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Lunchtime is Prime Time

When confronted with choosing a time of day to get in a workout, most people automatically think their only options are before or after work. This conclusion is often followed by 2 other thoughts: “I could never wake up at 5 a.m.” or “I’m just too tired after work!” Lunchtime …

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We Love Sweaty People!

Do you sweat when you workout? I mean truly get drenched in your own sweat? I know, most people cringe at the thought of it, but I gotta tell you – there’s nothing like a puddle of sweat to let the universe know you mean business. Not only is it …

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New Bedford to Celebrate Public Art Project

Mayor Jon Mitchell and the members of the New Bedford Public Art Committee will celebrate the installation of a new public mural on a Belleville Avenue overpass on Tuesday, July 29, 2014 at 11:30 AM. The mural is the first public art project spearheaded by the New Bedford Public Art …

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