, sauces and other great food products. It is also the home of their Farm Stand that is open to the public every Saturday and Sunday. Silverbrook Country Store also has a wonderful and unique line of crafts including their popular candle/potpourri items and a great selection of handmade Amish items that truly make great gifts for any occasion.

A lot of things going on Saturday and Sunday!

Ruby Red Art Gallery Exhibition! (12:00pm-5:00pm)
Come join the hottest new tattoo parlor in the area for their first Art Gallery weekend. All Paintings, Prints, and Art Work will be displayed an on sale! Schedule some ink or get a piercing as well!!

Edaville’s First Ever Engineer Experience ! (10:00am-5:00pm)
Engineer Package Includes: 2 Admission Tickets (Adult & Child; Parent must be with child), Ride in the Engine (20 minutes), Engineer Hat for Child, 15 minute Educational Experience with Engineer after ride, Edaville Engineer Certificate for Child (Signed by Engineer), Picture Op with Engineer, Gift Bag for Child. Call 508-866-8190 now to book your VIP Experience!

Painting with a Splash: Spotlight Rose (2:00pm)
Welcome to Painting with a Splash Where you are the artist! Painting with a Splash is the newest addition to Historic Whaling City Downtown New Bedford. Bringing you an experience of art as entertainment. Add a little wine (BYOB) that will surely tap into your creative side. With step by step instruction and a little music, you and your friends will create the evenings featured painting with a splash of your own uniqueness. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Just a desire to have fun.

Padanaram “Days of Yore (2:00pm-6:00pm)
St, Mary’s Parish center presentations on history, vintage 1860s baseball game at concordia field, vintage children’s games and family activities at the YMCS, farm volunteer and education opportunities, free public swimming and rock clibing, and much more! See poster or click on thread title for more info!

Want to sponsor this weekend guide? Contact info@newbedfordguide.com for more details.

Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary – nature lover’s and photographer’s delight!

Some of the country’s most gorgeous natural scenery! (Josh Souza Photos)

Grab your camera, binoculars, bring a picnic or just go enjoy some peaceful scenery and wildlife. Miles of trails that traverse grasslands, woodlands, and wetlands await birders, families, nature lovers, artists, and photographers at Daniel Webster. Wildlife from shorebirds and turtles to muskrats and mink can be viewed from observation blinds and boardwalks, while the size-able grassland provides crucial habitat for birds such as the eastern meadowlark, Savannah sparrow, and bobolink.

Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary
Winslow cemetery Road, Marshfield, MA
Acres: 477
Trail Mileage: 3.5 miles (universally accessible: 0.6 miles round-trip)

Sanctuary Highlights

  • Panoramic views of the grasslands from the platform at Fox Hill, where you may spot northern harriers, an eastern coyote, or white-tailed deer.
  • A purple martin colony, housed in an array of white nesting gourds near Webster Pond.
  • Annual Farm Day festival along with bird watching programs, nature walks, and other educational programs that take place year-round through North River Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Two wildlife observation blinds, where you can watch sunning turtles and a multitude of wetland birds such as green herons in the shallow pond

Google Maps Location (Click to enlarge)

Photos by Josh Souza:


Photos by Ryan Silva:


3rd Annual Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Market in Westport


June 21, 2014 will mark the 3rd Annual Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Market in the beautiful coastal town of Westport, Massachusetts.  As in years past, the event will feature tastings from all ten of the Coastal Wine Trail’s Vineyards and sample wares from over twenty local food vendors. In addition to sampling food and wine, attendees will be able to purchase those goods that they most enjoyed.

The Coastal Wine Trails members that will be present at the event include; Coastal Vineyards, Greenvale Vineyards, Langworthy Farm, Newport Vineyards, Running Brook Vineyards, Carolyn’s Sakonnet Vineyard, Travessia Winery, Truro Vineyards + South Hollow Spirits, Westport Rivers Vineyard & Winery, and Stonington Vineyards.

The food vendors present will be serving more than just chocolate and cheese by bringing an array of fresh, local food items to the event.  For example, The Gilded Tomato Company will be serving up their brick-oven gourmet pizzas, Dell’Orto Extra Virgin Olive Oil will be offering samples of their award winning goods, Aquidneck Honey will be featuring their own tasty treats.  More vendors are being announced each week- stay tuned by liking Coastal Wine Trail on Facebook.

The event features three sessions; 11am-1:30pm, 2:30pm-5pm, and 6pm-8:30pm.  The event takes place at the Westport Fairgrounds, 200 Pine Hill Road, Westport, MA.  Tickets can be bought through the Coastal Wine Trail Website.  Tickets are $25 in advance and $40 at the door.

Lizzie Borden B&B Museum Visit…If These Walls Could Talk!

The Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum located at 230 Second Street in Fall River

By Kaylie Krauzyk

A ouija board was propped up against the wall with letters facing the room. Stolen by an overnight guest some years ago, it was fedex’d back a few days later with a handwritten note that said: “Make it stop.” I’ve never believed in the stigma of a ouija board or ghosts but in an occult place, expect the unexpected.

On a drizzly Wednesday afternoon, a visit to the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum in Fall River was a fun way to spend some time downtown. About twelve other folks and myself, from young kids to adults, were each interested in the mystery of the “Murder House” and the popular story that dates back to August 4, 1892.

Lizzie Andrew Borden (July 19, 1860 – June 1, 1927) passed away of pneumonia and is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, Fall River

Our tour guide Robin led us around the house, giving an in-depth account of the Borden family history. All of the furniture has been replaced except for the original couch where Andrew Borden was killed. Newer sofas and lounge chairs still feel like classic late eighteenth century style with floral prints and dark hues. Black and white pictures of family members can be found in each room.

All of the original wood still holds the house together and I never knew that it used to be a two-family home before Andrew Borden bought it. A penny-pincher, he wouldn’t pay for gas lighting or working indoor plumbing. An outhouse in the yard and basins in all of the rooms got the job done. I cringe at the thought of what that must’ve been like.

During the infamous trial in New Bedford that lasted for 13 days, Lizzie Borden had been held in the Taunton jail and was acquitted within fifteen minutes after an hour of court deliberation. Biases of the time were strong and some believed that because she was a woman, she couldn’t have possibly committed such heinous crimes. Or could she?

Moving into the dining room, Robin told us about a case of food poisoning that had hit the family during a summer heatwave. As I listened, I couldn’t help but stare at what I thought was a washboard that the maids probably used. Actually, it was an autopsy board with numerous holes in it that would let the blood drain from bodies that were examined in that very room. Talk about putting rooms to “other uses”.

Sound travels quickly as Robin stomped one foot that shook the entire house. These were private people we’re talking about. Andrew Borden locked all the doors, even if someone was home. Speculation as to how the murderer could’ve made their way around without being noticed still remains questionable.

The Borden Household circa 1895.

Moving to the bedrooms, a portrait of Andrew Borden filled a frame between two doorways. Visitors wondered if he ever smiled, looked stern all the time, or maybe didn’t have any teeth. Actually, he and his wife, Abby Borden, wore upper dentures that aligned their mouths differently. For a man that didn’t want working indoor plumbing or lighting, dental work was certainly a priority.

All three doors near the master bedroom had been locked on the day of the murder. A female volunteer from the group laid face down in the same way Abby Borden’s body had been found in a staged reenactment. 19 strong blows, leaving deep 4” gashes, spun Abby Borden around and knocked her face down. She died an hour and a half before her husband. I bet the killer had been fueled with an intense rage that empowered them to kill Andrew Borden in a similar way.

Antique portraits of Lizzie and her sister Emma with their biological mother, Sarah Anthony (Morse) Borden, fill frames atop one table in what used to be Emma’s bedroom. Lizzie is a spitting image of Sarah and the photo of them together feels like a happier time. Sarah died during childbirth when Emma was only 12 years old. During the murders, Emma had been in Europe, absent from the tragedies at home.

Ascending to the third floor felt a little dangerous as the old staircase creaked and barely gave our feet enough room to step on. The ceiling slanted as we were close to the rooftop and if I didn’t pay attention, I think I could’ve easily banged my head. A dimly lit bedroom in the corner reminded me “Paranormal Activity” with its lack of lighting and coldness; overnight guests get the privilege of sleeping in there. The room right near the stairs was where the family’s maid, Bridget “Maggie” Sullivan, slept. Maggie disappeared after the trial and went to live with her Irish family in Montana. I’d say it’s a fair guess that she wanted to get away from all the horror she had witnessed. Her room was silent and empty with a small window that let in a little ray of sunshine. I couldn’t shake the feeling that staying up there could make you feel pretty isolated.

Who’s ready to spend the night and confirm or debunk the haunting anecdotes?

If these floral papered walls could talk to us today, I think they would have a lot to say about what happened on August 4, 1892. Is is possible that a schoolteacher of wealthy status and influence could have done such terrible things out of rage or contempt? Or was it something else altogether? Regardless, interpretations of this case come from many ideas and theories change over time. It’s unique that the notoriety of the Lizzie Borden murders continues to this day, over 100 years later. I wonder what else could come to light one day.

The Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum is located on 230 Second Street in Fall River. Tours are offered daily on the hour from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. This bed and breakfast museum is open all year round and closed major holidays. B&B guests can stay overnight for an extended tour and enjoy a home-cooked breakfast in the dining room of “many uses”. Group tours are available by appointment only. Check out the gift shop located behind the house for unique items and mementos. All major credit cards accepted. Visit lizzie-borden.com or call (508) 675-7333 for more information.

Eat Your Heart Out Katniss Everdeen: Trader Jan’s Pro-Shop Taught Me Everything I Need To Know About Archery

Trader Jan’s Pro-Shop

By Kaylie Krauzyk

A carved statue of a bear standing upright holding a fish in its mouth is tucked in the corner. Directly across, large cube and bag-shaped targets sit piled together adjacent to a wide counter filled with fishing hooks and lures. Bulls-eye mats and arrows made of fiberglass and plastic, some decorated with feathers, stand neatly packed in a row alongside carrying cases and totes. An entire wall is decorated with bows of all different shapes, sizes, and makes.

“Serving the Archery community proudly since 1991”

That’s the guarantee of Trader Jan’s Archery Pro-Shop where veteran shooters and newcomers like myself are encouraged to learn and grow in the sport of archery. This isn’t your typical gym class experience. Proper stance, head straight, fingers tucked, and opposite arm up and out are just a few of the many things to remember when getting into the groove. Aim too high, and your arrow whizzes right over the mark and into the wall beyond. Aim too low, and your arrow could just make the outer rim of the oval, or fall with a thud to the floor.

With careful, steady aim and a quick release, move your elbow as if you were nudging someone out of the way. Get this down and you could be hitting your target in no time.

Trader Jan’s Pro-Shop 3

Being at Trader Jan’s feels like stepping into a small scale version of Bass Pro Shops, minus most of the deer heads, hunting weapons, and all-terrain outdoor clothing. Various string, bow, arrow, and target accessories are available for purchase. Compound, long, and recurve bows are neatly hooked and tagged along the wall. This display reminds me of a shoe display from Olympia Sports or Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Archery isn’t easy. I can’t even imagine how a stunt double managed to backflip and jump around a training course in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie (maybe it was just movie magic?). I’d poke an eye out like Ralphie from The Christmas Story for sure. Your arms and especially biceps, get a workout from holding the bow steady while you practice shoot four arrows at a time. The indoor range covers 20 to 40 yards of space. And we’re going for short range targets here on first visits. Nothing like the woods decor and advanced hunting targets that are staged next to the practice area.

Trader Jan’s offers range rates are $10.00 an hour and $5.00 a half hour with your own gear, per person. $20.00 an hour and $13.00 per half hour with our rental gear, per person. Tuesday’s is their half price shooting day; the rates are $5.00 and hour and $3.00 a half hour with your own gear, per person and $10.00 an hour and $7.00 a half hour with their rental gear, per person. Off-season hours (from January to August) are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4:30 PM to 8 PM and Saturday 11 AM to 5 PM. They are closed Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. Busy season hours (August to end of December ) they are open Tuesday through Friday from 4:30 PM to 9 PM and Saturday 11 AM to 5 PM. Closed Sunday & Monday.

Trader Jan’s Pro-Shop 5

A visit to Trader Jan’s Archery Pro-Shop could be the idea you haven’t thought of when it comes to making plans with friends or even for a date night. Staff are courteous and professional, facilities are well-maintained, and you go at your own pace. Be care with those long bows and arrows; you don’t want to put an eye out!

Trader Jan’s Archery Pro-Shop is located at 288 Plymouth Avenue in Fall River within the mill; it’s just floors apart from Lazer Gate and Straight Shooters Billiards. Call (774) 627-7743 or check out http://www.traderjans.com/ for more information on their offerings which include bow repair services, hunting gear, and custom archery equipment options.


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