Submerged car in New Bedford off of West Rodney French Blvd. serves as reminder


In a wild scene on Monday afternoon in New Bedford, a car was washed into the ocean from a boat ramp off of West Rodney French Blvd. After speaking with first responders and witnesses on the scene, the driver apparently was on the boat ramp and jumped out of her vehicle when a bee flew into her car. Her vehicle was not in park and it rolled into the ocean.

I did identify the owner of the vehicle and she did not appear injured or in any major distress. Quite frankly, she was in much better spirits than I would of been if it was my car!

A firefighter equipped himself with a wet suit and swam out to the vehicle to tie it down with rope. First responders then attached the other side of the rope to a police truck and attempted to pull the vehicle out of the water. After a couple failed attempts they decided to keep the vehicle anchored to the police truck until a tow truck arrives.

After roughly 45 minutes submerged in water, the wet suit wearing firefighter was able to attach the tow trucks hook to the submerged vehicle, and was able to successfully pull the white Acura onto land. This is a stark reminder that tides can change quickly and you should never park in a boat ramp.

The entire scene was captured live on our Facebook page here:

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