Cat survives being in engine compartment in trip from Dartmouth to New Bedford

“Interesting story on this cat:

It was located hiding in the engine compartment of a vehicle that had traveled from the area of Sturgis Dr. in Dartmouth, all the way to the Cumberland Farms on Ashley Blvd. The cat was then removed from its hiding spot at this location.

Very remote chance that it jumped in while outside of Cumberland Farms, however, it’s more likely that it stowed away in Dartmouth, so please share with your Dartmouth friends. Note the fish collar.

This is also a good time to remind everyone that cats will often attempt to find warmth alongside the engines of vehicles during the winter.

It’s a good practice to give your hood a good couple of bangs to scare them out before you start your car.” -Town of Dartmouth Animal Control.

Town of Dartmouth Animal Control photo.

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